Business Opportunities: Networking and Partnering

business opportunitiesIt’s simple. Small Business opportunities lie in networking and partnering.


Networking is important for any small business owner. When done right, it can really launch your customer list and partnering opportunities like a rocket.


Many small business owners ignore the power of networking, and instead try to do everything themselves. However, you are leaving money on the table if you don’t find joint venture opportunity partners.



We know how important and significant it is for your small business success, and we have a specific partnering opportunity for you as a web designer to combine SEO with your web design products. Be sure to check out your business opportunities waiting for you here at  Mom Blogger PLR!


Now back to your networking and partnering business opportunities details…

So how do you locate networks as a small business?


opportunitiesThere are a number of networking opportunities that work. Here are four of the best small business network opportunities:


Business Opportunity #1) Find opportunity by attending offline seminars


It is way too easy, and can be very tempting for online small business owners to ignore offline media when building their business and networks. However, often the best locations for finding partners are away from the web.


Some people attribute offline seminars as the single most important catalyst to their success in networking and partnering. This is because of the incredible opportunities that are available there. Next time, think offline, not online.


Business Opportunity #2) Use the search engines


One of the best ways to find JV partners and networks is through the search engines. Just look for who’s ranking in the top 10 of Google for the primary keywords in your niche.


Small Business Opportunity Tips


Also, focus on sites that have email opt-in forms. Since they are in the top 10, you know they are getting a lot of traffic. So if they have an opt-in form to build a list, chances are they will have a big list that you could possibly utilize for your benefit.


Business Opportunities #3) Bring business cards.


It’s surprising how many in business know this, but don’t follow through. Bring business cards wherever you go, not just seminars. Give them out to potential business associates, customers or anyone you think may find your services or products helpful.


Small Business Opportunity Tips


You’ll run into potential contacts when you least expect it, so be ready always.


Networking for Small Business Opportunity #4) Stick with Forums


Some business forums for example, have a separate section just devoted to finding JV partners. Going there can be a great strategy and opportunity.


opportunitySmall Business Opportunity Tips: How do you make a good impression?


It’s just a fact…how you present yourself will determine your success in finding JV partners. If you are a beginner, you might have a harder time getting quality partners. However, it’s not impossible.


Since you don’t have a large list yourself to which to sell their product, you have to find some other reason they should partner with you. You could offer them a higher percentage of the profits possibly.


However, be sure to test your site and make sure it converts before finding JV partner networks. Most quality JV partners will want to know your conversion stats before they recommend your site to their list. This just ensures it’s worth their time.


Small Business Opportunity Tips: Don’t worry about rejection.


You will get plenty of partners turning you down. Just keep asking, because the more opportunities you give yourself, the better your chance of success.


The bottom line is, finding networks of JV partners isn’t as hard as most think. It’s just a matter of being in the right place at the right time.


Hopefully, these four tips will help you find profitable partners.


businessLet’s move on to Social Media, and what to look for in these venues for your best small business opportunity and fit.


Find Business Opportunities by Knowing Your Best Social Media Venues


How do you know what the best social media venue is for your small business? A lot of biz owners just migrate towards Twitter, and Facebook because they are the most popular.


Small Business Network Smarter, Not Necessarily Bigger


However, these might not be the best for you. Just because a particular site has the most users doesn’t make it the best.


Especially Twitter with its recent revelations in the news on the high number of abandoned accounts and fake followers.  I recently wrote an “Is Twitter Fake” article on my personal blog about it.  Here’s a little from that…


The quality of Twitter’s userbase is the one issue that the company seems unable to solve. Business Insider reported earlier this month that 651 million people have opened accounts on Twitter and then abandoned them; a number far greater than the 232 million “monthly active users” the company reports in its SEC disclosures. The company publicly discloses that about 5% of its user base is fake.

All of this recent coverage in the news came at a time of doing my own research for my Twitter accounts, and how to make them perform better for my business.

Twitter has always been an under-performer in traffic results for quite some time, and when you’re getting more established online year after year in business, this shouldn’t be the case.


Is Your Small Business Network Opportunity Really Working, or Is it Just Popular to Be There?


This new information will turn my Twitter strategy upside down, and I’ll never view it the same way.  I have a new small business strategy for Google+ in the works.  This is just an example of getting sucked into the popular networking place, but now you really have to know if the right “real people” are there for your particular small business and opportunity strategy.


smallSo what should you look for? Here are five important opportunities any business should seek:


Small Business Opportunities #1) Be Niche Targeted


Some social network websites specialize in specific markets. While they have significantly less users than the big social media sites, 100% of the people there are likely to be interested in your topic.


What kinds of niches can you find for opportunity?


Basically anything. There are social network venues for just about every niche, and don’t forget about the blogs too.


How do you find these venues for opportunity?


One of the best ways is to just do an online search like “best social websites for ___________” filling in whatever topic you are looking for. You are likely to get a solid list. Also, type in “forum+” or “blog+” and add your niche network at the end. Both searches will bring up networks that are related to your target network.


Small Business Opportunities #2) Check the Security Status


There can be security issues with a lot of the smaller venues, so be certain you check on this before getting started.  Some of them require personal information, and it’s just smart to know the reputation of the network first.


Here’s a free security scanner tool to use: Securi Scanner


business opportunitiesSmall Business Opportunities #3) Simple & Transparent Interface


Some networks have clear features, and some don’t. A simple rule is to avoid the ones that are too complicated.


Small Business Opportunities #4) Photo and Video Upload Ability


Try to find venues that offer the ability to upload videos and photos. because it helps you incorporate more personality into your efforts. Uploading video and photos shows you are using the venue for more than just a link back to you, and you are serious about engaging and entrenching yourself in the community.


Small Business Opportunities #5) Active & Engaged Community


Look for venues that have a lot of conversation happening. Forums in particular can be really great for this, because they allow you to get in a conversation with your target niche and market. This will help you answer questions and establish yourself as a go-to expert.


opportunityThe bottom line is, no matter what social network venue you use, the most important part is that you get involved genuinely. Don’t just use the network for a one way link. This is how to get the most benefit, and brand yourself as an expert.


You’ll see more results from your social marketing campaigns for small business success in this capacity, so don’t spread yourself too thinly. Choose your networks you can handle, and make them count!


business opportunitiesNeed more small business opportunity help, or any biz, blogging or social media help? Get our Ebooks, Guides & Kits for business opportunities and beyond!


~Courtney & Betina

New Business Ideas: Learn Audio Podcast and CPA Marketing to Make Money

You Want Money Making New Business Ideas?


We have them for you. You’ll just need to learn more by reading below.


When new ideas are implemented the right way, they can make your business money.


new business ideas

Courtesy of

Here are some top tips to learn about audio, podcast and the new CPA marketing strategies to make money for your business.


New Business Ideas: You Need Audio Marketing


Audio in marketing can be extremely effective when done right. Listening to a recording of something is often much more compelling than reading it. Many people are auditory, and find it easier to focus.


However, there’s a right and wrong way to do it. You never want to have a site blasting music when someone visits it. This can be a real turn off.


businessLearn New Business Ideas: Here are ten tips to learn audio to help your business and make money by converting more visits to sales:


Learn Business Ideas #1: Use audio marketing to increase opt-ins

Often times, adding it to your opt-in page can dramatically increase conversion rates.


Learn Business Ideas #2:  Interview an expert

Find someone well known in your niche and interview them. This can be part of your reason to get people to sign up for your newsletter on your site.


Learn Busines Ideas #3:  Use audio testimonials

Hearing somebody explain your product is good,  is much more powerful than reading it.


Learn Business Ideas #4:  Keep it short

Try to keep it two to three minutes or less. This is typically when people lose interest. However, you can obviously go longer if it is a recording of the product itself. Your sales page of your site is where the audio should be kept brief.

Also, be sure if you’re recording yourself, to practice, and take out all of your filler words, like uh and ums. Think about your presentation.


Learn Business Ideas #5:  Have an audio version of your product

Using the same principle as the testimonials, people would much rather listen to a recording of your product than read it.


Learn Business Ideas #6:  Do webinars

This marketing tactic is a one-way conference call. You can either have people attend it live or not. As long as you record it, you can then use that product as a bonus for your main product, or a pre-sale as a way to get people to opt-in to your newsletter.


