Business Lessons Even Veterans Can Forget



There is a fine line in your entrepreneurship venture between being targeted and niched, and having all your eggs in one basket. For your greatest business lessons even Veterans can forget, you must be niched with your eggs in the right basket, but you can’t have all of your eggs in one basket.




How many of you hear about creating your entrepreneur signature product and brand, knowing your niche and customer to the tee, but waking up one morning to discover you’re simply out, and sales are gone?


Your stuff just isn’t cool, and it’s not selling anymore. Some other entrepreneur in your niche has the cool stuff, and it’s chillingly quiet.


This is when the panic sets in, and you start sending more and more emails to your subscribers, only to see more unsubscribes than ever before, more un-opens, and less clicks.  It can feel like a death spiral.


And now you’re thinking that you get what I’m saying, but the last thing you need as a busy entrepreneur is to get more complicated with more eggs and more baskets, right?


That is the trick in entrepreneurship.  You have to be streamlined, you have to be focused, and at the same time everywhere with every latest trend.  It seems impossible, and it is impossible to be everyone and everywhere, but there are ways to prepare yourself to handle these extremes and conflicts, and ways to push through and survive a rough patch.


Everyone in business and entrepreneurship will come across this, and you have to be able to handle it.


business It all begins with your business preparation and goals, staying agile, knowing the grain, but finding your own grain to edit, and keeping active. These are the greatest business lessons even Veterans lose and forget, and we’ll edit them down into these 4 simple Categories:



*Entrepreneur Business Lessons-Preparation

*Entrepreneur Business Lessons-Stay Agile

*Entrepreneur Business Lessons-Know the Grain, Edit & Find Your Own

*Entrepreneur Business Lessons-Stay Active



Entrepreneurship Business Lessons Preparation: Identify Your Target People


One of the most important business lessons is identifying your target audience and ideal customer. Without honing in on a specific target audience, you cannot function effectively in your products or marketing, and you will fail or be beaten by someone else. There are several easy lessons to identify your target audience and ideal customer.


Hey Entrepreneur, Don’t Just Set Goals But Keep Them


Once you edit to identifiable goals, your ideal customer will present.


For the entrepreneur, it’s the keeping true part, and following through without distracted sidelines that will ensure that your target audience and ideal customer will return time and again.


entrepreneurshipEntrepreneurship Business Lessons Stay Agile: Always Revisit


Once you have established what your goals are, it is important to revisit them, and measure them on a regular basis.


Try using social media as a tool to survey whether or not your company is meeting and exceeding their needs.


Make sure to communicate with customers at all times, either on social media, your business blog or transaction communications. Always respond to their comments, and listen.  They will tell you so much about how you’re doing, where you need to edit, improve, or fix if you just listen.


Keep revisiting what the competition is doing and what trends are trending. Follow those trends, but with your own edit and spin.


Entrepreneurship Business Lessons Stay Active: Know Your Niche & Stick With It


Your niche is your basket, and you can fill that basket with a variety of eggs. This is where you’ll be able to weather a storm, because you have a built in market, and possibly a new or improved trending product to edit and replace an old and (needs fixing) one.


For the Entrepreneur, sometimes creative ideas just seem to flow and flow; however, you must be true to your niche at all times as your greatest lesson of lessons.


Hey Entrepreneur, Keep Active & Create a Sub-Niche


Once you have created a niche, see if you can edit and break it down further, and create a sub-niche. A niche would be something like single moms and a sub-niche would be single moms dating. Perhaps your sub-niche focus empowers single moms to educate themselves so that they can provide for themselves and their families.


Take note of who is responding and who is not responding. In this way, you can measure your target audience a little better and edit to hone in on your ideal people.


For example, you may notice that single moms with older children may be in a better position to use your products and services as compared to single moms with younger children. Your target audience may present itself differently than planned.


To handle this, stay flexible, and keep an open mind, but once you have established your ideal niche, make certain to keep it there and dedicate all your time and work to that target audience of people.


business lessonsSo the other entrepreneur is selling like crazy, and you’re not.  What do you do to fix it?



How to Make Your Business Get Back to Trend


In Entrepreneurship, knowing the current trend, means you know your entrepreneur competition.  If you don’t know your competition, you’ll get passive and stop improving and re-purposing your products and presentation, and you’ll fall behind.


Entrepreneurship Business Lessons Knowing the Grain: Make Your Own Grain & Edit


In Entrepreneurship of course, you want your business to stand out head and shoulders above the rest. How do you make that work? There are several ways to make your business stand apart from the competition that is taking your sales away.


Hey Entrepreneur, Make it Work–Edit & Evaluate Your Own Company


It is often very easy to compare your entrepreneur business to others. The tendency may be to think that they do something better than you. However, more important lessons start from within. Evaluating your own company is the place to begin to edit, and learn the right lessons.


Entrepreneurship Lessons #1: Look at where you have been static – Take a good long look at where you have been static in your own business. Has your company become stale and outdated? Is there room for something new and innovative? Can you edit or improve a product or service?


Entrepreneurship Lessons #2: What can you reuse – Is there a sales letter that you can re-circulate, or a product that you can edit and enhance, in order to gain new clients and customers?


Entrepreneurship Lessons #3: What needs recreating? – Is there an area of your business such as re-organizing a product line? Perhaps  you need to edit, and put better communication policies and procedures into place.


