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Abusive Relationships PLR 10 Day Ecourse

Learn to find strength, and make change in your abusive relationships with this 10 Day PLR Ecourse…


Let’s first talk about what abusive relationships are so you can begin this course with an eye toward your own relationships and the relationships your friends and family members have.



1o Day PLR Ecourse:  Abusive Relationships…



  1. What is an abusive relationship?

  2. Signs you’re in an abusive relationship

  3. Different types of abuse

  4. Why people abuse others

  5. Finding strength to make a change

  6. Tips to process your emotions when you’re in an abusive relationship

  7. Can counseling help with an abusive relationship?

  8. Loving yourself is important in any relationship

  9. How to love yourself more

  10. Signs that it’s time to get out of your relationship


Here is a content sample snippet of your Abusive Relationships 10 Day PLR Ecourse:


Subject: What is an abusive relationship?

Dear NAME,

Sometimes it’s easy to define and identify an abusive relationship. Other times, not so much. This is because there are different types of abuse. It’s important to understand that simple fact and to know that you don’t have to tolerate or live with any abuse of any kind.

Abuse is about power. If someone consistently exerts power over another person, that’s abuse. It doesn’t matter if that power is exerted verbally, financially, or through manipulation or physical violence – it’s all abuse.

Relationship abuse is defined as a pattern of abusive and/or coercive behaviors that are used to maintain power and control over another person in the relationship. As mentioned, there are many different types of abuse and it can include threats, isolation, and intimidation.

Generally speaking abuse often begins with small, incidental events. Even physical abuse often begins with threats and intimidation long before it turns physically violent. A person might be threatened occasionally or intimidated, which might turn into a push. Eventually that abuse can get quite physical and seriously dangerous.

So how do you know if you’re in an abusive relationship? Sometimes you just know. You have the bruises to prove it. However, sometimes it can be a little more subtle. As we mentioned, it can and will get worse. Next time we’ll take a look at some of the subtle signs of abuse.


abusive relationships


Abusive Relationships PLR 10 Day Ecourse…


Price: $8.95

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Beginner Gardening Ecourse PLR

This is your 10 Day Email Series for Beginner Gardening!…


If you’re thinking about starting a garden, you might be looking to enjoy the pleasure of having delicious food in your back yard. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to step outside and grab tomatoes for sauce, or carrots and lettuce for your dinner salad.


Here’s your PLR 10 Day Series Content Snippet to check the quality of your purchase:


The truth about gardening is actually that anyone can do it, even those that say they’d kill a cactus if they had it. So let’s take a look at the basic requirements for starting a garden.

1. Can you dig in the dirt? The first step to gardening is to make a hole in the dirt for your plants. Now if you’re starting from seeds that means you can use your finger to dig the hole – you just need a little one. If you’re starting with plants that have already begun to grow, then your hole will be a little bigger but probably nothing you can’t handle.

2. Can you water your plants? Plants need a few things to grow. They need water and sunshine. Unless you live in a humid and rainy climate, you’ll probably need to supply the water. No big deal. Just test the soil with your finger. If it’s dry, water the plant.


You get these 10 Subject Days to Market to Your List Ready to Go on Beginner Gardening…


1. Subject: The surprising benefits of gardening

2. Subject: Do you have what it takes to start a garden? 

3. Subject: Five vegetables for a beginner’s garden

4. Subject: How much space do you need for your new garden?

5. Subject: How to pick the perfect spot for your garden

6. Subject: Gardening soil 101

7. Planting day – tips for making sure your garden gets a great start

8. Subject: Pest control – keeping the bugs and weeds at bay

9. Subject: Tips to care for and feed your garden

10. Subject: Getting ready to take your garden to the next level


beginner gardening


Beginner Gardening Ecourse PLR…



Price: $8.95

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Beginner Walking PLR 10 Day Ecourse

Beginner Walking 10 Day PLR Ecourse…


Let’s start with some beginner walking hiking ideas, and reading your PLR content sample:


When it comes to hiking, location sets the tone of the whole experience. Whether it’s through mountains, deserts or forests, exotic trails and breathtaking scenery turn a good hike into an experience that stays with you indefinitely. These five hikes, from across the U.S., all offer adventure for novice hikers and experienced enthusiasts alike.

1. Pacific Crest Trail

The Pacific Crest Trail is a massive 2,659-mile horse and hiking trail, spanning from the Canadian border in northern Washington all the way down to the Mexican border near Campo, California.

Die-hard enthusiasts determined to hike the entire trail end up passing through seven national parks and 25 national forests. Throughout the course of the impressive trail, visitors pass through nearly every kind of terrain the U.S. has to offer, from mammoth redwood forests to expansive desert flats.

2. John Muir Trail

Named to honor author and naturalist John Muir, this long-distance trail starts in iconic Yosemite National Park and winds south along the backbone of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, before ending up at Mount Whitney in Sequoia National Park.

Some of the trail can be a bit tricky to navigate, but the 21-mile path offers more than its fair share of views of majestic mountains across the many clear, reflective lakes that dot the region.

If you’re in need of a little assistance carrying your supplies or a bit of company on your trip, you can even rent a pack llama from one of the llama ranches catering to hikers in the Sierra Nevada area.


10 Day PLR Ecourse:  Beginner Walking Tips…


  1. Five great American hikes

  2. Benefits of walking with others

  3. Common issues faced when walking

  4. Getting the family involved

  5. Tips for walking on various surfaces

  6. Five mobile apps to take with you on your walk

  7. Walking for charity

  8. Walking holidays

  9. Walking safety tips

  10. Walking while you work


beginner walking



Beginner Walking PLR 10 Day Ecourse…

Price: $8.95

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Business Branding 10 Day Ecourse PLR

Teach What Business Branding Is in this 10 Day Ecourse PLR…


Business Branding is the process of creating a unique name, message and image in a consumer’s mind. The goal is to differentiate yourself from others in the market and to attract and retain customers.


Here is a Content Snippet of Your Business Branding 10 Day PLR Ecourse:


As you can see, branding is no small task. You not only have to create a “brand,” you also have to communicate it effectively. Branding is a process.

There are actually many elements that go into a brand and many ways to communicate your brand.

* Logo
* Personality – the “voice” you use in your content and marketing pieces
* Website colors, header, and layout
* Mission
* Marketing message
* Images used in content and marketing materials

Your brand is communicated through every single action your business takes. It’s communicated on your website, in your content, in marketing materials, in social media posts and with any interaction you have with a prospect or customer. Branding is communicated both online and off.



Ecourse:  Business Branding 10 Day Summary List…


  1. What does it really mean to brand your business?

  2. How to determine your brand – two questions you must ask

  3. How to make your brand meaningful

  4. Three questions to ask when creating your brand

  5. How to create consistency with your brand

  6. Five visual components of a brand

  7. How to write your business tagline

  8. What are the goals of your business brand?

  9. Tips to develop brand recognition

  10. Avoid these common branding mistakes at all costs


business branding


Business Branding 10 Day Ecourse PLR Just $8.95…

Price: $8.95

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Camps for Summer PLR 10 Day Ecourse

Camps for Summer PLR 10 Day Ecourse:  The Wide Variety of Summer Camps…


  1. The variety of summer camps

  2. Camps for the underprivileged

  3. Discover the fun of sports camp

  4. Explore the wonders of arts camps

  5. Have you considered an academic camp for your child?

  6. Could a pre-college camp be right for your child?

  7. Camps for the budding entrepreneur

  8. Learn more about enrichment camps

  9. Camps designed with a special focus

  10. Summer camps with a religious or spiritual dimension


Here is your Camps for Summer Ecourse Content Sample…


Subject: The wide variety of summer camps

Dear [Name],

Hello, and welcome to this ecourse about summer camp, particularly specialized summer camps that offer a range of new learning experiences for children who attend.

General summer camp is a great way for children to have fun in the summer and ensure they are properly attended during the weeks they will be on vacation from school. But just because your child is not at school does not mean they have to stop learning. It is just a question of what they are most interested in, and what your and their priorities are for expanding their horizons.

Every summer camp experience will teach them social skills and build self-esteem and self-reliance. Day camps will teach them how to work well with others. Sleepaway camps will offer a whole new level of experiences that will enable them to become more independent as they learn how to live with others outside of their family circle.

Specialized camps can be day camps or sleepaway. They will usually be for a short, concentrated period of time, rather like a mini-course – compared to general camp, which will often have sessions throughout the entire summer.

When deciding on a specialized camp, it is important to first note the ages of the children who will be accepted for the camp, and the duration. Some are only for two weeks and may even have prerequisites in order to be able to attend. It is also important to note that specialized camps will be more expensive than day camps, and sleepaway specialized camps more expensive still.


camps for summer

Camps for Summer PLR 10 Day Ecourse…


Price: $8.95

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Communication Ecourse PLR 10 Day

Communication is Vital…


During this course, we will be discussing the most effective strategies for business people and those in a leadership role.