Learn Business Ideas #7:  Outsource it

Many people simply do not want to record for one reason or another. If that’s the case, there are a number of companies that will do it for you.


Learn Business Ideas #8:  Teleconferences

If you want interaction, this is a good choice, because those who attend the live event can ask questions. In contrast, webinars don’t allow interaction from the audience. Getting people involved will likely generate more sales.


Learn Business Ideas #9:  Use cheap software

You don’t need to buy the most expensive software for your site. A lot of people mistakenly believe they need the priciest application to get an effective recording, but this isn’t the case.


Learn Business Ideas #10:  Have good sound quality

It doesn’t have to be perfect, but you don’t want it to be bad either. This is true no matter what the audio is for, whether it’s a short recording on your sales letter, or the recording for your product itself.

The bottom line is, audio in marketing can be very effective for boosting your business and to make money. Implement just one or all of these tips on your site, and you will see good results.


needNew Business Ideas: Learn Podcasts


Learn to use podcasts, and make money. They can be very profitable for your business, if you do them the right way.


Here are ten frequently asked questions about this business marketing technology want and need:


Business Need #1:  What are podcasts?

They are downloadable digital files. They can be in either video or audio format. They are unique in that they are generally produced episode by episode. Therefore, they are often referred to as “online radio shows”.


Business Need #2:  How are they best used?

They are excellent pre-selling tools. For instance, you might get your prospects to sign up by offering a seven part series on “blogging better in the next 3 months.”


Make sure you have an interesting title that encourages more signups. And after the series is done, you can leave them up on your site,  and let anyone download them.


Another popular method is to convert your written blog content to audio or video, and then use that as a podcast. This is just another option to cater to your auditory prospects.


Finally, podcasts can be used as part of the paid product itself. For instance, if you have a membership site, you will need new content every month. A podcast would be perfect in this scenario.


Business Need #3:  What are podcasts about typically?

You can use podcasts for any topic you want. To help your business obviously, you will want them to be related to your niche.


Business Want #4:  Are they hard to make?

Not at all. The only equipment you need is either a USB microphone or a regular telephone.


Business Need #5:  How often do you need to produce a new one?

It’s completely up to you and your style. Some businesses do so every day, and some only once a month.


Business Want #6:  Are they expensive to produce?

They are very affordable.


Business Need #7:  Where can they listen to the podcast?

They can do so on their computer, or take them with them. This is because they are compatible with iPods and other mobile devices.


Business Need #8:  How long do they need to be?

They can be whatever length you want. It all depends on the topic, and how you are using them.


Business Need #9:  How do people know when you’ve done a new episode?

Everyone who is subscribing to your RSS feed will be automatically notified. They can then come to the site where it is located, and download it.


Business Want #10:  How can you make the podcast more interesting?

Rather than just talking yourself on every episode, you might want to bring on guest experts related to your niche. This just keeps the content fresh.


Podcasts can be an excellent marketing method for getting customers. Just make sure you keep them interesting by having an intriguing title, and by bringing on guests from time to time.


Here are some examples of podcasts to check out for your own ideas…



Take these 10 new business ideas tips, and make money from podcasts starting now…why not?



make moneyNew Business Ideas: You May Want to Learn CPA Marketing


This is one of the fastest growing forms to learn online today, but is it right for you?


Business Need: First, what is CPA Marketing?


Essentially you get paid when somebody takes a certain action. This could be just opting into a newsletter, signing up for a trial offer, etc.


Business Want: Second, how is it different from regular affiliate marketing?


With regular affiliate style, you only get paid when somebody buys the product. With CPA, you receive compensation when they take an action other than buying the product.


Your main job is still the same as with affiliate. You have to first choose the CPA offer to promote. You then drive traffic to it.


Business Need: Third, how do you get accepted into the networks?


You have to have a quality site, because the companies you are promoting don’t want traffic coming from just anywhere. If you are sending them visitors from a low quality site, the visitors might associate them as being low quality as well.


You need to build a quality site to get accepted. If you don’t already have one, build a 5 page website with some articles and a header, and than try submitting your site for acceptance. Or, let us help you with our Services.


Business Want: Fourth, how much will you get paid with CPA offers?


You will generally earn around $1-2 for most offers. This might not sound like much, but it can add up.


Business Need: Fifth, how do you drive traffic?


There are a number of methods that work. You can direct link to it from a PPC campaign, post a review of the product, or just write an article, and include a link to the offer. The important thing is that you get traffic to it somehow.


Business Want: Finally, is CPA marketing right for your business need?


This method often gets publicized as an easy way to make money, because nobody has to buy a product for you to get paid. However, you need a lot of traffic to make significant money from it.


Another drawback is that it’s a one time money maker, and it belongs to someone else. You won’t make money at all from the visitor once they’ve taken the action that paid you. You are not seeing the profits from an actual product sale.


In other words, if you want to achieve maximum visitor value on your site, you will want to build your own email list, so that you capture more future potential for your efforts.


So if you are good at driving traffic to your site, but not great at product development, this might be a good strategy for you. It’s quick, and if you get enough visitors to your website, you can earn a substantial amount.


Ultimately, you can earn money with CPA marketing if you are good at driving traffic. It might take some time, but if you are persistent, you can.


learnNeed more new business ideas? You can always boost your business with Custom SEO targeting, a new Web Design Makeover, or add our wholesale SEO services to your own Web Design Business…check out our new business ideas for your business!


Courtney & Betina


New Business Ideas: Learn Audio Podcast and CPA Marketing to Make Money

Business Ideas: Link Building Naturally with New SEO

business ideas

Your Best Business Performance Comes from Natural Link Building…


As your best business ideas, now more than ever, natural link building should be your focus.  With Google targeting link schemes, you should avoid any kind of forced link that isn’t natural (don’t assume “nofollow” protects you), including ANY exchange for goods or services for a link. Just completely change your focus away from those tactics. Paid, fast links are not natural.


Backlinks As Business Ideas: How Do You Get Them?


So you just read that above, and now you’re thinking, but I have to have backlinks from people for my business SEO. How do I get them?


You can get them from our SEO client services, and you should know that what we provide is slow and natural social blacklinks from real people to that awesome on page SEO business content we structure for you properly, and create.


Everything starts with your on page SEO content plan. Without it, you don’t have anything to link to naturally, and without it being good, you don’t have real, and natural people reading it, liking it, sharing it, and staying on your site, because it’s what they wanted to find.


Best Business Ideas: Define Natural.


First, let’s break down natural, and being relevant is key. If you are targeting a random keyword, but that keyword doesn’t fit your brand, product and blog structure, and the searcher bounces back to the search, because you just tricked the robot to be at the top of the search page, this tactic will catch up with you big time!


People Just Want to Find What They Want to Find.


People behaving naturally, is all about the relevance of the content to the keyword, and when that gels together, they then are so happy, they share your content with other people, creating a natural backlink via social media.  This impacts your business SEO performance dramatically. New SEO involves a heavy component of social backlinks and social signals from people, and we can help you with those.




The best type of link coming into your site should be from a reputable, high ranking source, and it should be completely natural, meaning based on merit, and done voluntarily and naturally by that source.


How does this occur?  You create such fantastic, delicious content that you get bookmarked by a reputable, relevant, 3rd party source.  As you can see, there is no overnight, fast track on natural link building from real people. It just has to happen naturally, and if you force it, you could actually get punished by Google.


There are ways to create these high ranking, reputable and relevant 3rd party sources through SEO services, but they require means, skill, much time, and a significant amount of money. If you can afford this, good for you, but I know most of you in business are on a lower to mid-budget level, and you can still do a lot of beneficial SEO more affordably first.  It’s what we provide to our small business clients.


Best Bottom Line Business Ideas:


The bottom line is that fantastic, delicious content can be created by any business on any budget. The playing field is leveled in this capacity, and with the proper guidance, keyword research and content structure, along with natural and relevant backlinks and social signals from people, you can compete, and help your business immensely.


