Marketing Business Blogs with Food & Recipes

marketing blogsYou as a Mompreneur in marketing blogs, can leverage food and recipes for your marketing strategies.



Sound strange?



*If you are a Mompreneur in particular, you probably cook every day for your family, so recipes and food are a very personal connection you can make with your readers for marketing your blogs, regardless of your business niche.


*If food is your business, and you have a foodsite, you can apply these same marketing strategies to your blogs to build your brand, and get found more in searches online.


Remember how your content is that invitation or outer shell of blog presentation that provides information or entertainment for your readers?  They come to your blogs for your content, and then they find you and your businesses.


That is the key to your marketing content, because you don’t want to oversell, and particularly now with the Google updates on link schemes, you really can’t be promoting outbound links in your public content all of the time on blogs without proper coding and disclosure.  If an outbound link is very natural to your content and helpful to your readers, you can provide it.




This Marketing Blogs with Food & Recipes Article will show you how purchasing PLR recipes to use, are not just about cooking, but can really do something for you in marketing and content. We’ll also get into using food and recipes for social media marketing.


Let’s get to the 3 basics of what recipes, food, menu plans, etc. as blog content can do for you in marketing blogs strategies first, so you know why using them on your sites can help you.


1:  They Are Good Marketing Content


2:  Millions Want to Find This Marketing Content


3:  This Marketing Content Brings Search Engine Traffic


blog1) *Google is looking for good, quality content to offer to their searchers, and you are providing it through recipes, food, etc.  A recipe is straightforward information someone needs to find on blogs, and then you can add all of the perks, like extra details, the history behind it, great photos, a personal story relating to the recipe, or how you would change it to fit your blog content topics or expertise.


For example, if you blog about an organic lifestyle, you could take a recipe, and switch out the various ingredients to make it organic.  Just think of how helpful that would be for your readers! And how effective for your blog marketing.


Another example of blog marketing content by making recipes and food work for your blog niche, is if you write about business or fitness and health.  Moms in business need help with time management, and you are offering that with time saving recipe ideas.  Or, incorporating low calorie or low carb recipes into your fitness routine, can be useful content information for your readers on your blogs too.


You can also be just a food lover, or have a local theme on your blog where you find the best restaurants in town.  The ways to apply this type of content to your blog marketing topics does not always have to fit in a box. Get creative on how you present this type of content for your blog marketing!


blogs2) *Did you know just the word “recipe” alone receives over 100,000,000 searches per month? When it comes to knowing what to eat and how to prepare it, millions of people turn to Internet blogs.  There are so many words and keywords in this category that people use in searches, and you can use these words for marketing blogs in your content to help yourself be found.


3) *Of course, with this much interest, you can expect a healthy dose of competition. There are close to 1.6 billion food-related blogs. But, for a food site owner, or Blogger who offers recipes and food tips, if you could attract even 1% of those people searching, you would have a large visitor base and the potential for big growth.


It’s a lot of competition, so it’s vital to understand how best to market your blogs and get your strategies in place for maximum business results. We’ll cover that. In the meantime, enjoy how to make Eggs Devaux…



So now, let’s get to marketing your blogs through food and recipes on social media, because images are powerful, emotional and enticing, and you can use images and blog content to really help yourself…




Facebook as you know is huge. Over 500 million of their users access their accounts and log in daily, with a total of over a billion users.  There are so many people in one place for you to reach for potential blog marketing, you would be out of your mind to ignore it.


The key to marketing blogs is, to seek out connections on Facebook that are your target market by creating a business page, and drawing your target market to it. This is where your food and recipes images come into play.


The reason why you want a separate business page away from your personal profile, is that you can brand it specifically for your website, and the most important part that we’ll cover more in depth further down, is that this business page gets indexed by Google.


marketing blogsAnother plus to a business page is that it can be viewed by the public even if they are not logged in, so your customizations and blog site branding can really speak for you in marketing outside of just the logged in viewers.


If you don’t have a Facebook business page yet, regardless of being a foodsite or posting recipes, you need to get one!  I personally find Facebook to be the most beneficial tool of all of the social media sites I use.  Facebook is one of the top referrers to our sites for traffic, and there are a variety of blog marketing strategies you can employ for your own custom needs.


It’s something we focus on here at Mom Blogger PLR, and if you need help with your Facebook blog marketing, we have custom consultation services in place to help you.


Now on to Twitter!


Twitter is also a great tool to use to promote your blog site or blogs.  You can also customize it and brand it to your liking.


marketing Here are a few extra blog marketing ideas to implement with your Twitter use:


1:  Put your website URL address in your tweet content.  If that makes your Tweets too long, you can use a link shorten service such as


2:  Be sure to put your link to your foodsite or other blog site in your Twitter profile.


3:  Create a custom background on your Twitter profile that helps with marketing blogs and promoting your blogs.


4:  Stick to your target blog market, and follow other foodsites, foodies or food/recipe content related Twitter users.


5:  Engage your followers in conversation.


6:  Try various services to help you socialize and function like, Twitterfeed or TweetDeck.