Read more from your PLR Sample…

Email 1

Subject: Common mistakes to avoid

Dear [Name],

Hello, and welcome to this course. We’re hoping you will get a lot out of it.

We will be covering a variety of situations in which communication is key. By learning how to become a more effective communicator, you should be able to run your business more smoothly, make the most of new business opportunities, and become a leader who deserves to be respected and admired.

In this first lesson, we want to look at some of the most common mistakes to avoid. The communication can be verbal or written.

Common Mistakes

1. Being too vague

You need to be clear about what is happening, or what needs to be done.

2. Being too long-winded

Everyone is so busy these days. It is important to get straight to the point, without being rude or careless of other people’s feelings if you have to deliver any bad news.


10 Day PLR Ecourse:  


  1. Common communication mistakes to avoid

  2. Why do you need to address people by name?

  3. The importance of body language in your communications

  4. Be assertive not aggressive in your communication style

  5. Tips on how to ask for a favor

  6. Tips for giving bad news such as redundancy

  7. Tips for getting the most out of meetings

  8. Tips for getting the most out of a conference

  9. Tips for getting the most out of an interviewee

  10. How to succeed in a job interview for a leadership role



Communication Ecourse PLR 10 Day…

Price: $8.95

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Conscious Earth PLR 10 Day Ecourse

Conscious Earth 10 Day PLR Ecourse…


  1. Craft recycled products

  2. Eco-friendly toys

  3. Encouraging wildlife and insects in your garden

  4. Gardening – an eco-friendly way of life

  5. Getting kids involved outside of the home

  6. Plan a neighborhood cleanup with after-cleanup activities

  7. Focusing on “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”

  8. Where to find activities for the earth-conscious family

  9. Spending time with nature and animals

  10. Support your local food growers


Your 10 Day Conscious Earth Ecourse is ready to go out to your subscribers. Here is a content sample:


Subject: Craft from recycled products

Dear [Name],

The Earth is in need of some tender loving care, and we need to become thoughtful about the amount of trouble we are inflicting upon ourselves and generations to come if we are wasteful. Thankfully, many are rising to the occasion and choosing to be wise in how much they waste as a consumer. Instead of automatically buying everything we want or need, we should take steps to craft items from recycled products. This simple step will save a lot when added up.


Shelves, platform beds, coffee tables… all these furniture items can be created from wooden pallets. And thankfully, this kind of crafting is becoming quite a trend. Not only for the thrifty, making furniture out of wooden pallets is a skill to be desired. Because this furniture is coming into vogue, you could even create your own business opportunity – as a creator of many furniture pieces for friends who want to get in on this new style but do not have time to design it themselves.


Need a change from your boring, typical lamp shade? Ever thought of using old cheese graters? Use the standing kind with four sides and an empty space in the middle that is perfect for a light bulb to fit inside, and hang it above your dinner table. These will add rustic yet modern charm to your kitchen space. Lightweight bowls can provide another creative means of expression when it comes to the lighting in your home.


conscious earth



Conscious Earth PLR 10 Day Ecourse…


Price: $8.95

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Dating Online 10 Day PLR Ecourse

Dating Online 10-Day PLR Ecourse…


Online dating can be a fun thing to do if you do it with safety in mind. It’s not that much different from going on a date with anyone you’ve just met and don’t know well. The first thing you want to do is move from online to offline within a couple weeks of connecting online.


Read More from Your Content Sample…

Email 1

Subject: Online dating tips for women

Dear [Name],

Don’t Give Out Too Much Personal Information

While most dating sites now require you to verify your information, you don’t have to give out more than your name and general location. Don’t be too open about your activities online in general, to avoid stalkers. You don’t want to start getting “booty call” knocks on your door every night. There are some crazy people in the world, so you need to do what you can to protect yourself – including locking down all your social media profiles if needed.

Meet for Lunch in Public First

Avoid meeting dates in bars or in private residences. The first date should be a “get to know you” type of date, such as a lunch date. It can be a longer date, but skip the movie and go to lunch so that you can talk to the person and get to know them. You can also both pay for yourself for the first date so that there is no pressure on either of you.

Double Date with People You Know

A good idea for the next date is for him to invite a couple of his friends and you invite a couple of your friends for a quadruple double date. This is a good way to judge him in a safer environment and get the opinion of people you love and trust. The same goes for him. If your friends can get along and he’s willing to do this, it will help you get to know each other better.

Don’t Put Up Your Best Picture

When you first get started, don’t put up the very best edited picture of yourself. Do have a flattering photo, but you don’t want highly edited glamor-type shots that obscure your natural looks so much that it changes what you look like. After all, he is going to see you on your first date.


10 Day PLR Ecourse:  Dating Online


  1. Online dating tips for women

  2. Online dating tips for men

  3. Online dating tips for single parents

  4. Online dating tips for divorcees

  5. Online dating tips for widows and widowers

  6. Dating tips for your first date

  7. What do you do if your teen is dating online?

  8. Tips for writing your online dating profile

  9. Online dating websites with examples

  10. Online speed dating – questions to ask


dating online


Dating Online 10 Day PLR Ecourse…

Price: $8.95

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Detox PLR 10 Day Ecourse

A body detox can help you in many ways…

Maybe even ways that you haven’t considered. Doing a detox can make you feel a lot better and help you get rid of bad habits. You’ll be able to help your subscribers with the ecourse below…

10 Day PLR Ecourse:  


  1. Why detox your body?

  2. Small things mean a lot

  3. Do you have chemical sensitivity?

  4. Types of diets

  5. What can juicing do for me?

  6. Benefits of detoxing

  7. How massage can assist 

  8. Why water is your most important beverage

  9. Seven reasons to eliminate caffeine

  10. Detoxing with exercise


Here’s a content sample of your PLR Ecourse:


Subject: Why detox your body?

Dear [NAME],

You may detox by drinking more water, going on a water fast, drinking more green juice, or by simply choosing to eat clean.

Detoxing can:

* Jump-Start Your Diet – If you have problems turning down food that is not good for you, and you’re snacking a lot, planned detoxing such as a juice cleanse can help jump-start your new diet. It can help you get over cravings, shrink your stomach and deliver more nutrition to your body to help you become stronger.

* Improve Your Skin – When you let your digestive track rest and drop certain foods from your diet such as dairy, you will improve your skin pretty quickly. Most people see a change in their skin within just a couple of weeks when they restrict their food intake.

* Overcome Addiction – When you have trouble turning down things like wine, French fries, pie and so forth, a detox of some kind can help you get control over yourself and help you overcome those addictions that develop.



Detox PLR 10 Day Ecourse…

Price: $8.95

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Divorce 10 Day Ecourse PLR

Your 10 Day Email Series for Divorce…


Divorce is the death of a family. It may sound dramatic, but that’s how it feels to your child (or children). Everything they’ve ever known has now changed. Children crave structure and order and a family – no matter how dysfunctional – does provide that. Your child knew what to expect. Now that the family has changed, your child will look to you for guidance.

Yet you’re struggling too.

Divorce isn’t just hard on your child; your life has changed as well. Even if you’re going through an amicable divorce, the stress can be overwhelming. In order to be there for your child and to provide them with the kind of guidance they deserve and need, there’s one important thing you need to do…


Here’s your PLR 10 Day Series Content Snippet to check the quality of your purchase:


Many parents make the mistake of being deceptive or dishonest with their children during and after a divorce. It’s done with the best of intentions. You want to protect your child. Yet even the youngest children are keenly aware that their life has changed. The best communication tactic is to speak openly and honestly with your child – within boundaries.

Two Things Your Child Wants, and Deserves, to Know

Your child’s main concerns and questions will center on:

1. Why you’re getting divorced

2. And what’s going to happen to them?

When you’re speaking to your child and answering these questions, while it’s vital to be honest with your child, you want to make sure not to blame or disrespect the other parent or tell your child too much. Short and simple answers like, “Your dad has decided that he wants to live by himself and not be married anymore,” is enough.




You get these 10 Subject Days to Market to Your List Ready to Go on Divorce Help…


1. Subject: The most important thing you can do for your child after divorce

2. Subject: What to tell your child after divorce

3. Subject: Four tips to help your child deal with the grief of divorce

4. Subject: The key to adapting to a life after divorce

5. Subject: Why your child needs to hear the truth about your divorce and how to tell them

6. Subject: Red flags that your child is not managing the divorce well

7. Subject: Three “life after divorce” mistakes to avoid

8. Subject: Three tips to take care of yourself as you transition to your new single life

9. Subject: Three things your child wants from you

10. Subject: Looking forward to your new life – staying positive




Divorce 10 Day Ecourse PLR…

Price: $8.95

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Ecourse Content Marketing 10 day Course PLR

Get Your 10 Day Ecourse PLR Ready for Marketing to Your Email Lists!