Big Money Doesn’t Always Mean the Best


Even with zero advertising or marketing budget, you  might have the best brand, business ideas and products out there. This is what counts the most…your best products and branding communicated by your content! With just a little guidance and proper steps, you can get those best business ideas on the map.


Communicate Your Best Business Product Ideas and Branding Through Your Content.


Buying advertising through Google or Facebook will certainly build your traffic, but ads are a cost, and when they stop, the traffic stops.  By all means, if you have the budget, buy advertising to help yourself, but if you don’t, you are going to have to focus on that show stopping content even more than before to build those links.


Best Business Ideas for Long Term Marketing:


Setting up your keywords and content structure properly should be a part of your marketing and advertising plan and budget, because the money you spend there is not short-lived.  Content moving up the ranks over time, building your brand, sales and leads is worth many times over every dollar you spend on it.


You plan to be there for the long haul in your business, so plan to have your work and efforts build and live with you.


That being said, even if you are just buying ads, when people arrive, they should like what they see and read from your content.


Business Ideas: Think, Would I Share This with People?


ideasYour content needs to be so good, that it gets shared, so when you are creating it, try to think of how people will absorb it.  Ask yourself, would I share this?  And of course, make it easy to share by providing all of the sharing buttons.


This is where really good photos, promotional photos, videos and infographics can help you reach more people.



Best Business Ideas: Target People & Emotions


You can impact people emotionally through entertainment alone, and they can be inclined to share your mouthwatering recipe on Pinterest, or funny or controversial quote on Facebook and Twitter, in turn building you potential links.


Your emotional and entertaining content about your brand and products should include more than just basics, but personal details about why you made them or love it. Also, try to think of everything which encompasses the reading experience, and bring that to your content, like this dining room color scheme and decor presentation as part of your mouthwatering recipe experience…





Best Business Ideas: What are some ways to elevate your content while building links naturally?


1: Hire Courtney’s services: Only a handful of clients get a very special rate for proper-new SEO both on page and off, plus one-on-one attention for a year. Right now, there are just 3 spots left.


2: Use the help of PLR you can get as a special client or Member here.  Why, because you can really stylize, and cater to your readers with the content being completely editable to your proper SEO structure. You get the seeds of information, and you can envelop and simmer the details from them. You can make them exude such aroma and flavor to must be shared and linked to naturally.


Business Ideas On Your Own:


1: Get to know other business owners, because business friends share business friend’s content. It’s as simple as that. Simple, relevant and natural.


2: Weed out sites, business networks with unrelated links and low quality content. For example, the business blog might have a post on making cupcakes, but the link within the article goes to a sun tanning site. It’s best to avoid these types of sites with those unnatural link connections.


3: Reach out to sites and people which compliment your presentation, and try to make connections, such as visiting and commenting, and enticing reciprocation.  You don’t want direct competition, but want a site that focuses on health and fitness to link naturally to your healthful recipes, for example.




In order to stand out for people, you have to get creative with your best business blogging.


You need to be entertaining, full of personality, and strategic(Get our help!) with your word use with every blog post. Your creative business blogging is an effective tool you can use to help you stand out from the rest!


If you are doing everything exactly the same as everyone else in business and blogging online, why would you expect to get ahead? Why would Google choose you for the first search page, or why would people like your reading enough to stick around?  They can find it millions of times over everywhere else, right?


You can get the most credit and approval for your business blog when it is the user end. This means, someone found your blog through a search, and when they arrived, your were so creative, engaging and entertaining with your blogging that they stayed, and did not go back to the search engine again.


This user behavior by people tells Google a lot about your business blog.  A lot more than what those crawling robots find even.


Below, let’s cover some creative business blogging ideas using some of the PLR you can buy here. These ideas will show you that getting creative doesn’t mean you have to spend more time with the demands of production.


All you have to do is take ready to go PLR, and spin it to your own creative flair. Remember, creative business blogging is about the presentation to people, not necessarily just the writing on its own. The goal is to stand out and be different.


peopleCreative Business Blogging Example Ideas:


a)  Relay a creative personal story…Here’s your chance to be the person behind the scenes of the business or blog, and to relate to your readers.  Your readers will appreciate your openness, honesty and humor.


b)  Round up 2-5 best posts from your blog that fit the lesson, of your personal story.  Write brief summaries or insights about them, and link to them.  This strategy keeps reading on your blog longer, and hopefully finding your round up creative and interesting enough to visit a few pages on your site that you linked to, rather than bouncing right off the single post or homepage.


c)  Round up 2-5 best posts from other bloggers in your network.  Find some content that relates to your story, and present why you chose them with links to the original post.  Being creative in this way of business blogging, leads to stronger networking. Be sure to visit these bloggers, and let them know you’ve featured them.  This is a great time to build upon relationships you already have, or to find new connections.


d) Use best quotes in your best content for your social media posts.  You can draw agreement, or stir some controversy on Facebook or Twitter or Google+.  Ask your likers and followers questions, and get them thinking and remembering you for being creative.


e) Use any best content you have to relate with any current events in the news, trends on Twitter or Google.  This is a great way to be relevant with your content in a trending search or discussion online.  Most likely, you can apply some kind of lesson or personal story to any news story or current event…write up some creative and juicy content, get noticed, or have an impact of some kind.  Take it to your social media as well, and stand out as being in the know, or at least providing a unique perspective, and showing leadership in your niche.


Best Creative Business Blogging Helps with the Subtle Sell…


You don’t have to talk or blog about your business all day, but instead think of the ways people might be attracted to your site from other related aspects.  You, as the person behind the business, are the most interesting, and if you target personal topics within your proper keyword structure(Get our help!) on your business blog, you’ll build better relationships with your readers and potential customers.


You want people to remember you enough to return again, and a hard sell, can make them run away.  You want people to connect to you personally, and what better a way than to share your take, or for them to discover you have similar tastes.


Best Creative Business Blogging Helps You Link Internally…


Linking internally is one of the important steps in SEO. This step involves linking to another related page or post on your own site from your proper structure(Get our help!). Remember, being natural and relevant while linking internally is essential.


bestTake These Best Business Ideas Further!…


Now that you are grasping this concept of being creative, personal and entertaining while connecting your posts, and linking within your own site using proper keywords, you can apply this to many other topics that fit your business blogging niche.


The best thing to do is embrace topics related to your proper keyword structure(Get our help!) on your business blog that can relate to you personally, and embrace the creative and entertaining part first.  If people come for entertainment, they will connect that user experience and enjoyment to you, and therefore eventually what you’re selling.


Once you have a topic(s) you know people love reading, you’re on your way to utilizing the keywords effectively within that topic, and bringing more and more people to your blog through your creative flair.


If you’re new to blogging, just starting online, or want to start your first online business, you’ll need to educate yourself first on some best basics, before you can really grasp your creative style and flair to stand out from the crowd.


businessBefore You Get Creative, You Need Best Basics:


Knowledge is power as they always say, and having information at your finger tips with reports on how to blog for your business, find people as customers, make money, use success strategies, or even ideas for what your online business should be, are more helpful tools you can find here.

Learn About Blogging for Business Ideas…


You don’t have to spend a bunch of money on expensive courses. In order to get ahead, and stand out from the crowd, you need to learn how to use business blogging as a tool for your business, and to get to the important information faster, plus keep it all affordable.



Here is your solution to blogging for business to get you started, keep you on track, give you ideas, and implement strategies, so that you can get to all of that best creative blogging ahead.




Blog Business 101 EBook:


*With a Bonus Chapter on Internet Business Ideas including Affiliate Marketing, List Building, E-Books, Home Based Service, & Photography…


In this Bonus Chapter, You’ll Learn These Ideas:


  • Top Internet Business Ideas
  • How To Become a Super Affiliate
  • Build Your List and Make Money
  • E-Books: A High Profit, Low Maintenance Business
  • Tips for Starting Your Home Based Service Business
  • 8 Ways to Earn Money with Digital Photography
  • How to Sell Your Digital Photography at Stock Photo Sites


Learn Blog Business 101 on How To Achieve Business Success Using Mind Success Strategies and Selling Headlines…


In This Chapter, You’ll Learn Ideas On:


-5 Powerful Mind Success Strategies
-Tips for Creating Powerful Headlines that Sell


Your other Ebook chapters help you with Blogging for a Business from starting a blog for profit to traffic and monetization strategies and checklists to even finding people as customers.


ideasYour Blog Business 101 EBook covers Blogging for Business including; About Blogging, Starting a Blog, Learning Traffic Ideas and Marketing and Promoting…


Ideas to Learn Best Blogging:


  • How To Start a Blog for Profit
  • Top 10 Traffic Ideas for Your Blog
  • 5 Quick Tips to Get Website Traffic Fast, Including Using Tags and Links
  • 5 Keys to Creating Blogs and Websites that Sell


Blog Business 101 offers how to do Blogging for Business, Increase Blog Traffic, Make Money Blogging, Profit from Freebies Checklists…


Checklists help you stay organized, and on top of your creative business tasks!


