Sore Back 10 Day PLR Ecourse

Welcome to your ecourse on sore back pain...


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Welcome to your ecourse on understanding your sore back and how to get relief. We hope you will find it useful.


In this course, we will be focusing on how to prevent back pain, and how to deal with it effectively if you do end up with back pain.


Let's get started with one of the simplest things you can do to protect your back, but one that is often the most overlooked. It's time to look at the chairs you are sitting in.


Finding the right chair so you don't strain your back

Finding the right chair to avoid back pain and back strain is easy once you know how. The correct chair can help with your posture, give you proper support, and even ease nagging backache.


There are several key places we spend a lot of time sitting. These include desks at work and at home, and in front of the TV.

10 Day PLR Ecourse:  Sore Back Pain


  1. Finding the right chair so you don't strain your back

  2. Back supports - what you need to know

  3. How to prevent back pain easily every day

  4. 8 exercises for the lower back

  5. 6 exercises for the upper back

  6. 8 exercises to avoid when you have back pain

  7. 6 back exercises for pregnant women you are pregnant

  8. The link between back pain and obesity

  9. What type of back massage should I get?

  10. How to give yourself a back massage


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Sore Back 10 Day PLR Ecourse...

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