So What Is Content Marketing?

You know that content is the message and medium you use to communicate with prospects and customers. Content marketing therefore is using content to market to your audience. It’s the practice of creating and distributing or publishing content to attract, engage, and convert your target audience.


Here’s your Ecourse Content Snippet Sample:


Day 1

Subject: Intro to the Course: What Is Content Marketing?

If you have a business or are considering starting a business then you’ll need content. Content is anything that you use to communicate with your prospects and customers. Content is what your company puts out into the world to market, advertise, and share.

Blog posts are content. Email messages are content. The Pinterest pins and Twitter tweets you share and post are also content. Put simply, content is ultimately the foundation of your business.


You Get 10 Ready to Go Email Ecourses for each Day. Here are the topics:


-Day 1

Subject: Intro to the Course: What Is Content Marketing?

-Day 2

Subject: How Content Marketing Builds Your Business

-Day 3

Subject: Types of Content Marketing – Forms and Formats

-Day 4

Subject: What’s the Goal?

-Day 5

Subject: How to Plan Your Content

-Day 6

Subject: How to Create Content That Your Audience Wants to Read

-Day 7

Subject: How to Brainstorm Hundreds of Great Content Ideas

-Day 8

Subject: How to Know If Your Content Is Achieving Results

-Day 9

Subject: How to Monetize Your Content

-Day 10

Subject: Pulling Your Content Marketing Together




Ecourse Content Marketing 10 day Course PLR Special at Just $8.95…

Price: $8.95

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Enjoy Food PLR 10 Day Ecourse

PLR 10-Day Ecourse – Enjoy Food…The Joy of Food


It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and have the same old meals every day. If you’ve got your local pizza place on speed dial, or keep staring into the fridge wondering what to make, it’s time for new inspiration so you can broaden your recipe horizons.


Read on from your Enjoy Food Ecourse content sample:

Email 1

Subject: How to organize your recipes

Dear [Name],

Welcome to our ecourse on the joy of food.

In this ecourse, we will be discussing a number of key aspects for getting more joy out of the food you will be cooking and eating.

Your first step will be to organize your recipes.

How to Organize Your Recipes

Unless you are a very talented and creative chef, you’re going to need to use recipes to get your new joy of food initiative underway.

Some people love to collect cookbooks. You may have many already sitting on shelves gathering dust. If that’s the case, it’s time to put them to work. Grab a pad of sticky notes and a pen. Print out a blank calendar and start planning breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and desserts as needed.

Make notes about each recipe you cook. For the ones you don’t like, just put an X on the Post-it, with a comment as to what was wrong with it. For those you did like, make comments on what could have been better. Create a spreadsheet with the names of the recipes on them for each book, and the page number. Invest in a clear lucite cookbook stand to hold your books open to the right place without them getting splashed.

Ecourse:  Enjoy Food…The Joy of Food:


  1. How to organize your recipes

  2. What to do when you stop enjoying food

  3. Small ways to change your everyday meals

  4. Food on social media

  5. Mobile apps for food lovers

  6. Tips on how to introduce a new meal to the family

  7. Feeding fussy children

  8. Feeding fussy adults

  9. Healthy and delicious one-pot meals

  10. Healthy and delicious desserts


enjoy food


Enjoy Food PLR 10 Day Ecourse…

Price: $8.95

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Enjoying Life PLR 10 Day Ecourse

Enjoying Life Please…


There are many things in life that we must be serious about. Although it is good to stay focused on the important things, we should also make time to simply have a good laugh. Laughing burns calories, bonds you to your loved ones, and relieves stress. What more could you want in an activity that is so fun and refreshing? Here are ideas on ways to add laughter to your everyday life.


Check out your Enjoying Life 10 Day PLR Ecourse…


Ecourse:  Enjoying Life


  1. Six ways to add laughter to your life

  2. Dealing with jealousy

  3. How to get the most out of gratitude journaling

  4. Six ways to help others and increase your non-material wealth

  5. The joy of simple pleasures

  6. Tips for making the most of the relationship with our children

  7. Tips for making the most of your relationship with your friends

  8. Tips for making the most of your relationship with your parents

  9. Tips for making the most of your relationship with your partner

  10. Tips for making the most of your relationship with your work colleagues


Read from Your Content Sample…


Subject: Four ways to add laughter to your life

Dear [Name],

1. Go to Karaoke Night

Whether or not you can sing, attend a karaoke night at a local pub. If you can sing, it will be fun and you will surely get a few moments of laughter. If you are a terrible singer, even better. Openly mock yourself. Quietly find humor in the others whose voices are not their strong point either. There are always a few.

2. Watch a Funny Movie

Sometimes all it takes to de-stress is to watch someone else being funny. Put on a good comedy. Choose one with your favorite silly actors, and enjoy. You can also find funny short movies on YouTube.

3. Make a Prank Call

This is only applicable to a close friend, of course, but if you want to have a really good laugh… make a prank call. If you have been blessed with the ability to disguise your voice, call your friend up and act as though you are an obnoxious salesman. As immature as this sounds, you and your friend will both probably get a laugh out of the ordeal that you will never forget.

4. Play a Practical Joke

Another one to use on a good friend who shares your sense of humor… playing a practical joke tops the list of easy laughs. Whether you choose to set several hidden alarm clocks in their room, or switch the salt and sugar temporarily, give them a reason to remember you. Other ideas include dropping a fake spider over their shoulder, changing their cell phone setting to a foreign language, or placing bubble wrap in between their toilet bowl and the toilet seat when you visit their home.


enjoying life


Enjoying Life PLR 10 Day Ecourse…


Price: $8.95

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Fitness Walking 10 Day Ecourse PLR

This is your 10 Day Email Series for Fitness Walking!…


You may be tempted to stop walking. However, stopping will also put an end to all of the wonderful health-boosting benefits you’ve been receiving.


Here’s your PLR 10 Day Series Content Snippet to check the quality of your purchase:


Are you a goal oriented person? It may sound strange, but setting goals helps you learn more about yourself. You can learn what motivates you, your strengths, and of course your weaknesses too. When it comes to fitness walking, setting goals can help you achieve results more quickly and it can be more fun.

What Do You Want to Accomplish?

The first step for goal setting is to think about what feels motivating to you. What do you want to accomplish? What type of goal might excite you? For example, would you be motivated to train for a 5k? Or are you motivated to reach a certain number of steps each day?


You get these 10 Subject Days to Market to Your List Ready to Go on Fitness Walking…


Ecourse:  Walking Fitness


  1. Tips to make walking more interesting

  2. How to set walking for fitness goals

  3. Tips to track your progress

  4. How to stay motivated

  5. Types of fitness walking

  6. Nutrition and hydration tips

  7. How to walk for fitness when the weather isn’t cooperating

  8. Walking desks – What they are and why they’re good for you

  9. How to get more walking into each day

  10. Taking your fitness walking to the next level – Signs you’re ready to set bigger goals


fitness walking


Walking Fitness 10 Day Ecourse PLR…


Price: $8.95

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Food Do’s and Don’ts PLR 10 Day Ecourse

Food Do’s and Don’ts 10-Day eCourse…


Don’t: Eat When You’re Not Hungry

It can be tempting to grab food all the time when you’re pregnant. But, you really don’t need to eat much more than you normally eat. In fact, the most you should eat is 500 calories more than normal for your normal desired weight. If you’re already overweight when you get pregnant, you should just keep eating normally but replace junk food with nutrient-dense food.

Don’t: Overdo Processed Foods

When you are choosing what to eat it’s far better to choose an apple than some crackers or chips. Of course, you know that. It’s hard to avoid all processed food, especially if you were used to eating it before you got pregnant. But, if you want to ensure the healthiest baby and pregnancy, don’t overdo processed food.


Read More from Your Content Sample…


Email #1

Subject: Foods do’s and don’ts when you’re pregnant

Dear [Name],

When you’re pregnant, it’s important to pay extra close attention to what you’re eating. The reason is that the baby will deplete your bones and even your teeth to get the nutrients it needs.

Do: Take Your Vitamins

You need to ensure that you get plenty of folate, calcium, iron, zinc and fiber. The best way to do that is to eat a variety of nutrient-dense foods and to take your prenatal vitamins. If you aren’t pregnant yet but want to get pregnant, let your doctor know so that they can recommend vitamins that support a pregnancy. Because what you eat before you get pregnant is important too.

Do: Eat the Rainbow

When you’re choosing what to eat, go for plant-based food that is well washed or lightly steamed. Try to eat every color in the rainbow to ensure that you’re getting a variety of vitamins and minerals in addition to your daily prenatal vitamins.