Learn to improve your business blog with step by step checklists, opening your eyes to the possibilities of business growth in an easy bullet point format, letting you check off your tasks, and get your strategies in place to grow your businesses!


You’ll Learn from Checklist Ideas On:


  • Business Blogging Checklist
  • Blog Profitability Checklist
  • How To Increase Blog Traffic Fast Checklist
  • Monetization Website Traffic Checklist
  • How To Profit from Freebies Checklist
  • Guest Blogging Your Way to Backlinks, Credibility and Exposure Checklist


Chapter on How To Find People as Customers Where You Didn’t Think Of : 4 Unusual Places…


You’ll Learn:


  • Finding People Where You Didn’t Think Of #1: Online Forums & Mailing Lists
  • Finding People Where You Didn’t Think Of #2: Social Media
  • Finding People Where You Didn’t Think Of #3: In-Person Events
  • Finding People Where You Didn’t Think Of #4: Blogs


Learn for yourself or even better, immerse yourself, and take yourself to that next best level as a Mom Blogger PLR Member. Check it out!…



bestOverall, your best presentation ideas via content are the heart of everything, and all the efforts you make for link building come back to that core. Get your seeds of content, and make them simmer…Get Creative, Get Affordable SEO Services, and Stand Out!

~Courtney & Betina

What’s Wrong with Your Startup Ideas

startup ideas


Are you just starting your business online, and need your best startup ideas?


We’ll cover some basics here that will get you started on the right foot in business, and give you a little cold, hard truth. These startup ideas are not your typical get-rich-quick presentation.


These Are “Real” Startup Ideas for “Real” Business Online!


There are so many out there telling you to jump on the bandwagon, and do the next big trend, and how you’ll make six figures, etc., right? I know. They are in my inbox too.


What’s Wrong with Your Startup Ideas:


The cold hard truth about all these “this is it” startup ideas you get many times over, is that they just aren’t the real deal. Many of those startup ideas are designed for those who are “playing” business online, not for the real business brand.


The Truth is Always Cold & Hard, But It’s Good for You.


So, to completely sum up from the start, and give you some real and good ideas for real business, here are the most simple ideas of what you should be doing for your real business, and the ideas are just 4 things. Then, we’ll get into more details of these 4 Good Ideas.


Good Idea #1: Sell Something.


Good Idea #2: Branding & Marketing


Good Idea #3: Build a List of Subscribers from the Get Go


Good Idea #4: Daily Action



ideasGood Idea #1)What Is Your Product?



You are not going anywhere without something to sell. It’s a funny thing, but so many think they are just going to throw up a website, and the money pours in. There is much more work than just having a good web design.


You, Your Startup Brand, Your Ideas & People in Your Market Really Matter.


Here’s more of the cold, hard truth. What you are selling needs to be a part of your brand, and it needs to be good. In fact, not only do you need more than one good product, you need to be constantly improving your good products.


Your good products need to solve problems, and meet your market’s demands. You might also need to beat the competition. Those demands change, and you have to stay on top of it. A state of constant creation mode is required.


Everything Good in Your Startup Stems from Your Product Ideas.


The other funny part of this, is that many fail to realize your products are your heart and soul, and everything you will be doing in the next 3 good ideas we’re covering, stem from your products.


Even for SEO, people think it’s about a game or trick to get to the top of a search, but SEO is about your product. You will be rewarded if you have the real stuff that is really good, and everybody wants to find.
This notion is why everyone thinks SEO is dead right now. SEO is dead for the players. They’ll still be there playing their tricks, and fooling the robots for a time, but the game playing will catch up to them, and it already has for many. This is why they all hate Google right now.


The Haters Don’t Have Good Products.


One of the top searches to this site right now  is “don’t waste your time with Google”.  Google is feeding them this post I’ve written: Build a Blog Structure: Don’t Waste Time.


The post is an introduction to what you need to be doing to start your business plan and content structure on your website, and it is your basic on page SEO start. But, it’s not about hating and tossing Google aside, it’s about embracing real SEO, and doing it right from the beginning, so you don’t waste time. No game playing and real work.


You’re going to hear many say to forget about SEO right now. This is either coming from a burned game player or coming from a very established brand, with a very big list of subscribers. When you have a big and “engaged” list, you have a huge advantage, and you may take your strong position for granted. You also have a big budget for ads.


Good Startup Ideas Come from the Trenches, Not the Ivory Tower.


When you are just a startup, you don’t have anything, and you have to build it somehow. Everything online is about words, searches and what the search engine feeds the searcher, so to discount your online reality is suicide.  To discount how people search for your products is also suicide. Trust me. I’m in the trenches of product creation and improvement with you every day.


Just remember, your good products are you, they are your source, and you need to get them in front of people with certain words they want, so they can sell, and make you money.



ideaGood Idea #2)Who Are You & Who is Your Market?


Even though this is #2, it’s really tied with #1, because knowing who you are, and who your market is, is the only way you are selling those good products.


You also have to communicate all the details of your products really well, and you can only do that by knowing yourself, and what you have to offer, and knowing your market backwards and forwards.
This is where the new SEO comes in, because it’s all about branding. Remember, nothing fake works. It’s about your real brand, your real products and the real people who need them.


There is an extensive exercise I do with my clients, and it involves answering a series of elaborate questions about your business and about your market. They are not so easy to answer, and that is the point. But the more you can answer, the more you will establish your brand, connect and relate to your market, and sell more.


Knowing your brand and market well sets your marketing plan, and gives you the ability to create the content that speaks so effectively. So your branding is vital not only to your products, but to your entire business plan, and daily efforts. It also sets up all your keywords that you’ll need for all your marketing content.


Startup Ideas: Content and reaching your market, begins with a title, so here are some good title ideas you can implement today…


Your title of your blog post says it all, captures your audience, and is the tool you use for getting indexed and found online in a Google search.  You need your business to be discovered, and your titles and words can do it all for you.


ideasStartup Ideas: You have that single moment…bam!


You are catchy, you are entertaining, you are informative, you are interesting, you are helpful.


You are selling your blog title, and not your business on the surface, and both readers and Google take notice.


But there is more than just that single moment a blog post title gives you.  It can provide a template and style for your presentation.


And because your title appears first, and everywhere, it can also help you get shared more on social media. Think about what you would G+ or post to Facebook or Twitter, and write your titles for all of that social activity. Social backlinks and signals are all very important for your SEO.


Startup Ideas: Use Titles to Help You Write…


If you’ve enlisted my SEO services, you have your keywords, blog theme and topics all set. You may have ideas in your head from something you experienced that week, but you still sit there, wondering what you should write about next.  You have content floating around in your head, but it’s just not coming together. You ask yourself how should you phrase it to have the most impact?


If you only had a pre-set formula, where you could insert your bits and pieces of thoughts, and produce a single winner, as the impetus for the rest of your body content.


You can!


There are various formulas for a blog post title that can easily be applied to any blog theme, topic and writer, that give you that “bam” effect.  You just take your idea, and insert it into these tried and tested staple templates, and you’re off and running with the rest of your fabulous post and content.


startup ideasHere are a few examples…



*How To Get More_______________
*________________Is a Bad Idea
*So You Want To _________?  ____Things to Know First
*What’s Wrong with Your _____________?
*__________That Won’t Drive You Crazy


Branding and marketing begin with quality content at your core.  As soon as you’ve got that, you can put any combination of strategies to generate that community of loyal followers and drive dynamic traffic to your site.