7:  Try a related service such as Triberr(another personal favorite).  Triberr allows you to join a tribe of other Bloggers, who tweet out your blog content to all of their Twitter followers.


*For example, you might only have a couple thousand followers, but you have 50 tribemates who have a couple thousand followers.  Instead of just reaching your own 2K, you reached 100K followers on Twitter.



Next, let’s get to Pinterest, and using it in blog content marketing…


Pinterest uses the power of media photos and images to capture attention.  When you find something that really catches your eye or interest, you can “Pin” it to one of your “Pinboards”.  Other’s can then view your “Pins”, and like them or share them as content on Facebook.  They can leave a comment on your “Pinboard” as well.




Each “Pin” is linked to the original webpage(or should be), so if you were to create a “Pinboard” of food or recipe media images, those could all link back to your blog site.  You are driving the traffic to your own site blog content based on the appeal of your media photos and media images to others as a marketing strategy.


In addition, other Pinterest users can “pin” your blog site to their Pinterest walls, and your exposure has the potential to increase dramatically as a blog content marketing strategy.


Pinterest needs to be used strategically and effectively if you’re wanting to promote your business or blog site. You can also learn about Pinterest Strategies from our BLOGmoda My Blog Pinterest for Business eBook.


contentWe’ll touch on some key points to understand how much Pinterest can do for you in marketing blogs…


1: There is an important relationship among Pinterest, Facebook and Google.  They all seem to like each other and connect well. Media images are powerful content on Facebook too. What you “Pin” can be shared on Facebook, and Google seems to index Facebook and Pinterest. When using Pinterest, remember to include your Facebook marketing along with it. For blogs, think of Pinterest and Facebook together for Google.


2: As in all things online, don’t oversell or over-promote yourself.  That’s why your content is so important, and we are including media images with your content here.  It’s the quality of your content on blogs that bring people your way.  They will keep you in their minds based on the quality, value, intrigue or entertainment you provide.  You can’t get ahead online as a spammer.  You will be punished ultimately.


3: The key in using Pinterest is to appeal to people’s senses and emotions and in particular females, who make up the bulk of its users. The more visually stimulating your media images are, the more they may “pin” them from your blog site to their walls.


4: The key to connecting this visual and emotional appeal to your presentation, is to know who your readers, customers and clients are, and create “Pinboards” that speak to their senses with variety, rather than always very specific to what you are marketing and promoting.



There are over 10 million visitors to Pinterest and that number is growing each and every month. If you are marketing content that lends well to great photos and females, and in particular food and recipes, don’t let this media image focused social site slip you by.


marketing blogs


Are you using LinkedIn and Google Plus for marketing blogs with food or recipes?..


Let’s start with Google+…


Google+ can be used correctly to promote your blog site with great results, even though it is not specifically set up for marketing your blogs.  If you enjoy interacting and sharing with people online, like they are your friends in person, then Google+ can work for you with your content marketing strategies in place.


marketingHere are 4 things to consider when using Google+:


1: You want to have a fully targeted market that is already interested in your niche, so creating a specific group of Google+ friends for this purpose is ideal.  You want this group to be interested in your content, and what you have to say about your food blog site or recipes, and share updates only with them.


2: As mentioned above, your interaction should feel very face-to-face, friendly and in person conversation.  Try to interact with your circle in other ways besides marketing your blog site or products that are offered there.


3: Share others often.  If you share the blogs of others, rather than just your own, you’ll avoid being viewed as a spammer.  This also encourages reciprocation, and you may get your blog site promoted in return.


4: This always gets said, but doesn’t always get followed. Don’t over promote yourself, and spam everyone. A casual plug now and then is okay, or if you have something new on your blogs you want to share. Perhaps a new dish you tried and found delicious.


This is where food and recipes comes in to keep you very authentic in marketing blogs.


Now on to LinkedIn!


LinkedIn can be called the social media outlet for adults, for marketing their business blog sites.


blogHere are 4 things to consider when using LinkedIn:


1: Marketing your food content and recipes by creating one or more LinkedIn groups. These LinkedIn groups have the potential to provide you with many new leads each day.


2: Be sure to use the same SEO keywords you use on your food blog for the description of your LinkedIn group. Send weekly messages to drive traffic to your blogs, and ask questions of people in your group as well as personal messages.


3: Connect with others with similar interests to help pull on new leads.


4: Watch other successful businesses using LinkedIn for marketing their blogs, and find a way to work their methods into your own marketing plan.


Always remember that social media is just one aspect of your blog content marketing strategies. It’s very easy to spend all day on social media, but try not to fall into this trap. You could be developing a broader and more comprehensive plan, and finding more time to implement it, if you limit your time on social media.


Always have your content marketing action plans for blogs in place before logging in to social media, and allowing it to rule your day.  The best way to create your marketing content plan is to educate yourself on how each social media venue works.  We are always testing our own strategies, and then sharing our information here with you in our ebooks and PLR.


contentIf you know your content marketing and social media plan, you’ll stay on track during your day.



Try not to overload. Do you even know some of these social media venues?…



Now You Know.. Food and Recipes are Your Blog Content Marketing Solutions. Be sure to check out our growing PLR selection!


Courtney & Betina


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