10 Day PLR Ecourse:  Food Do’s and Don’ts…


  1. Foods do’s and don’ts when you’re pregnant

  2. When you’re breastfeeding

  3. Foods do’s and don’ts for babies and toddlers 

  4. For primary school-aged kids

  5. Food do’s and don’ts for tweens and teens

  6. When you’ve got a cold

  7. Food do’s and don’ts when you’ve had a stomach bug

  8. When you’re feeling low

  9. Food do’s and don’ts when you’re feeling stressed

  10. When you’re on holiday


food dos


Food Do’s and Don’ts PLR 10 Day Ecourse…

Price: $8.95

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Friendships PLR 10 Day Ecourse

Friendships PLR Email Series: Understanding Childhood Friendship…


We all want our children to be successful and content in life. Friendships are an important aspect of a happy and fulfilling life. However, children are not born with social skills. They need to learn them over time.


Read more from your PLR content Sample…


Email 1

Subject: Friendship issues your child may face in preschool

Dear [Name],

Hello, and welcome to our course about understanding childhood friendships.

In this course, we will be discussing how to help children foster friendship when they are younger, and how to deal with various friendship issues – such as what to do when your child has no friends, inappropriate friends, and broken relations.

We will also address typical bullying behavior in boys and girls, signs that your child is being bullied, and what to do about it.


10 Day PLR Ecourse:  


  1. Friendship issues your child may face in preschool

  2. Common friendship issues for elementary school-age children

  3. Typical friendship issues kids face in middle school

  4. Friendship problems commonly found in high school children

  5. Tips for what to do when your child has no friends

  6. Tips for what to do when your child has inappropriate friends

  7. Tips for what to do when your child wants to end a friendship

  8. Typical bullying behavior in boys

  9. Typical bullying behavior in girls

  10. Signs that your child is being bullied, and what to do about it



Friendships PLR 10 Day Ecourse…

Price: $8.95

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Homesteading 10 Day Ecourse PLR

Why Do People Do Homesteading?

Many people have made this lifestyle choice for a number of reasons. Raising your own food and practicing environmentally friendly farming is good for the planet. It’s sustainable. In fact, homesteaders often use rainwater and other water conservation practices to irrigate their crops.

It is also financially friendly. Imagine if you could get your eggs, dairy, and even some of your meat and produce from your own labors. You’d save money. You can also take advantage of renewable energy tax credits.

Help your subscribers learn about homesteading through this ready to go 10 Day ecourse PLR…


Here is a content snippet for you:


Many people embrace homesteading because they find it to be a rewarding lifestyle. It’s true that food tastes better when you grow it yourself. And there’s tremendous pride in learning how to take care of yourself and live off the land.

Of course homesteading isn’t an all or nothing lifestyle. You can choose the pieces that appeal to you. You can start small or buy a farm and dive right in. Next time we’ll take a look at the three primary components of homesteading.


10 Day PLR Ecourse Details: 


1-Getting Started On the Path to Self-Reliance – Homesteading 101

2-3 Elements of Homesteading; which one is Right for You?

3-The Many Financial Benefits 

4-Reasons Why It Is Better for the Environment

5-Making Money 

6-Why So Many People Find It To Be Rewarding and Fulfilling

7-What to Know Before You Get Started 

8-Can You Homestead In The City? 

9-Fun Ways to Improve Your Skills

10-3 Steps Every Homesteader Must Take Before they Get Started




Homesteading 10 Day Ecourse PLR…

Price: $8.95

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How to Garden PLR 10 Day Ecourse

How to Garden PLR 10 Day Ecourse…


No need to re-write or edit for your email subscribers. This PLR How To Garden 10 Day Ecourse is ready to go! Here’s a content sample…


Subject: Six tips to help you grow the best tomatoes ever

Dear [NAME],

Welcome to our ecourse about gardening. We hope that you’ll pick up lots of great gardening tips along the way.

It probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise that tomatoes are one of the most popular plants grown in home gardens. What is surprising, however, is the fact that there are more than 7,500 different varieties of tomatoes. Amazing, isn’t it?

If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at growing this tasty fruit or if you haven’t had much success at it, this information is for you. Here are six quick tips to help you grow the best tomatoes… EVER!

1. Warm the Soil

This is an awesome tip that many people don’t realize. Approximately two weeks before you plant your seeds or seedlings in the ground, preheat the dirt in your garden. Cover the area with a large plastic tarp. Red or black works best. This increases the heat in the soil and guess what? Tomato plants thrive in the heat.

2. Train Your Seedlings

If you’re starting the seedlings inside, you can actually train them to withstand windy weather. Set them in front of a small fan for up to 10 minutes, twice a day. Another strengthening method is to rub your hand gently, back and forth, across each one for a few minutes. Your plants will be ready to better withstand a strong breeze in no time.


PLR Ecourse:  How to Garden


  1. Six tips to help you grow the best tomatoes ever

  2. Before you create a new garden area consider these things

  3. Consider your neighbors when gardening

  4. Container gardening in small spaces

  5. Creating and linking different rooms in your garden

  6. From drab to fab – it’s all in the details you incorporate

  7. How to choose a garden theme that works for you

  8. How to decorate without being tacky

  9. How to highlight different points of interest in your garden

  10. Tips for novice gardeners


how to garden


How to Garden PLR 10 Day Ecourse…

Price: $8.95

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Local Events PLR 10 Day Ecourse

Teach How to Run Local Events to Your Subscribers…


Your main goal will be to earn profit from your efforts in organizing your local event. But, it is important to keep your audience’s goals in mind at all times. What do they really need that will improve their lives? And how much are they willing to pay for it in terms of time and/or money?

Remember, your customers and prospects are looking for a solution that will really work, or anything that will make their life easier and help them live better. This includes getting great information and insider deals at your local event. It can also mean adding to their skills so they can get a better job, earn more money and so on. Whatever the niche topic, make sure attending your local event will be time (and perhaps money) well spent.

Content Sample Local Events Ecourse Subject: The importance of niche marketing…


Dear [NAME],

Congratulations on your smart decision to host a local event in order to increase your profits and profile in the community. But your hard work is just beginning, because in order to make your event a success, you are going to have to put on another hat, your marketer’s hat, to get people to attend. And not just anyone, but motivated people who are genuinely interested in your niche or industry.

Your marketing will already be built into your live event to a certain extent. This is because you will be focusing your efforts on the customers you want to attract most. If you are hosting a Christmas bazaar, for example, you will be trying to attract shoppers looking for unique yet affordable gifts for everyone on their list.

If you are offering a one-day seminar on how to flip houses, you will be attracting would-be real estate entrepreneurs who want to learn your insider secrets. Your topic will be your marketing platform.


One inside marketer’s tip that you may have heard before is that potential customers are more afraid of loss than eager for gain. When you are marketing your live event, make your audience feel as if they would really be missing out if they did not attend.

10 Day Ecourse:  Local Events


  1. The importance of niche marketing

  2. Marketing events through email

  3. Text-based social networks

  4. Video and graphics-based social networks

  5. Marketing on forums and discussion boards

  6. Marketing at online groups

  7. Integrated marketing and ticketing options

  8. Integrated event management and marketing options

  9. Marketing through guest blogs, radio and TV

  10. Marketing via Press Releases


local events


Local Events PLR 10 Day Ecourse…

Price: $8.95

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Marketing Local Ecourse PLR 10 Day Ecourse

Do you need  Marketing Local tips via Ecourse ready to go for your subscribers?


Here are the 10 days of Ecourse PLR you can just put in your autoresponder, and direct your subscribers to your new product, website, social media, or anything you need.

Ecourse:  Marketing Local:


  1. How to educate and connect to build local business

  2. Leveraging the power of local networking

  3. Build your audience by doing something good

  4. Build your business by attending local networking events

  5. Using publication to reach your local audience

  6. Team up with local business owners and grow

  7. Leverage Facebook to spread the word

  8. Three ways to get the attention of local media

  9. Community fairs and festivals can be a boon for business

  10. Should you participate in group coupon programs?


Here’s a sample content snippet of your PLR 10 Day Ecourse, plus a great idea for marketing local to learn…


Subject: Using publication to reach your local audience

Dear NAME,

If you’re a business owner then there’s a very good chance that you’ve done a lot of writing. You’ve likely written marketing emails, blog posts, and articles to publish on your site. You may even have created information products, marketing materials, advertisements, press releases and more.

Content is the foundation for any business marketing, and most entrepreneurs do some of their own marketing. That means you’re fully equipped for this local marketing tactic – that is, to write and publish an article in your local paper.

Now before you shake your head and think, “I’m not that kind of writer,” remember that you don’t have to be. You can outsource any type of writing and have your article ghostwritten. If you don’t want to write the article yourself then don’t worry about it.