You need to always keep in mind the 2 most important bookmarks to reach before seeing results from your startup ideas.



1.  You must develop high-value, original content with niche specific and relevant keywords, not random ones



2.  You must build a community of loyal followers or subscribers



Your community doesn’t have to be huge, just loyal, and you need to provide informative, helpful and entertaining content for your readers. You’ll find that developing your quality content, is what brings more of your loyal followers and grows your business.


Check out some good startup ideas in action! We can help you…



Good Idea #3)Build Your Business by Building a List


What is a List?


Startup Ideas: Every business owner should have a list!


A list is nothing more than the names and emails of people who opt in, and want to receive your notices and/or newsletters.  The vast majority of people use email these days, and this is the easiest way to stay in touch with readers and customers.


Why does list building work? It goes back to sales and customer service. If someone likes you and trusts you, they will more likely patron you, rather than a complete and total stranger.  Likewise, with readers to your blog.


It’s also about staying in some one’s memory, and being visible.  A quick hello, helpful tip or simple gift idea can go a long way to sustaining a relationship of trust and interest.



Additional Startup Ideas for List Building…



Did you know you can sell solo ad spots on your newsletter?  This is of course when you’ve built it large enough.  If you have a substantial group of subscribers, others will want to reach your readers, and will buy an ad from you.


Another idea to reach more readers and to grow your business, is to place a solo ad on another email.  Why choose a solo ad mailing? You want to expand your reach to a new readers or customers who have not heard of you before. You also want to introduce yourself to a new market, and entice them to sign up, or opt in for your own list.
You’re going to hear about this building a list stuff for awhile, and it won’t sink in at first.  It didn’t for me either. Then, I finally realized how important it is for growing your audience.



Why does this idea work?


It works because it’s not fleeting.  You get to build a relationship with your subscribers, unlike the casual visitor who is leaving a reciprocal comment.


That same fleeting visitor who signs up to hear from you, is not just here and gone and lost, but can be reached again.  If you’re providing your subscribers with value, they will stick with you, and you will become that friendly reminder of something special in their inbox, and not an annoying spammer.


goodThey also remember your business.


It requires people to sign up to hear from you, and they need to be enticed to do so somehow.  This is where Mom Blogger PLR can help you grow your subscribers…by helping you offer an ethical incentive or gift to sign up.


You are simply thanking your subscribers, like they are guests in your home, receiving a drink or appetizer.


The world wide web is different from your home, so the thank you offerings fit our environment, like coupons and discounts on products, information and tutorials or even recipe ideas.  By creating a free, but highly valuable download of some kind, you can increase the chances of people getting on your list.


Once you have them, you need to keep them, so your gifts should continue in some fashion, and you should be thinking every day of ways to serve them, and make them feel at home.  When you send, it needs to count.


Even though you hear to do more and more email marketing, what do you do when a marketer sends too many emails? You unsubscribe, right?
Gauge your subscribers in a custom fashion to determine how often they like to hear from you, and really have something good for them when you do send.


*If you need newsletter content, blog content, helpful tips or simple gifts, you can find them here at our Mom Blogger PLR Boutique.


ideasMore Startup Ideas: How To Promote Your Subscription…


Once you decide you’re going to help yourself the most by creating a subscription, you’ll then need to know how to promote it, and gain subscribers.


Startup Ideas: Here are 3 simple ways to promote yourself…


Good Idea #1: Include a link to your sign up form in your email signature.


Good Idea #2: Include a reminder in your blog post footer, middle and header.


Good Idea #3: Try Facebook Ads. 


You want every single communication you have as an opportunity to reach a new subscriber.  No one will assume they can subscribe. You have to let them know. You have to always get it out in front of people.


This is why being set up with your opt-in box or subscription landing page in many places on your site is a good idea.  Once you let everyone know to sign up, they need to be directed to your sign up easily.  The more places for sign up on your site, the more chances of sign up.


startupGood Idea #4) Daily Action



The more you can simplify your daily action, but be consistent, the more you will accomplish over time. The ones who do not make a daily checklist of 3-5 very important, money making tasks just won’t get there. Even if you just get to 2, and put the third for the next day, you are still progressing, and will still reach your goals.



You can get more tips on this here: Entrepreneur Moms Top Four Time Management Tips.


Making it in real business online with new and real SEO, real products and real people to reach means work. There’s just no way around it. You’ll have to work every day, and you’ll have to work every day for a number of years.


If something’s not working, you’ll need to assess, and fix it. There will be changes, updates, new tools, better ideas and things to do constantly.


Startup Ideas: Make Your Daily Action Happen by Being Realistic and Simple.


Here’s an example of being real and simple for a daily action checklist…


Good Idea #1) Check your product, improve your product, create your product.


Choose a product, take a look at your presentation, and determine if you can improve it. Likely, you can. Can you write better content or a product description? How’s the product image? Is it better than the competition? Does it need an upgrade or overhaul? How does the market respond to it?


If you’re creating a product, set aside a time slot for it. Get into your book draft to write and edit. Think about what’s missing or needed on the market. Think about sub-products of your products, and create them.


ideasGood Idea #2) Market your content.


You probably have a bunch of content sitting on your site. Did you market it? Have you re-marketed it? Yep, go way back, and market that old post again.


First, check it to see how it’s performing. Are people sharing it? Should you re-write it, change the title, or add more, like 2000 words for it to be considered by Google?


Second, don’t create it, unless it’s going to be really good. Spend less time on pointless content, and ignore the pressure to post something. It has to be really good, so that you CAN market it successfully.


Third, don’t create it for your site unless it is relevant, and fits your SEO brand on-page content structure. It’s just a waste of time.  Go read that post linked way up at the top, if you don’t get what I’m talking about, or enlist my services, and get it right.


Good Idea #3) Get more subscribers.


This comes from selling more products, packaging products or PLR as sign up incentives, and from marketing your better content better.


You can also run ads to market your content that captures your subscribers.


As you can see, your 3 daily action ideas all work together, but they essentially get you a sale or get you a subscriber.


What’s Wrong with Your Startup Ideas Might Be in the Mirror.


So, you might be saying, “yah, yah, I know these 4 things already.” You probably do, but it’s your daily application that makes the difference, and if you think you are doing these things already, and still not seeing results, are you really doing these 4 things? Can you do these 4 things better? Look in the mirror, be honest…


And get working!


~Courtney & Betina


startup ideas4 Real Startup Ideas for Any Real Business Niche Idea

Marketing Business Blogs with Food & Recipes

marketing blogsYou as a Mompreneur in marketing blogs, can leverage food and recipes for your marketing strategies.



Sound strange?



*If you are a Mompreneur in particular, you probably cook every day for your family, so recipes and food are a very personal connection you can make with your readers for marketing your blogs, regardless of your business niche.


*If food is your business, and you have a foodsite, you can apply these same marketing strategies to your blogs to build your brand, and get found more in searches online.


Remember how your content is that invitation or outer shell of blog presentation that provides information or entertainment for your readers?  They come to your blogs for your content, and then they find you and your businesses.


That is the key to your marketing content, because you don’t want to oversell, and particularly now with the Google updates on link schemes, you really can’t be promoting outbound links in your public content all of the time on blogs without proper coding and disclosure.  If an outbound link is very natural to your content and helpful to your readers, you can provide it.




This Marketing Blogs with Food & Recipes Article will show you how purchasing PLR recipes to use, are not just about cooking, but can really do something for you in marketing and content. We’ll also get into using food and recipes for social media marketing.


Let’s get to the 3 basics of what recipes, food, menu plans, etc. as blog content can do for you in marketing blogs strategies first, so you know why using them on your sites can help you.


1:  They Are Good Marketing Content


2:  Millions Want to Find This Marketing Content


3:  This Marketing Content Brings Search Engine Traffic


blog1) *Google is looking for good, quality content to offer to their searchers, and you are providing it through recipes, food, etc.  A recipe is straightforward information someone needs to find on blogs, and then you can add all of the perks, like extra details, the history behind it, great photos, a personal story relating to the recipe, or how you would change it to fit your blog content topics or expertise.


