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For Entrepreneurs By Entrepreneurs, Because We Get Each Other.


Do you ever wonder in your lone entrepreneur world if other entrepreneurs feel and think the exact same way you do?

I recently was invited to be a guest on a radio show as a Mompreneur, and I got to meet some fellow entrepreneurs as fellow guests and audience members.

What struck me the most, was that they really do think just like I do, and while getting talking, we discovered that networking and combining skills could bring some of the best services and products out there.

As entrepreneurs, we tend to wear many hats, but there also tends to be certain areas we thrive. When you bring the thriving parts together to make a whole, everyone benefits…businesses, clients and customers.


entrepreneurWe are Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs.


Services by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs or business to business bring fabulous results. Here are some business to business services we can provide our fellow web design or business service entrepreneurs…


For Entrepreneurs By Entrepreneurs– Website Design & SEO Together.


Since every business needs a website, and every business needs SEO, we think these two things should not be separate, but combined. When you walk away with your website design, you shouldn’t be empty handed in your entrepreneur business plan.

The design is just the beginning of your business marketing and entrepreneur plan, and you are going to need to fill your new site with content that reaches your market, speaks to the search engine robots, and really does something for you in that first year of business.




In Entrepreneurship, We Help Each Other Succeed.


Typically, most starting a business with a new web design don’t have a clue about SEO and what they should be doing right off the bat, so doesn’t it just make sense that a web design package should include an SEO starter?

Whenever I’m creating a new product or idea for the market, and for business entrepreneurs, I think of what I as an entrepreneur want and need, and I think about businesses on different levels of budget. I spent a number of years learning and practicing SEO, but I wish I would have had some of this knowledge when I first started as an online entrepreneur.


Business Needs Other Business for Wisdom and Guidance.


Even more so, I wish I would have had SEO in place on my new business site, working for me faster. You give yourself a better chance of succeeding, and we all know in entrepreneurship that nothing happens overnight. You have to be there sticking it out for many years, typically. Those years should be building up your reputation and brand, and that’s what proper SEO branding can do for a business.

This is what those small, startup businesses need most. It also has to be affordable, and SEO isn’t exactly cheap.

But, if you as a business are sitting down to create your new fabulous web design with a web designer, and see that you can walk away with a DIY On-Page SEO Content Outline Action Plan, all built in the price, you are likely to choose that designer for that great product.

I know I would!  I also would feel confident that I actually know what I’m supposed to do for my best business benefits and performance, and have a guide to help me perform to my best business abilities in the coming months.


businessEntrepreneurship Brings Ideas & Products Together.


This is a product every business needs, and you as a web designer can offer it to your clients. They’ll love you for it, walk away happier, feel like their money was well spent, and tell everyone about your service.


How do you offer SEO with your business web design services?


You get to buy our SEO packages wholesale to add to your design packages, so that the price is within the market price, and you get to beat your competition with a better product.


For Entrepreneurs By Entrepreneurs…Here’s how it works!


Every business has a niche, and an On Page SEO Content Plan can be created for each niche. You just order the niche SEO plan you need from us, and add it to your design package…simple.

Your client walks away with a guide and instructions on what to do in the coming months, and everyone is happy.

You can rest assured that your wholesale niche SEO Plan for your client is up to date on keyword research, and is custom to their needs. We can work with you, and help you work with your client to know which niche you should custom order.

Ordering a fresh SEO Plan for each client is very important to the value of your product. Each client and business needs a custom plan, and keyword research can change. Before doing business together, we ask for you to apply as a web design or business service retailer to ensure the quality and reputation of our services remain in tact.


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Please find our wholesale For Entrepreneur By Entrepreneur SEO & Branding Products to add to your business products…


*Entrepreneur Business Consult-A comprehensive exercise and one-on-one consult designed to focus your business plan, fine tune your business goals, uncover strengths and weaknesses, and address implementation of your best business presentation for your new or existing website combined with SEO. (Can be ordered separately.)


Explanation: In order to determine your entrepreneur SEO business plan, you must know many details about your business model and market, and have elaborate answers to specific questions. This is also going to help a business determine its branding plan.

New SEO & branding are one in the same, and every piece of the business needs to fit a keyword, ideally. This consult is essential to continue with any service below, but can be added to any other type of business service as an excellent stand-alone branding exercise for entrepreneurs. It can also help any web designer determine the needs and focus of the client.


*Entrepreneur Keyword Research-Complete, niche specific keyword research to determine your On-Page SEO website set-up, and to ensure your proper keyword structure to implement your Google Friendly content optimization plan. (Must be ordered with the Business Consult.)


Explanation: Only after determining the brand and business goals, can one do keyword research effectively. This is where the puzzle building begins, and there is nothing random in the choices.

This is also how a business gets on the map. Everyone gets mad at Google and search engines, but they are just a fact of life for online business and the online world.

There are only more and more business websites every day. How do you compete as entrepreneurs, and how do you help your entrepreneur clients compete? 


*Entrepreneur On-Page SEO Content Action Plan Outline-Defining your website content structure for 3 key pages and publishing action plan for 9 blog posts based on your business niche specific keyword research and proper On-Page SEO set-up. (Must be ordered with the Business Consult & Keyword Research)


Explanation: You have your specific keywords and structure based on entrepreneur branding and business model, and now you need to have content for those keywords on your business site blog and pages.

This is a more affordable option of service, that still guides the entrepreneur client correctly in setting up pages and posts. It’s just short of actually filling in their SEO content in the most effective way.


*A Complete Entrepreneur Step By Step On-Page SEO Content Outline- Your 3 Pages, Homepage and 9 Blog Posts are spelled out for you to publish as a DIY Guide to setting up your basic starter On-Page SEO properly at an affordable price. You’ll follow the steps, and know that your starter On-Page SEO is in place. (Must be ordered with all products listed above.)


Explanation: This is the service you want for your business clients the most. It will give them everything they need in a DIY fashion, by guiding them through the proper steps to start.

They can walk away, and set up a significant portion of their entrepreneur business sites themselves.

Having a site full of great content with proper SEO and branding is key to pleasing the search engines. It’s work that everyone must do, but your clients get to do it right.


*Entrepreneur PLR Content from Mom Blogger PLR to help fill in On-Page SEO Content Outline Plans. It can also help any client needing content for pages or posts, walking away with a new website, regardless. (Can be ordered separately.)


Explanation: Since all this content is needed online for SEO to start, we have it here for you. We can package up appropriate and relevant PLR to fit the SEO Content plans of each client at wholesale price.

This is an excellent add-on to all services above, but can be a great stand-alone addition to a design or business package you already provide. Everyone needs content on their sites, and you can offer that in a custom fashion.


Google Friendly for Entrepreneurs by Entrepreneurs


We talk about Google Friendly, and it’s why our SEO Brand Magic products are better than old school SEO. New SEO is about word significance, and the way the search engine robot crawls and determines “significant” words in your content. We take away the guessing game of which words that robot wants, and give you those specific and significant words to use in your entrepreneur content.


Here’s a video explaining Google Friendly more…



Entrepreneurs, If your Entrepreneur Business and products could use a boost, and you’d like to get ahead of your competition, contact us to be a select Entrepreneur retailer today!

~Courtney & Betina

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