Your job, and it’s the most important one, is to learn what your local paper likes to publish and to pitch them an idea that they buy into. You have to convince the paper to publish your content.

What Publication Achieves

Assuming that you pitch your idea and the newspaper editor agrees to print your piece, then it’s a good idea to know what you have to gain. An article published in your local paper is a huge opportunity.


marketing local


Marketing Local Ecourse PLR 10 Day Ecourse…


Price: $8.95

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Men Marketing PLR 10 Day Ecourse


PLR 10 Day Ecourse:  Men Marketing…


  1. Tips for marketing to young men

  2. Marketing single men

  3. Marketing middle-aged men

  4. Marketing men with children

  5. Tips for marketing retired men

  6. Marketing affluent men

  7. Tips for marketing “girly” products to men

  8. Emotional triggers that men respond to

  9. Four mistakes to avoid when marketing men

  10. Tips for marketing to men globally


Read more from your PLR Men Marketing content sample:


Email 1

Subject: Tips for marketing to young men

Dear [Name],

Welcome to this ecourse on Marketing to Men, and thanks for joining us. We hope you will learn a lot in the course of these emails.

Marketing to men in the modern age is similar in some ways to marketing to women, and significantly different in others. Both genders shop, but women tend to influence up to 95% of all purchases. Yet more men buy on their mobile devices, and purchase far more event tickets and digital content than women.

Knowing these kinds of trends can make it a great deal easier to sell your products and services to men, for greater profits.

In this first email, we’re going to start by looking at how to market to young men.

Marketing to Young Men

Marketing to “Millennials” is one of the hottest new areas of marketing attention that could turn huge profits if your message is on point. Millennials are not as clearly defined compared with Baby Boomers, but as a general rule they were born in the 1980s to early 2000s, and they tend to have a significantly different outlook than previous generations.


men marketing


Men Marketing PLR 10 Day Ecourse…

Price: $8.95

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Money Saving Garden Ideas 10 Day PLR Ecourse

10 Day PLR Ecourse:  Money Saving Garden Ideas…


  1. Save more water – three xeriscape tips

  2. Three ways to make your back yard more inviting

  3. How to attract more birds to your garden

  4. Tips for creating a butterfly-friendly yard

  5. Fun ideas for collecting rainwater

  6. Reasons to get rid of your lawn

  7. Five simple ideas to spruce up your landscaping

  8. Best materials for outdoor furniture

  9. Budget-friendly garden ideas

  10. Seven tips to maximize your back yard


This is your Money Saving Garden Ideas 10 Day Ecourse Ready to Go!


Usually with PLR, you need to re-write it to make it your own, yet the great part about PLR ecourses for your subscribers is that you don’t have to worry about any of that. This goes out to your private email subscribers, and it doesn’t get crawled by Google for duplication.


Here’s a content sample to check:


Subject: Three ways to make your back yard more inviting

Dear NAME,

During the summer months it’s wonderful to be able to hang out in the back yard. Yet many back yards aren’t the comfortable and inviting place that you’d like them to be. Maybe your yard is a little cluttered. Maybe it’s a bit barren. The following tips will help you make your yard a more inviting place to enjoy the out of doors.

1. Safe from the Elements

Depending on where you live, you may not want to sit outside in the direct sun. You may need protection from the wind or you might simply want some privacy. Taking a look at your yard, explore your options. Do you have a grouping of large trees? If so, this may be the ideal place to position your outdoor seating.

An arbor or canopy are options too, and they’re usually fairly easy to install. Look for the best place to position your seating, and consider where you can get out of the sun and still enjoy being outside.

2. Walk the Perimeter

Whether you have a large yard or a small one, get a feel for it from all angles. Walk the perimeter of your yard and explore your options.


money saving garden ideas

Money Saving Garden Ideas 10 Day PLR Ecourse…


Price: $8.95

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Money Saving PLR 10 Day Ecourse


Into Money Saving?…


Scads of people don’t realize just how much money they could save on a daily basis. Many unnecessary costs can actually be reduced or eliminated altogether. Don’t be like them. Here are some tips to help you curb your spending, allowing you to add to your piggy bank.


Keep reading from your PLR 10 Day Ecourse on Money Saving…


Subject: Four ways to slow down on spending

Dear [Name],

1. Prepare Your Own Meals

Buying breakfast from a fast food restaurant on your way to work isn’t too expensive on its own. But, doing so even once a week can quickly add up to a significant amount. If you find yourself ordering food every day, consider preparing breakfast or lunch at home so you’ll be able to eat when you need to.

Cooking for yourself at home tends to be much cheaper than eating out regularly. This applies to coffee, too. Brewing a thermos full of coffee in the morning will save you the time and money you would spend heading to the nearest coffee shop. Sorry Starbucks!

2. Give Generic a Try

Many stores offer generic or store-brand alternatives to both food and household products. If you see a generic alternative to a product you’re shopping for, give it a try at least once. If you like it, you could save money that you would basically be spending on the label otherwise. Some brand-name products contain up to twice as much (in volume) as their generic counterparts, so switching to generic products can lead to significant savings on your grocery bill.

3. Ditch the Disposables

Some of the products you use from day to day are only used once, then thrown away. Paper towels are handy when you want to clean up a mess in a hurry, but reaching for one after every spill can become an expensive habit. Instead of paper towels or napkins, use washable rags or handkerchiefs. Using them will create a bit of extra dirty laundry, but will also cut out the cost of these disposable products altogether.

Money Saving PLR 10 Day Ecourse:


-Four tips for saving money during your vacation

-Four ways to slow down on spending

-Five disposable products with reusable alternatives

-Go green and save

-Save on gas

-Save money on utilities

-Six ways to save on groceries

-Top three ways to save in college

-Cutting expenses after retirement

-Why saving money is worth it


money saving


Money Saving PLR 10 Day Ecourse…

Price: $8.95

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Money Wise Management 10 Day Ecourse PLR

Need Money Wise Tips Ready to Go for Your Subscribers?


Your 10 Day PLR Ecourse:  Money Wise Management;


  1. Why emergency accounts are essential

  2. Identify and let go of your money myths

  3. Mobile apps that help you track your money

  4. Do you really need a budget?

  5. How to get over the “B” word

  6. Three simple ways to save more money each week

  7. Negotiation can save you thousands

  8. You don’t need a degree in finance to invest your money

  9. Making the choice between savings and paying off debt

  10. Are you protected against identity theft?


Here is your Money Wise PLR Ecourse content sample to check…


Subject: Why emergency accounts are essential

Dear NAME,

Do you have an emergency savings account? It’s an account that holds on to a predetermined amount of money in case of a financial emergency. So what’s a financial emergency? It’s any financial surprise that could potentially derail your money management. For example, you get into an accident and have to pay a $2000 deductible, or your water heater explodes.

Emergency savings accounts are an essential element of any good financial management system. You never know what’s going to happen with your life and your finances. You might be just fine this week and then next week your washing machine breaks down. If you’re not prepared these financial setbacks, it can be devastating. They can result in debt, late payment fees and stress.

If you have the money saved to cover them, that stress just goes away. You’re able to deal with the financial emergency, rebuild the savings, and move forward.

Easy to Set Up

Emergency savings accounts are also very easy to create. You simply set up an automatic weekly or monthly deduction of 5 to 10 or even 100 dollars from your checking account into your savings account. You just set it and forget it. When you reach the emergency savings goal that you’ve established, you stop the monthly deductions.

If you have a financial emergency and you deplete your account, then you go ahead and implement the same system to rebuild it.

It is of course important to decide in advance what an emergency account looks like to you. For some people, all they can afford is $500. That’s fine. Others would prefer to save 3 to 6 months of their living expenses as an emergency savings account and that’s fine too. Whatever you decide is your goal, implement systems to achieve it.


money wise


Money Wise Management 10 Day Ecourse PLR Ready to Go for Your Subscribers…

Price: $8.95

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Narcissism PLR 10 Day Ecourse

Reach out to your subscribers with this Narcissism 10 Day PLR Ecourse…



Unfortunately there is no cure for narcissistic personality disorder. It’s a disorder, not a disease, and it’s a personality disorder on top of that. Personality disorders are often deeply ingrained patterns of behavior, usually a specific type of behavior that impacts how the person functions in society.

It’s important to note that a personality disorder like narcissistic personality disorder is not a mental disorder, like schizophrenia. In fact, it is estimated that about 10 percent of the population suffers from a personality disorder, which is good news for you or your loved one.


Check a content sample of your PLR 10 Day Ecourse:


Treatment Is Management

Narcissism can have a dramatic impact on your life. It can negatively affect your relationships, your job, your family, and your success. However, just because there isn’t a cure for it doesn’t mean it can’t get better.