For example, if you blog about an organic lifestyle, you could take a recipe, and switch out the various ingredients to make it organic.  Just think of how helpful that would be for your readers! And how effective for your blog marketing.


Another example of blog marketing content by making recipes and food work for your blog niche, is if you write about business or fitness and health.  Moms in business need help with time management, and you are offering that with time saving recipe ideas.  Or, incorporating low calorie or low carb recipes into your fitness routine, can be useful content information for your readers on your blogs too.


You can also be just a food lover, or have a local theme on your blog where you find the best restaurants in town.  The ways to apply this type of content to your blog marketing topics does not always have to fit in a box. Get creative on how you present this type of content for your blog marketing!


blogs2) *Did you know just the word “recipe” alone receives over 100,000,000 searches per month? When it comes to knowing what to eat and how to prepare it, millions of people turn to Internet blogs.  There are so many words and keywords in this category that people use in searches, and you can use these words for marketing blogs in your content to help yourself be found.


3) *Of course, with this much interest, you can expect a healthy dose of competition. There are close to 1.6 billion food-related blogs. But, for a food site owner, or Blogger who offers recipes and food tips, if you could attract even 1% of those people searching, you would have a large visitor base and the potential for big growth.


It’s a lot of competition, so it’s vital to understand how best to market your blogs and get your strategies in place for maximum business results. We’ll cover that. In the meantime, enjoy how to make Eggs Devaux…



So now, let’s get to marketing your blogs through food and recipes on social media, because images are powerful, emotional and enticing, and you can use images and blog content to really help yourself…




Facebook as you know is huge. Over 500 million of their users access their accounts and log in daily, with a total of over a billion users.  There are so many people in one place for you to reach for potential blog marketing, you would be out of your mind to ignore it.


The key to marketing blogs is, to seek out connections on Facebook that are your target market by creating a business page, and drawing your target market to it. This is where your food and recipes images come into play.


The reason why you want a separate business page away from your personal profile, is that you can brand it specifically for your website, and the most important part that we’ll cover more in depth further down, is that this business page gets indexed by Google.


marketing blogsAnother plus to a business page is that it can be viewed by the public even if they are not logged in, so your customizations and blog site branding can really speak for you in marketing outside of just the logged in viewers.


If you don’t have a Facebook business page yet, regardless of being a foodsite or posting recipes, you need to get one!  I personally find Facebook to be the most beneficial tool of all of the social media sites I use.  Facebook is one of the top referrers to our sites for traffic, and there are a variety of blog marketing strategies you can employ for your own custom needs.


It’s something we focus on here at Mom Blogger PLR, and if you need help with your Facebook blog marketing, we have custom consultation services in place to help you.


Now on to Twitter!


Twitter is also a great tool to use to promote your blog site or blogs.  You can also customize it and brand it to your liking.


marketing Here are a few extra blog marketing ideas to implement with your Twitter use:


1:  Put your website URL address in your tweet content.  If that makes your Tweets too long, you can use a link shorten service such as


2:  Be sure to put your link to your foodsite or other blog site in your Twitter profile.


3:  Create a custom background on your Twitter profile that helps with marketing blogs and promoting your blogs.


4:  Stick to your target blog market, and follow other foodsites, foodies or food/recipe content related Twitter users.


5:  Engage your followers in conversation.


6:  Try various services to help you socialize and function like, Twitterfeed or TweetDeck.


7:  Try a related service such as Triberr(another personal favorite).  Triberr allows you to join a tribe of other Bloggers, who tweet out your blog content to all of their Twitter followers.


*For example, you might only have a couple thousand followers, but you have 50 tribemates who have a couple thousand followers.  Instead of just reaching your own 2K, you reached 100K followers on Twitter.



Next, let’s get to Pinterest, and using it in blog content marketing…


Pinterest uses the power of media photos and images to capture attention.  When you find something that really catches your eye or interest, you can “Pin” it to one of your “Pinboards”.  Other’s can then view your “Pins”, and like them or share them as content on Facebook.  They can leave a comment on your “Pinboard” as well.




Each “Pin” is linked to the original webpage(or should be), so if you were to create a “Pinboard” of food or recipe media images, those could all link back to your blog site.  You are driving the traffic to your own site blog content based on the appeal of your media photos and media images to others as a marketing strategy.


In addition, other Pinterest users can “pin” your blog site to their Pinterest walls, and your exposure has the potential to increase dramatically as a blog content marketing strategy.


Pinterest needs to be used strategically and effectively if you’re wanting to promote your business or blog site. You can also learn about Pinterest Strategies from our BLOGmoda My Blog Pinterest for Business eBook.


contentWe’ll touch on some key points to understand how much Pinterest can do for you in marketing blogs…


1: There is an important relationship among Pinterest, Facebook and Google.  They all seem to like each other and connect well. Media images are powerful content on Facebook too. What you “Pin” can be shared on Facebook, and Google seems to index Facebook and Pinterest. When using Pinterest, remember to include your Facebook marketing along with it. For blogs, think of Pinterest and Facebook together for Google.


2: As in all things online, don’t oversell or over-promote yourself.  That’s why your content is so important, and we are including media images with your content here.  It’s the quality of your content on blogs that bring people your way.  They will keep you in their minds based on the quality, value, intrigue or entertainment you provide.  You can’t get ahead online as a spammer.  You will be punished ultimately.


3: The key in using Pinterest is to appeal to people’s senses and emotions and in particular females, who make up the bulk of its users. The more visually stimulating your media images are, the more they may “pin” them from your blog site to their walls.


4: The key to connecting this visual and emotional appeal to your presentation, is to know who your readers, customers and clients are, and create “Pinboards” that speak to their senses with variety, rather than always very specific to what you are marketing and promoting.



There are over 10 million visitors to Pinterest and that number is growing each and every month. If you are marketing content that lends well to great photos and females, and in particular food and recipes, don’t let this media image focused social site slip you by.


marketing blogs


Are you using LinkedIn and Google Plus for marketing blogs with food or recipes?..


Let’s start with Google+…


Google+ can be used correctly to promote your blog site with great results, even though it is not specifically set up for marketing your blogs.  If you enjoy interacting and sharing with people online, like they are your friends in person, then Google+ can work for you with your content marketing strategies in place.


marketingHere are 4 things to consider when using Google+:


1: You want to have a fully targeted market that is already interested in your niche, so creating a specific group of Google+ friends for this purpose is ideal.  You want this group to be interested in your content, and what you have to say about your food blog site or recipes, and share updates only with them.


2: As mentioned above, your interaction should feel very face-to-face, friendly and in person conversation.  Try to interact with your circle in other ways besides marketing your blog site or products that are offered there.


3: Share others often.  If you share the blogs of others, rather than just your own, you’ll avoid being viewed as a spammer.  This also encourages reciprocation, and you may get your blog site promoted in return.


4: This always gets said, but doesn’t always get followed. Don’t over promote yourself, and spam everyone. A casual plug now and then is okay, or if you have something new on your blogs you want to share. Perhaps a new dish you tried and found delicious.


This is where food and recipes comes in to keep you very authentic in marketing blogs.


Now on to LinkedIn!


LinkedIn can be called the social media outlet for adults, for marketing their business blog sites.


blogHere are 4 things to consider when using LinkedIn:


1: Marketing your food content and recipes by creating one or more LinkedIn groups. These LinkedIn groups have the potential to provide you with many new leads each day.


2: Be sure to use the same SEO keywords you use on your food blog for the description of your LinkedIn group. Send weekly messages to drive traffic to your blogs, and ask questions of people in your group as well as personal messages.


3: Connect with others with similar interests to help pull on new leads.


4: Watch other successful businesses using LinkedIn for marketing their blogs, and find a way to work their methods into your own marketing plan.


Always remember that social media is just one aspect of your blog content marketing strategies. It’s very easy to spend all day on social media, but try not to fall into this trap. You could be developing a broader and more comprehensive plan, and finding more time to implement it, if you limit your time on social media.


Always have your content marketing action plans for blogs in place before logging in to social media, and allowing it to rule your day.  The best way to create your marketing content plan is to educate yourself on how each social media venue works.  We are always testing our own strategies, and then sharing our information here with you in our ebooks and PLR.


contentIf you know your content marketing and social media plan, you’ll stay on track during your day.



