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As a Top Mom in blogging, what is learning to blog better really mean?


blogYour first Top Moms Blogging for Money answers might be the obvious ones…I need to make more time, and blog more often.  I need to connect with my readers.  I need to get indexed by Google.


These are all great answers.


Would you like to know ONE simple way to learn blogging for money better?


You actually already know what it is.  Your one simple way is exactly the thing you’ve been saying you need to do, or want to do, or want to learn, or will do when you have more time, or you’ll check into that one for your blog.


Guess what? You just have to do it! Make it happen! Make time! Is this you?…




To make money, you are going to have to first start with your habits and attitude, and you will never get anywhere by doing nothing in blogging and blowing things off.  If you really want to enhance your blogging experience and education, you have to make it happen. You have to seek it out.


Hey Top Moms Blogging for Money, Don’t Flake Out…Seek Out!


Most of you blogging for money fall victim to this, and you don’t have to. If you just take that one action you’ve been talking about for so long, or thinking in your head, you will find how easy it was, how much value or education you got from it, and how that value will continue to grow beyond what you thought. Even if your act to learn costs you money to do, it will be worth every penny and worth all your time.


You’ll also learn that doing the next “one thing” gets easier and easier. Make it easy by doing. Break the cycle!


I don’t know about the rest of you who blog, but I only see results after tons of work.  I have to make the actual physical steps happen, to fully comprehend something, but in that lies the greatest challenge…to make myself take action in order to learn, and get results like seeing money.


makeLearning to take action sounds so cliche, but it is what separates those in blogging who progress and those in blogging who stay still.


If you accept that you’ll never learn everything there is to know, and just make the time to do something, regardless if it’s perfect or not, you’ll discover you can revise later on your blog, and you’ll figure out the important tasks over the less important tasks.


You’ll actually get more done in blogging by doing less, because the application and action showed you the way to more simplicity.


It sounds strange and backwards, but the doing paves a way for optimal and focused learning for blogging for money, because each of us who blog will make our paths only through our own actions.


timeMaking time to learn only comes from applying…what is learning without applying? There is none.


So, let’s check in on how we, Blogging for Money are doing…


Top Moms Blogging for Money probably have had goals for their blogging in play for some time now, but it’s always good to make a defining moment in time or marker in time, where you again edit, and remind yourself to work smarter.

There are 3 main goals for bloging either in business or in top blogging for money you can always give attention, and can put in play for any niche to work smarter for your blog…



1: Strategy

2: Patience

3: Elbow Grease


I mention elbow grease last, but it is the single-constant-given every day goal Those Blogging for Money have to have, but patience and strategy can be assessed and manipulated often, so that you are always more effective. When you make work smarter, you can relieve a bit of that extra elbow grease over time, to a more reasonable amount of grease.


blogTop Moms Blogging for Money-Strategy is #1, and where you can have the most impact for your blog achievements. An example of a good strategy is to not focus on your tasks, but to focus on your ultimate goal.


Spending too much time socializing on social media can become a daily task of networking and marketing that takes too much time out of your day. You could be creating a product to sell, or be building your list instead. You could also be editing and re-purposing your blog posts to play the new game of SEO.


We’ll get into this making time for editing more below.


It’s better to make and establish your routine and time schedule, stick to it, and set less time for those active and demanding daily tasks over the ones that are more passively productive, like using keywords, relevance and significance in your blog and blogging to work, and make money for you behind the scenes.


Another example of smarter play is to decrease your to do list, so that you force yourself to edit down, and only focus on the important, like building your brand for a single targeted market, and not be all over the map with ideas you threw out there to see if they’d work.


This is where many Blogging for money get stuck in a rut of doing the same over and over without the proper focus, because they lose the ability to learn and apply necessary changes or adaptations to anything thrown at them. You can adapt much more easily when you have your ultimate goal as the primary driver. You can become better at ignoring the distractions.


Top Habit Blogging for Money-Editing Your To Do List can also be done with outsourcing.  You probably will find that making that decision to hire out or delegate tasks, actually gets you to your ultimate goal faster.


Finally, patience is what gels it all together, keeping you there every day with your ultimate goal to make money, and staple elbow grease.  It’s only when you lose your patience, and give up that you fail.
blogging for money

So, what’s the reason for the Top Moms Blogging for Money pep talk?  It’s already another year, and there are big changes.  We have changes with Google updates, changes in SEO, and blogging is even more competitive than before. For Google to even notice you, you need properly structured epic blog posts that are purposed and stronger.


Standards are higher, demands are greater, and how do you keep up? How do you blog, and  push forward and play the game now, more than you ever have before?


bloggingFrom above, you know that you just have to decide to do it, but there are always ways of learning to blog smarter too.


If you want to learn to break out of the old school of blogging, learning to edit your posts the right way and a smart way is the future, and creating longer content with more value is your key to make money. Learning to edit and analyze what you already have on your blog is your ticket to play the new and more demanding game of the future.


Are you saying to yourself, “Oh no, I don’t have time to create all of this epic stuff, and keep up!”


blogNot many of us do, but here’s the learning to play smarter part for your blog–keyword EDIT…


*Top Habit Blogging for Money-Go through posts you have, which should fall into your main categories you write about, and combine them.


*Top Habit Blogging for Money-Turn them into drafts to edit and re-purpose for more value to your readers and Google.


*Top Idea Blogging for Money-Edit down and delete what you know won’t combine, or fit in with your main categories.


*Top Habit Blogging for Money-Be sure to edit and delete anything that is a duplicate post that you combined into something else.


*Top IdeaBlogging for Money-Once you are lean and mean with your edits, submit your sitemap to Google on their Webmaster Tools to get a new look and crawl of your site.


blogging for moneyLearn to play the new game with what you already have, learn to combine and edit on your blog, and know that your blogging is smarter and better to make that money.


What is Learning to Blog Better Really Mean for Top Moms Blogging for Money? Now you really know. Head off to Blog Better for Your Blog Now!


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