Psychotherapy or talk therapy is the best treatment for narcissistic personality disorder. Treatment sessions will revolve around learning to identify the thoughts and behaviors that have a negative impact on your life. You’ll learn to understand the cause of your behaviors so you can modify them. You’ll also learn how to better relate to others. One of the foundations of narcissistic personality disorder is an inability to have empathy for others and this is something that you can work on.

There are no medications to directly treat narcissistic personality disorder. However, if you’re experiencing depression or anxiety, you may be prescribed medications to relieve those symptoms and conditions.

One of the biggest concerns for many dealing with narcissistic personality disorder is their relationships. It can be difficult to be in a loving relationship with a narcissist. However, there are steps that you can take. Next time we’ll talk about relationships and narcissistic personality disorder.
Subject: Can a narcissist have a relationship?

Dear NAME,

It’s difficult to love someone who only loves themselves, right? That’s the challenge when having a relationship with someone who has narcissistic personality disorder. Actually, it’s important to know that narcissists can and do feel love for others. The challenge is to have a healthy relationship with a narcissist.


PLR 10 Day Ecourse:  Narcissism


  1. Is there a cure for narcissistic personality disorder?

  2. Can a narcissist have a relationship?

  3. Should someone with narcissistic personality disorder have children?

  4. Tips on living with a narcissist

  5. Myths about narcissism

  6. How narcissistic personality disorder impacts relationship

  7. How does NPD impact your job and career?

  8. Personality disorders that frequently occur with narcissistic personality disorder

  9. Personality disorders that can be mistaken for NPD

  10. Can you live a good life with narcissistic personality disorder?




Narcissism PLR 10 Day Ecourse…

Price: $8.95

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Nutrition Tips PLR 10 Day Ecourse

Nutrition Tips Made Easy in a 10 Day PLR Ecourse…


Signs that you aren’t getting enough nutrition include a lack of energy, depression, and a weakened immune system. You can also go to your doctor and have a quick blood test to test your levels of vitamins.


Here are your 10 Days of Nutrition Tips PLR Ecourse ready to go for your autoresponder and subscribers…


Ecourse:  Nutrition Tips


  1. Three nutrient dense foods to add to your diet

  2. Avoiding supplementation – what about vitamin D?

  3. Tips to add veggies to every meal

  4. RDAs or DRIs – what’s the difference?

  5. Key to reducing inflammation in your diet

  6. Do you have special nutritional needs?

  7. What about probiotics?

  8. Tips to get your calcium from natural sources

  9. Simple steps you can take to improve your digestion and absorption

  10. Top tips to embrace variety in your diet

You can check a PLR Nutrition Tips content sample for the quality of our writing:


Subject: Avoiding supplementation – what about vitamin D?

Dear NAME,

Most doctors, nutritionists, and health experts agree that it’s better to get your nutrition from food. But what about vitamin D? That’s a nutrient that isn’t stored in your body, and it’s essential for many systems and functions. Your body can and does make vitamin D but you have to provide the ingredients, which are sunlight and calcium.

Most people wear sunscreen to protect themselves from skin cancer and aren’t outside in sunlight enough each day to get enough vitamin D. So that leaves it up to diet. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many foods that are high in vitamin D. With a little effort, however, you can add the following foods to your diet to get your vitamin D.

* Fatty fish like mackerel or salmon
* Mushrooms
* Beef liver
* Cheese
* Egg yolks
* Fortified milk
* Fortified cereals
* Tofu
* Pork
* Soy alternative dairy products (they’re fortified)
* Caviar

Yes, if you were looking for an excuse to add caviar to your daily diet, then now you have one. You need your vitamin D.


nutrition tips


Nutrition Tips PLR 10 Day Ecourse…

Price: $8.95

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Oral Hygiene for Kids PLR 10 Day Ecourse

You work hard to teach your children oral hygiene.


The dentist shows them how to brush up and down instead of back and forth. You show them how much toothpaste to use, how to rinse, spit, and how to floss their teeth. They grow up and you assume that they’re doing it correctly. After all, they’ve been shown a number of times by a number of people. However, the truth is that they may be brushing incorrectly. They may be brushing too hard.


Read more and check a content snippet from your 10 Day Oral Hygiene for Kids PLR Ecourse:


The Dangers of Brushing Too Hard

Brushing your teeth too hard or too vigorously can cause damage to the teeth and gums. It can actually wear down the enamel on your teeth. This enamel is irreplaceable. When the enamel is worn down it can cause sensitivity to temperatures and weakened teeth.

Brushing too hard can also irritate your gums. This irritation and inflammation can actually make your gums more susceptible to bacteria. Gum disease can occur, as can cavities.

So how do you know if your child is brushing too hard?

The first thing you can do is look at their toothbrush. Unless you’re a dentist, it’s difficult to tell if a child is brushing too hard. The dentist will look at signs of the gums wearing away along with some other subtle cues. However, the condition of a toothbrush is a fairly obvious clue.

A standard toothbrush should last about three months. At the end of the three months the bristles may look a little worn but they should still be standing upright.



10 Day Ecourse:  Oral Hygiene for Kids


  1. When do you start brushing a child’s teeth?

  2. The biggest risks to a child’s teeth

  3. How to help your child stop sucking their thumb

  4. Is your child brushing their teeth too hard?

  5. What is fluoride and what does it do?

  6. Five things your child may be doing which is bad for their teeth

  7. Tips to teach your child to take good care of their mouth

  8. Three causes of bad breath and what to do about them

  9. The basic principles of good dental habits for every age

  10. The consequences of poor oral hygiene

oral hygiene


Oral Hygiene for Kids PLR 10 Day Ecourse…

Price: $8.95

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Paying for School 10 Day PLR Ecourse

Paying for School Starting with Lunches…


Getting kids up and ready for school and preparing lunch for them can be time-consuming and nerve-wracking. You don’t want to send them to school with junk. But, most schools have terrible lunches that kids won’t eat anyway. Here are a few lunches you can make that don’t break the bank or take that much time.


Paying for School 10 Day Ecourse:  Food Do’s and Don’ts…


  1. Inexpensive school lunch ideas

  2. How much does it cost to get a private tutor?

  3. Cost of private versus public school

  4. Typical expenditures for preschool

  5. Typical expenditures for elementary school

  6. Typical expenditures for middle school

  7. Typical expenditures for high school

  8. Typical expenditures for college

  9. Tips to help fund your child’s time at college

  10.  Studying abroad – tips for students


Paying for School Content Sample…


Email 1

Subject: Inexpensive school lunch ideas

Dear [Name],

First, ensure that you have the right packaging for your child’s lunches. You want hot food to stay hot and cold food to stay cold. Plus, you want it to stay solidly closed in your child’s backpack and locker without spillage.

* Mini Pizza Lunch – Triscuits crackers, turkey pepperoni, a little sauce, cheese and you’re done. Add some sliced apples, some carrot sticks, and a juice box, and you’ve given your child a healthy alternative to school lunch.

* Kabobs – Kids love this one. Just take some chunks of chicken, cheese, bread, seedless grapes, any other fruit and put on a kabob stick. You can use disposable sticks so your child can toss them after they’re done. It’s easy to include all food groups with this plan.

* Quesadillas – All you need is a tortilla, some cheese, turkey, and sliced apple to make the best quesadilla to take to school. Add a juice box or milk box and you’ve got a well-balanced lunch for your child that they’ll eat.



paying for school


Paying for School 10 Day PLR Ecourse…

Price: $8.95

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Quick Cash 10 Day Ecourse PLR

This is your 10 Day Email Series for Quick Cash!…


Do you have a few hours to spare a day? If you do, and you don’t need much, you can leverage that time into cash. All you have to do is offer your services to a few key people. You can make extra money, help people out, and stop feeling the financial crunch you’ve been dealing with. Let’s take a look at some possibilities.


quick cashHere’s your PLR 10 Day Series Content Snippet to check the quality of your purchase:


Step One: Identify Your Specialty Information

What do you know and what information do you want to share? This can be anything from a tutorial on how to paint furniture to how to hike across Finland. There’s no limit so let your imagination go here. What can you write about? Make a list.

Step Two: Get Organized

Create an outline for your book and plan it out. What information will you present first? How will you present it? Create a structure for your book.