Try not to overload. Do you even know some of these social media venues?…



Now You Know.. Food and Recipes are Your Blog Content Marketing Solutions. Be sure to check out our growing PLR selection!


Courtney & Betina

Entrepreneur Moms Top Four Time Management Tips

“Help!…I only have a 45 minute time schedule to make and complete 3 blog posts!”


entrepreneur moms

Does this Entrepreneur scenario sound familiar?…


Today as an Entrepreneur in my daily business,  I had to make time to work and complete several posts for this business blog, because there will be no time in the weeks ahead, and along came the writer’s block.  This doesn’t happen to me that often, but when there is more work to manage than usual in a small amount of time, I can get that Entrepreneur overwhelm.


Once you’re overwhelmed, you lose focus, and feel like you’re just spinning, and not getting anything done. It becomes an easy trap to fall into.


In this case, a good decision was to make one of my posts about what I’m experiencing as an Entrepreneur right now, and what tips for work load and time management I personally use, and to get away from the spinning.


Here are 4 Entrepreneur Moms in business top tips for time management to make your home business go…not sit…



tipsEntrepreneur Moms Make Time Tips #1:  (Obviously) for blog content, write about your in-the-moment experiences


I couldn’t find my topic to write about, but then stopped, took a step back, and realized my experience of the moment was writing itself.  You might make your best material in these moments in a short amount of time.


Entrepreneur Moms Make Time Tips #2:  Set your time limits


For Entrepreneur Moms, time in your day to complete all home and business tasks means everything for both business and family. I gave myself only 45 minutes to complete this task, and kept track on my wrist watch.


*Extra Entrepreneur Moms Make Time Side Tips here: Use an old fashioned timer


Setting an old fashioned timer next to your desk can also do wonders.  I lost some of that time in my spinning mode, but made sure to make it up, and left my computer to go do my other tasks, like the laundry and the dishes when my 45 minutes were up.


These make time tips work, because you can return to your Entrepreneur business task at another set computer work period time, and keep to your smaller time intervals to attend to your typical home management and family duties.


Entrepreneur Moms Make Time Tips #3: Have an absolute cut off in place


Of course, life happens as Entrepreneur Moms…the kids need something, your husband calls with a car breakdown to work, the washing machine is flooding, and you’ll get off track.  My absolute cut off time is noon for any computer work, because if I have orders to make from my Etsy Shop, those must be done no later than that time to make the shipping time for the day.  If you stick to this kind of time absolute, you will force yourself to drop the low priority business tasks immediately.


makeEntrepreneur Moms Make Time Tips #4:  Have a daily checklist


In order to function as Entrepreneur or Mom for any of the time management tips and steps above, I have to make my very short and precise checklist ahead of time.


Each evening, I handwrite, (yes, nothing fancy) my handful of very important Entrepreneur business tasks to complete the next day.  When talking about important, I’m referring to those tasks that are going to make me money, and keep my small entrepreneur business alive.  Taking care of customers is very high on this list, and allowing time to check for customer emails early in the day works well for me.


Some will suggest for Entrepreneur Moms as time management tips to not check your email at all until you have completed your important tasks in your day, but my customers are in my inbox, so strictly addressing them first, along with my small business partners, and ignore the rest of my emails for later are time management tips that really work for me.


Determine if checking your email is one of your “very important” tasks to make. If so, make it part of the Entrepreneur routine, but consider your best time management tips in your case, may work better for you to skip the early email.


*Extra Bonus Entrepreneur Moms Make Time Tips…


*If you do not complete your daily checklist, add what you missed to the next day, and adjust accordingly.  Overall, you will still get more done in the long run than the small business Entrepreneur, who does not have a checklist she will make every day, and set time periods.


*Create more than 1 absolute cut off if necessary.  For example, stopping working and going for my run by no later than 4:30 time is a have to.  This extra time absolute forces me to finish more, and lets me take care of my personal health and well being.


*Keep it low tech—writing things down on a piece of paper directly from your mind can be more efficient and effective over some software program or app.  Complicating things just takes more time.  Most of my ideas and much of my Entrepreneur work gets done when I’m winding down at night, writing to make my checklist, browsing through a magazine, and catching some TV.


Anything that triggers an Entrepreneur idea gets written down immediately.  Then revisiting all of my lists and outlines the next evening keeps me focused, and moving forward each day over time.


*Keep things packaged and simple–having a go-to resource for your small Entrepreneur business, when you have control over your time, cost and management will make for peace of mind. It’s why we created Signature Business Membership that combines everything needed for starting your Entrepreneur Moms business right with proper SEO, and future progress under one roof, with controlled costs, and on your own time.  Check it out, and become an exclusive Entrepreneur Moms Member. You can also enlist my services without being a member.



entrepreneur momsFor my best bonus Entrepreneur Moms make time tips, I purposely do not own a smart phone (I do have an ipad for clients), so that there is a break and separation for myself from the Internet.  If this is impossible for you, literally turn your phone off with your absolute cut off time periods. Make time to enjoy your life and family with in person, eye to eye interaction a little!


Being one of you Entrepreneur Moms, and running a small business or home business can be inherently distracting, but if you make things simple, try these Top 4 Entrepreneur Moms Make Time Tips, keep to your checklists and set time periods, you can control your time in Entrepreneur business, and still have a personal life.


P.S. My other 2 blog posts got put on tomorrow’s list.


P.S.S. When your Entrepreneur Moms business is growing, there are further make time tips to consider…

Starting Your Own Business Starts with a Blog

starting your own business


When Starting Your Own Business, Your Business Blogging is Vital…



Why? Because all those pages and posts are your connection to your market of people, and how else do you reach them, except to provide the information, help, products or services they want via your content.



It’s the reason we are here with this Mom Blogger PLR content shop, so that we can help our fellow mompreneurs and people in business connect to their markets of people through a business blog.



Starting your own business means you need help and tools and PLR is one of the best to get you ahead by creating more time in your day, and bringing more exposure to your business with an active and entertaining blog.



As an idea, think of the time it takes to create just one page on a business site, and that you have to have numerous pages and blog posts to even be considered a real brand by Google, and now you have a pretty large task in front of you starting off.



business First, why is blogging good for starting your business?



A blog is a business tool…



You have to understand that the Internet and Google and search engines are all about the words the business people/blogger chooses to use, and what people choose to enter into a search.



Think About This Idea…Business Blogging Gives You Power!



You, starting your own business, have the power to choose just the right words to bring just the right people to your site, and then those people discover you and your business, products or services. With business blogging, you have an opportunity to choose these words every day and publish them, giving those Google Spiders something to find and serve up to the people.




A static business site does not have this power.




startingAs another idea to help in starting your own business, a blog is a built in network…



Through starting blogging, you also have the ability to connect to all of those other bloggers or business people out there. Just by visiting 5-10 sites a day, and leaving them thoughtful and meaningful comments, you can inspire them to visit you.   You can actively make personal connections with people everyday, with a small amount of effort.



Starting a business blog builds relationships and trust with people…



These days, people want to know the people behind the business, and with a blog, you have the ability to offer that authentically and naturally. You can really be yourself, providing personal insight, information and value, all while drawing attention to your business on the side.



Starting Your Own Business Authentically with the Idea of Help Through Promotional Balance & Trust.



A blog is that perfect idea of help as a balance of just a little business promotion in a behind the scenes fashion, and then building those personal relationships more of the time, that bring people to trust you, and then trust your business.



ideaSecond, how do you find time to do all of this writing and networking that is so good for your business?



As an idea to help, you use Mom Blogger PLR to help you post more often, and to give you more time to network, attend to social media, build relationships with people, and write that original content from a starting position, rather than from scratch.



Here’s a reminder of what blogging is for your business help…




The Ultimate Idea of Help in Starting Your Own Business.



Simply put, blogging will help you, and PLR will help you more by giving you time.  More time means you can accomplish all of those necessary tasks you have in running your business, marketing it, and taking care of your family.



Get started right now with some FREE PLR  by subscribing…



Third, starting your own business means you need help with exposure to the people in your market, and the right content can do that.





Best Idea: Business Exposure Help is What You Need in Starting!