Step Three: Write



quick cashYou get these 10 Subject Days to Market to Your List Ready to Go on Quick Cash…


1. Subject: How to earn cash quickly with a garage sale

2. Subject: Can you really make quick cash on eBay and Craigslist?

3. Subject: Earn quick cash as a freelancer

4. Subject: How to leverage Amazon and make quick cash

5. Subject: Leverage your time and earn quick cash

6. Subject: Are you crafty? Earn cash from your creations

7. Subject: Earn quick cash by recycling your old electronics

8. Subject: How to make fast cash with what you know

9. Subject: Want to earn online cash? Become an affiliate marketer 

10. Subject: Earn quick cash by becoming a reviewer




quick cashQuick Cash 10 Day Ecourse PLR…

Price: $8.95

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Recycling Ecourse PLR 10 Day Series

This is your 10 Day Email Series for Recycling!…


Recycling is one of the best ways to reduce your environmental impact. With a little organization and a plan, you can begin to live a greener life. Recycling is a simple and incredibly effective way to make a difference.

Step #1 Determine What You Can Recycle

Look into your community’s recycling options. Do you have a municipal curbside pick-up? If so, then visit the website and download a guide about what they do and don’t recycle. Also check into your local recycling centers. These may be private recycling centers that take larger items like beds, televisions, and batteries.

Step #2 Identify Your Recycling Materials

You know the items that you commonly throw away. Begin creating an organization system for these items. Review the rules for your curbside pick-up. Do they require items to be sorted? Do they offer single stream recycling? This will tell you how many containers you need for your materials and help you create a system.

Step #3 Get in the Habit


Here’s your PLR 10 Day Series Content Snippet to check the quality of your purchase:


Plastic bags, bottles, straws and storage materials are some of the biggest environmental contaminants. Many people are making the switch in their kitchen. Glass has become one of the most popular ways to store food. Here’s why you’ll love glass and why it’s so much better than plastic.

1. Glass Containers Are Pretty – There’s something quite lovely about a refrigerator and pantry full of glass storage containers. You can color coordinate the lids. You can also repurpose glass containers that originally contained food to make them into excellent food storage containers. Mason jars, for example, are wonderful in the pantry.

2. Glass Is Cleaner – In addition to cleaning up more easily than plastic, with glass you don’t have to worry about toxins leaching into your food. Glass doesn’t harbor bacteria, mold, or other contaminants.

3. It’s Cost Effective – Repurposing glass containers is free. And although buying glass food storage may require a larger up-front cost, they last longer. In fact, assuming you don’t drop them, they’ll last forever. You save money in the long run.


You get these 10 Subject Days to Market to Your List Ready to Go on Recycling…


Ecourse: Recycling

  1. How to start recycling

  2. Five reasons glass is better than plastic for food storage

  3. How to avoid the worst, and most common, plastics

  4. How to reduce plastic consumption when you travel

  5. Household tips to clean without plastics

  6. How to find recyclable plastics

  7. Surprising places that plastics show up and how to reduce them

  8. Environmentally friendly clothing options

  9. Ten tips to reduce your use of plastics

  10. Three ways to live a more eco-friendly life


Recycling Ecourse PLR 10 Day Series…


Price: $8.95

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Retirement Planning Ecourse 10 Day Email Series PLR

Retirement Planning isn’t what it used to be.


Your grandparents, and perhaps even your parents, probably worked for one company for most of their lives. They had a nice 401k or pension and retired at age 60. They collected social security and life was good. That’s not the case anymore.

Help your email subscribers handle this new era of retirement with a ready to go PLR 10 Day Email Series.


Here’s a Sample Snippet of Your Retirement Planning 10 Day Email Ecourse…


Take Advantage of Your Opportunities – Do you have a company matching 401k? If so, prioritize that first. Matching is a powerful opportunity to grow your savings fast. Maximize that resource. Additionally, strive to maximize your tax incentives. For example, with your IRA you can set aside $5000 annually before taxes.

Pay More than Your Minimum Balance – Focus on the credit card or loan with the highest interest rate. That’s the one you’re going to make a priority. Pay the minimum balance on your other cards and pay more than the minimum balance, as much as you can manage, on your high rate card.


Your 10-Day Ecourse Subjects Ready to Go – Retirement Planning:


-The new rules of retirement

-Simple tips to set up an automatic savings plan

-How an emergency fund helps you save more for retirement

-Retirement planning mistakes – and how to avoid them

-Building a retirement income

-Tips to help you spend less and save more

-Should you hire a financial advisor?

-How to feel motivated to save for retirement

-How to pay off debt and save for retirement

-Tools to help you better track your spending and savings


retirement planning


Retirement Planning Ecourse 10 Day Email Series PLR…

Price: $8.95

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Saving Money for Kids Ecourse PLR 10 Day Ready to Go

PLR Ecourse:  Saving Money for Kids


  1. What do two pigs have to do with kids saving money?

  2. How to teach your young child to set savings goals

  3. Christmas club for kids

  4. When is the right time for a child to have a bank account?

  5. How to create a family savings goal

  6. Three tips to introduce your child to investing their money

  7. Three mobile apps to teach your child about saving money

  8. Do you have four jars? Then you have a valuable financial lesson in the making

  9. How giving your child a job can teach them about earning and saving

  10. Teaching your child about different savings goals


saving moneyTeach your kids about saving money early in life to use later in life. Here is a content sample of your PLR 10 Day Ecourse:


Subject: When is the right time for a child to have a bank account?

Dear NAME,

There comes a time when a piggy bank isn’t enough. Your child has outgrown saving quarters and is ready for more. That means it’s time for them to have a bank account. In fact, most experts agree that somewhere between the age of 7 and 10 a child is ready for a bank account.

If you haven’t yet, consider starting with a joint savings goal or a Christmas club. We’ll talk about joint savings goals next time. Now, let’s take a look at bank account tips and options for your elementary school-aged child.

1. Savings only – When you go to the bank you’ll have a few choices, including a joint checking account for you and your child. They get a debit card and everything. Don’t do this. They’re not ready for it yet. Instead, open a savings account for them. Then your child still gets the debit card, which you can tuck safely away. The goal is to save.

2. No Fees – Make sure that the account doesn’t have any minimum requirements or monthly fees. You can generally find this type of account at local banks or credit unions. Additionally, if you are a bank member they may waive the fees for your child. It’s a nice perk.


Saving Money for Kids Ecourse PLR 10 Day Ready to Go for your Email Marketing!


Price: $8.95

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Selling a Business 10 Day Ecourse PLR

Are you selling a business?


Do you have an exit strategy for your business? You might be surprised to learn that the best time to create your strategy is actually as you’re writing your initial business plan. That’s right. You want to create your exit strategy BEFORE you start your business.

What Is an Exit Strategy?

An exit strategy is a decision about how you’re going to end your business. It seems like a strange thing to think about when you’re writing your business plan. After all, you’re focused on starting your business and making money, not getting rid of your business or closing it down.


Get the 10 Day Ecourse ready to help your subscribers. Here is a content sample snippet…


Why Would You Think about Leaving Your Business Now?

Thinking about, and planning for, the eventual end of your business helps you position your business more effectively. Additionally, it also gives you a clearer picture about the life of your business. And let’s face it, even if you think you’ll own your business forever, life is full of surprises and it’s important to be prepared for them. Having a clear plan in place for your business helps you manage any potential challenges.

Ecourse Details:  Selling a Business 10 Days for your Autoresponder…


1-When is the best time to create your business exit strategy?

2-Making sense of the different exit strategies available

3-Three exit strategy myths you might be guilty of believing

4-The pros and cons of selling your business

5-Should you just close your business down?

6-Sure-fire signs it’s time to exit your business

7-Three tips to price your business to sell

8-Five considerations to make when selling your business

9-How to keep your customers in mind when selling your business

10-Surprising reasons why an exit strategy is necessary


selling a business


Selling a Business 10 Day Ecourse PLR…

Price: $8.95

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Senior Marketing PLR 10 Day Ecourse

PLR 10 Day Ecourse:  Senior Marketing Ecourse…


  1. Design tips for making your website senior-friendly

  2. 9 common mistakes when marketing to seniors

  3. 7 content marketing tips for attracting seniors

  4. Tips for marketing to senior men

  5. Tips for marketing to senior women

  6. Tips for marketing to grandparents

  7. Tips for marketing to wealthy seniors

  8. Tips for marketing to new retirees

  9. Tips for marketing to seniors who never use computers

  10. Tips for marketing to senior entrepreneurs


10-Day Ecourse Senior Marketing Content Sample:


Email 1

Subject: Design tips for making your website senior-friendly

Dear [Name],

Seniors have specific ways that they like to receive information that is usually different from millennials. If your audience consists of older people, then you need to ensure that you organize your site correctly.

* Use Shorter Sections – Seniors want to find the information they need without a lot of clicking around. Use shorter sections and make it clear how to get to the next section with directional cues and images.

* Put Important Info Up Front – Older people aren’t going to search around for the information that you want to give them. If it’s not up front and first, they may not ever see it.

* Use Consistent Navigation – Show your audience immediately how your website is designed and how navigation works on your website. If you make it clear how it is organized right away, they’ll be less likely to click away because they’ll understand how it works. Keep the navigation the same on every page of your site for consistency.

* Make Opening and Closing One Click/Tap – This is very important because a lot of seniors don’t have quick reflexes and need it to be simple to click through. Make it one click or one tap to do things and provide instructions.


senior marketing

Senior Marketing PLR 10 Day Ecourse…

Price: $8.95

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Sore Back 10 Day PLR Ecourse

Welcome to your ecourse on sore back pain…


Read more from your Sore Back PLR Content Sample:




Welcome to your ecourse on understanding your sore back and how to get relief. We hope you will find it useful.


In this course, we will be focusing on how to prevent back pain, and how to deal with it effectively if you do end up with back pain.


Let’s get started with one of the simplest things you can do to protect your back, but one that is often the most overlooked. It’s time to look at the chairs you are sitting in.


Finding the right chair so you don’t strain your back

Finding the right chair to avoid back pain and back strain is easy once you know how. The correct chair can help with your posture, give you proper support, and even ease nagging backache.


There are several key places we spend a lot of time sitting. These include desks at work and at home, and in front of the TV.

10 Day PLR Ecourse:  Sore Back Pain


  1. Finding the right chair so you don’t strain your back

  2. Back supports – what you need to know

  3. How to prevent back pain easily every day

  4. 8 exercises for the lower back

  5. 6 exercises for the upper back

  6. 8 exercises to avoid when you have back pain

  7. 6 back exercises for pregnant women you are pregnant

  8. The link between back pain and obesity

  9. What type of back massage should I get?

  10. How to give yourself a back massage


sore back


Sore Back 10 Day PLR Ecourse…

Price: $8.95

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Vegan Diet Ecourse PLR 10 Day Course

10 Day PLR Ecourse:  Vegan Diet & Living…


  1. Vegan? Make sure you’re getting enough iron in your diet

  2. Protein powerhouses for vegans

  3. No dairy? Simple ways to make sure you’re getting your calcium as a vegan

  4. The importance of B-vitamins

  5. What about fats if you’re a vegan?

  6. What to do when you’re hungry – snack ideas for a vegan diet

  7. Breakfast ideas on a vegan diet

  8. Lunch ideas on a vegan diet

  9. Vegan dinner menu ideas

  10. Is vegan living expensive?


Here’s a sample content snippet of your 10 Day PLR Vegan Diet Ecourse to check the quality of our writing here at Mom Blogger PLR…


Subject: Protein powerhouses for vegans

Dear NAME,

Protein is essential for survival. Your muscles, tendons, skin and organs are created from protein. Proteins make hormones, neurotransmitters, and even enzymes to digest the food that you eat. You cannot function without protein.

Many vegetarians and vegans do not get enough protein in their diet. This isn’t because it’s not possible – it is very possible to get protein from plants. However, it takes a bit more attention to not only what you eat but also how much you eat. The following foods provide a good amount of protein and can help you thrive on a vegan diet.

Nuts and Seeds

* Almonds 30g protein per cup
* Chia seeds 16g protein per cup
* Hemp seeds 10g protein per ounce
* Sunflower seeds 23g protein per cup


* Baked tofu 20g protein per cup
* Black beans 15g protein per cup
* Edamame 17g per cup
* Garbanzo beans 15g protein per cup
* Great northern beans 15g protein per cup
* Lentils 18g protein per cup

vegan diet

Vegan Diet Ecourse PLR 10 Day Course…

Price: $8.95

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Wills 10 Day PLR Ecourse

Your Wills PLR 10 Day Ecourse: 


Hello, and welcome to your ecourse on making a will and dealing with other important financial considerations involved when you finally pass away.

We all hope this won’t be for many years yet, but it’s always best to be prepared in order to protect both yourself and your family in case the unexpected should happen.


Keep reading from your Wills PLR content sample:

Subject: Why you need a will

Dear [Name],


Why Write a Will?

No matter what your age, if you have anyone who depends on you in any way, it’s a good idea to line up life insurance and write a will. The average cost of a funeral in the US is about $16,000. End of life medical expenses can really mount up even if you have good insurance.

A will is therefore one of the best ways to plan ahead for these end of life costs, and to make sure your family or those taking care of your estate (that is, what you leave behind) aren’t stuck with a mess to try to sort through.

What Is a Will, Exactly?

Generally speaking, a will is a legal document that states how you wish your property to be distributed after you die. If you have young children or pets, a will can also stipulate who will be their guardian in the event of your death.



Wills 10 Day Ecourse:  Having a Will


  1. Why you need a will

  2. Do you need an attorney to make a will?

  3. Living wills

  4. Choosing beneficiaries in your will

  5. Finding an executor for your will

  6. Tips on minimizing inheritance tax

  7. Benefits of setting up a trust

  8. Do I need to worry about probate?

  9. Common mistakes when making a will

  10. When should you change your will?




Wills 10 Day PLR Ecourse…

Price: $8.95

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Women Marketing PLR 10 Day Ecourse

Women Marketing Today…


Even if they do not actually take out the credit card and click, women heavily influence all family purchasing decisions – up to 85% of all purchases, in fact. Even items traditionally seen as masculine purchases are impacted by women in a couple of ways.


Read and learn more from a PLR content sample…Women Marketing to Married Women…


Married women’s ages can run from 18 to 80, or more. The central thing that separates them from single women is that they will usually shop for other people in their household, such as a spouse and one or more children. Not every married woman has children, of course. Those that are married may not wish to have them, or make a conscious decision to put off having them until they are financially stable and at a good place in their chosen career.

Those who do have children will sometimes stay at home for at least a few years after their child/ren are born, in order to spend quality time with them and be assured of their child getting good day care. Sooner or later, however, they will re-enter the workplace, and their shopping will once again shift from mommy mode to the woman who wants to have it all – kids, career, great marriage, and more.

For that reason, marketing to married women is very much a case of appealing to their head first, then their heart. Almost all of the products a married woman buys are designed to not only improve her life, but the lives of those she is living with, or shopping for.

Targeting Married Women

Some married women have older parents to care for as well as young children in the home, sandwiching them between a lot of different, constantly competing demands. Anything you can do to make this woman’s life easier and still allow her to be sexy and glamorous will be a step in the right direction.



10 Day PLR Ecourse:  Women Marketing:


  1. Marketing to Married Women

  2. Tips for Marketing to Retired Women

  3. Marketing to Single Women

  4. Marketing to Women with Children

  5. Marketing to Women without Children

  6. Tips for Marketing to Middle-Aged Women

  7. Tips for Marketing to Senior Women

  8. Tips for Marketing to Stay-at-Home Women

  9. Tips for Marketing to Working Women

  10. Tips for Marketing to Young Women


women marketing

Women Marketing PLR 10 Day Ecourse…

Price: $8.95

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Working Strategies PLR 10 Day Ecourse

Working Strategies: Get Your 10 Day PLR Ecourse… Working with Others.


  1. Working Strategies-Dealing with anger at work

  2. Dealing with bullying at work

  3. How to best cope with a difficult manager

  4. How to strike a balance with a work partner when you want different things

  5. Strategies for dealing with a difficult colleague

  6. The art of saying no

  7. Tips for dealing with a difficult customer

  8. Tips for Giving Constructive Criticism

  9. Tips on how to get noticed the right way

  10. Tips on receiving criticism with grace


Read more form your PLR Working Strategies PLR sample…


Subject: Dealing with anger at work

Dear [Name],

There may come a time when you find yourself dealing with anger at work. It may be your anger or someone else’s. Whatever the situation, it’s vitally important to diffuse the discord as quickly as possible. It’s no secret that a stressful work environment is an unproductive one. Keep reading to learn more about maintaining harmony on the job. It can be done.

Take a Deep Breath

When people get angry, they tend to say things that only make the problem worse. If you ever feel yourself starting to get frustrated at work, take a deep breath and count to three. It may not seem like much, but it can be enough time to regain your focus in order to keep your composure. If you’re talking to a co-worker and feel yourself starting to get upset, consider asking that person if he or she can come back and talk to you at a later time when you feel better.

Focus on the Issue

If you are having a hard time getting along with someone at work, it can really make it difficult to interact together effectively. In this case, it’s important to only focus on the job-related issues you have with this individual and not the dislike you may have with them as a person.

Remember, lashing out at your co-workers can create more problems and make getting along with them extremely difficult. This can lead to an increase in the anger and anxiety levels of everyone involved.

Express Yourself Clearly

It can be very frustrating when it seems that the people around you don’t get what you’re trying to say. Typically, when you get angry, it becomes somewhat difficult to express yourself in a way that everyone understands. For best results, always make sure to speak calmly and clearly. Express your side of the issue without being defensive or placing blame.


working strategies


Working Strategies PLR 10 Day Ecourse…

Price: $8.95

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