Here at Mom Blogger Private Label Rights, we’re not only providing business people head start posts, content marketing, product building and sales for you, we’re working on special products for your business exposure, as well as a resource and help to starting off with the right words for your market of people and Google.



BLOGmoda My Blog is Courtney’s Etsy Business Shop, and your starting answer in business, where you receive personal attention and help with a Business Consult, Proper Niche Keyword Research, On-Page SEO Business Content Outline Action Plan & Step-By-Step Writing & Publishing instructions for your best SEO presentation.




How many starting in business get to afford starting right?



starting your own business

BLOGmoda My Blog offers Courtney’s custom attention as well as your starting business Utimate Biz Kit, designed to include everything you need in starting business, building a list of subscribers and email marketing, business blogging, keyword research, and social media marketing.


We’ve packaged up all this help in starting your own business for you to gain more exposure, build your lists and get special help to know the important things you should be doing…


ideaUltimate Biz Kit for Ebusiness Includes:

  • 2015 Business Planner Build a List Ebook & Email Marketing Guide
  • Blog Business 101 Ebook
  • How to Keyword with New Google Keyword Planner–Good Idea!
  • How to Keyword also includes your Etsy Shop Specific–Awesome Idea!
  • Social Media Marketing Ebooks & Guides Package listed below. Learn them all, find your strong suits!…
  • Get Your Facebook On Ebook
  • Twitter Your Business Ebook
  • Pinterest for Business Ebook with Checklist
  • Google Plus Step By Step Guide with Checklist
  • YouTube Marketing Guide
  • StumbleUpon Marketing Guide with Checklist, Action Plan & Mindmap


Think of your starting business learning, progress and list growing in a marketplace like this Mercato in Piazza Matteotti…

Are you still thinking that you don’t have time for content marketing and blogging to benefit from all of these opportunities?

If you can publish a blog post just once a week that is optimized for search engines, you will be that much more ahead in your marketing strategy, and we hand this customized, niche specific business keyword plan and PLR content to you. Just shop our Keyword PLR & Google Friendly PLR, and feel confident you’re starting right! Hows that for an idea?!


Courtney & Betina

Top Moms Who Blog: Learn How Now

You Can Be Top Moms Who Blog Better & Blogging for Money Now…


blogging for money


As a Top Mom in blogging, what is learning to blog better really mean?


blogYour first Top Moms Blogging for Money answers might be the obvious ones…I need to make more time, and blog more often.  I need to connect with my readers.  I need to get indexed by Google.


These are all great answers.


Would you like to know ONE simple way to learn blogging for money better?


You actually already know what it is.  Your one simple way is exactly the thing you’ve been saying you need to do, or want to do, or want to learn, or will do when you have more time, or you’ll check into that one for your blog.


Guess what? You just have to do it! Make it happen! Make time! Is this you?…




To make money, you are going to have to first start with your habits and attitude, and you will never get anywhere by doing nothing in blogging and blowing things off.  If you really want to enhance your blogging experience and education, you have to make it happen. You have to seek it out.


Hey Top Moms Blogging for Money, Don’t Flake Out…Seek Out!


Most of you blogging for money fall victim to this, and you don’t have to. If you just take that one action you’ve been talking about for so long, or thinking in your head, you will find how easy it was, how much value or education you got from it, and how that value will continue to grow beyond what you thought. Even if your act to learn costs you money to do, it will be worth every penny and worth all your time.


You’ll also learn that doing the next “one thing” gets easier and easier. Make it easy by doing. Break the cycle!


I don’t know about the rest of you who blog, but I only see results after tons of work.  I have to make the actual physical steps happen, to fully comprehend something, but in that lies the greatest challenge…to make myself take action in order to learn, and get results like seeing money.


makeLearning to take action sounds so cliche, but it is what separates those in blogging who progress and those in blogging who stay still.


If you accept that you’ll never learn everything there is to know, and just make the time to do something, regardless if it’s perfect or not, you’ll discover you can revise later on your blog, and you’ll figure out the important tasks over the less important tasks.


You’ll actually get more done in blogging by doing less, because the application and action showed you the way to more simplicity.


It sounds strange and backwards, but the doing paves a way for optimal and focused learning for blogging for money, because each of us who blog will make our paths only through our own actions.


timeMaking time to learn only comes from applying…what is learning without applying? There is none.


So, let’s check in on how we, Blogging for Money are doing…


Top Moms Blogging for Money probably have had goals for their blogging in play for some time now, but it’s always good to make a defining moment in time or marker in time, where you again edit, and remind yourself to work smarter.

There are 3 main goals for bloging either in business or in top blogging for money you can always give attention, and can put in play for any niche to work smarter for your blog…



1: Strategy

2: Patience

3: Elbow Grease


I mention elbow grease last, but it is the single-constant-given every day goal Those Blogging for Money have to have, but patience and strategy can be assessed and manipulated often, so that you are always more effective. When you make work smarter, you can relieve a bit of that extra elbow grease over time, to a more reasonable amount of grease.


blogTop Moms Blogging for Money-Strategy is #1, and where you can have the most impact for your blog achievements. An example of a good strategy is to not focus on your tasks, but to focus on your ultimate goal.


Spending too much time socializing on social media can become a daily task of networking and marketing that takes too much time out of your day. You could be creating a product to sell, or be building your list instead. You could also be editing and re-purposing your blog posts to play the new game of SEO.


We’ll get into this making time for editing more below.


It’s better to make and establish your routine and time schedule, stick to it, and set less time for those active and demanding daily tasks over the ones that are more passively productive, like using keywords, relevance and significance in your blog and blogging to work, and make money for you behind the scenes.


Another example of smarter play is to decrease your to do list, so that you force yourself to edit down, and only focus on the important, like building your brand for a single targeted market, and not be all over the map with ideas you threw out there to see if they’d work.


This is where many Blogging for money get stuck in a rut of doing the same over and over without the proper focus, because they lose the ability to learn and apply necessary changes or adaptations to anything thrown at them. You can adapt much more easily when you have your ultimate goal as the primary driver. You can become better at ignoring the distractions.


Top Habit Blogging for Money-Editing Your To Do List can also be done with outsourcing.  You probably will find that making that decision to hire out or delegate tasks, actually gets you to your ultimate goal faster.


Finally, patience is what gels it all together, keeping you there every day with your ultimate goal to make money, and staple elbow grease.  It’s only when you lose your patience, and give up that you fail.
blogging for money

So, what’s the reason for the Top Moms Blogging for Money pep talk?  It’s already another year, and there are big changes.  We have changes with Google updates, changes in SEO, and blogging is even more competitive than before. For Google to even notice you, you need properly structured epic blog posts that are purposed and stronger.


Standards are higher, demands are greater, and how do you keep up? How do you blog, and  push forward and play the game now, more than you ever have before?


bloggingFrom above, you know that you just have to decide to do it, but there are always ways of learning to blog smarter too.


If you want to learn to break out of the old school of blogging, learning to edit your posts the right way and a smart way is the future, and creating longer content with more value is your key to make money. Learning to edit and analyze what you already have on your blog is your ticket to play the new and more demanding game of the future.


Are you saying to yourself, “Oh no, I don’t have time to create all of this epic stuff, and keep up!”


blogNot many of us do, but here’s the learning to play smarter part for your blog–keyword EDIT…


*Top Habit Blogging for Money-Go through posts you have, which should fall into your main categories you write about, and combine them.


*Top Habit Blogging for Money-Turn them into drafts to edit and re-purpose for more value to your readers and Google.


*Top Idea Blogging for Money-Edit down and delete what you know won’t combine, or fit in with your main categories.


*Top Habit Blogging for Money-Be sure to edit and delete anything that is a duplicate post that you combined into something else.


*Top IdeaBlogging for Money-Once you are lean and mean with your edits, submit your sitemap to Google on their Webmaster Tools to get a new look and crawl of your site.


blogging for moneyLearn to play the new game with what you already have, learn to combine and edit on your blog, and know that your blogging is smarter and better to make that money.


What is Learning to Blog Better Really Mean for Top Moms Blogging for Money? Now you really know. Head off to Blog Better for Your Blog Now!


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