Entrepreneurship Lessons #4: Does your product or service live up to today’s standards? – Look and see if your product or service works for today’s standards. Once you have evaluated this, take a look and see if your product or service is trending according to today’s standards.


Entrepreneurship Lessons #5: Where do you stand with social media? – If your website does not incorporate social media, then it is time to include this all-important aspect into your business. Many times people will immediately leave a web page if social media buttons aren’t there.


Entrepreneurship Lessons #6: How can you reach more clients? – Investigate how you can reach more clients. Perhaps you need to do a new social media venue. Check to see if you are responding to comments and visitors to your site. Reach out to other businesses and blogs to create a sharing opportunity.


For the Entrepreneur, today’s business is extremely fast paced and moves at a rapid speed through change. Keeping up with those changes is the only way to stay ahead.


Taking a look at all these things in your own entrepreneur business is the foundation of a company that is capable of standing out–knowing the grain to edit, and making their own grain edit work.


editEntrepreneurship Business Lessons Stay Agile: Why It’s Important to Study Your Competition


Rather than spend so much time trying to outsmart the competition, studying to make them your ally is smarter.


Hey Entrepreneur, Study Your Competition


Go on other sites, and check out their services and the quality of those services. They may have other products or services that you have not yet incorporated into your business model, like:


* EBooks
* Videos
* Newsletters
* ECourses


Go on their Facebook fan pages and follow them on Twitter. See how many likes they make, how long they have been around, and how they follow the trends.


Hey Entrepreneur, Check Marketing and Social Media


Check out the competitions marketing strategy. Take a look at what may or may not work for them, but keep in mind that this is a bit like when everyone thinks their stock will go up and up, or their house value will continue to rise, and they didn’t sell high.  Then they missed the mark when it all dropped.


Entrepreneurship Business Lessons-Know the Grain to Edit, Find Your Own to Edit


Sometimes, you need to be doing just opposite of what everyone else is doing, and the entrepreneur who can break out against the norm, and go against the grain tends to be the winner.  They bought when everyone was selling and vice versa. For example, does killing people with 2 to 3 emails a day really work? Do you unsubscribe from that? Then, your subscribers will likely do the same. Go against this grain.


Hey Entrepreneur, by becoming familiar with your competition, and staying agile, you gain several benefits.


* You spark your own ideas with a creative and innovative edit twist
* You can follow and keep up with trends
* You can see what works–edit and make it work


entrepreneurshipEntrepreneurship Business Lessons Stay Active: Always Edit, Improve and Re-purpose


Your first step is to create a product or offer a service that you can guarantee in performance. More important than this however, is to take that same product and consistently edit and improve it, taking note of the trends. By staying on top of improvements and re-purposing, you give yourself the chance of staying current and trendy, because you can edit and shape it so.


Entrepreneurship Business Lessons Stay Agile: Build from the Bad Feedback


You’ll want to know the bad feedback not only from your business competition, but for yourself.  Seeing what people dislike about a product and/or service, gives you the ability to develop a newer product that works twice as fast or provides double the service.


Let people complaints and critiques fuel your entrepreneur imagination to do it, and build it better.


Entrepreneurship Business Lessons Preparation: Set Clear Goals


There are several ways on how to go about setting clear goals. For many people, their goals are so broad that success is something that never happens. However, you can learn to rely on them to achieve success if you set them up correctly.


Hey Entrepreneur, Here’s How to Set Clear Goals & Make Them Work


1. Entrepreneur, Make it Work, Edit & Be specific – When you set a goal, it is imperative that you be specific. Simply stating that you want to reach certain people, or to make money is not specific. A specific goal would be something like “I want to gain 100 more likes on Facebook in the next three months.” Or, “I want to make an additional $5,000.00 in the next three months.”


2. Entrepreneur, Make it Work & Write Everything Down  – No matter how trivial you may think it may sound, it is imperative to write everything down on your action plan. Without writing it down, it is as though you are not declaring it to the world.


3. Entrepreneur, Make it Work & Edit it Down  – Edit down your goals into sub-goals. It is as though you are choosing a niche, and then choosing a sub-niche. For example, if your niche is moms over forty, perhaps you could edit that down even further to make it single moms over forty. Edit it down, and be specific.


Editing down your entrepreneur goals makes them easier to reach. Once you state it, then state how you’re going to get there, like “I will guest blog every week” or “I will create a bonus for my product.”


4. Entrepreneur, Make it Work & Put a Timeline to It  – Giving yourself a deadline is the best thing you can ever do. You are accountable to yourself and your business partners by attaching a timeline for completion. By doing this, you put a little pressure on yourself to achieve that task by or before the set time.


5. Entrepreneur, Make it Work & Be Accountable  – Giving your word is a powerful tool in not only reaching, but also in exceeding clear and specific tasks.


When your goals are specific and clear, entrepreneurship success is next.


business What will work every time, even as an old business veteran, is coming back to these 4 basics in entrepreneurship business lessons: 


*Entrepreneurship Business Lessons-Preparation

*Entrepreneurship Business Lessons-Stay Agile

*Entrepreneurship Business Lessons-Know the Grain to Edit, Find Your Own to Edit

*Entrepreneurship Business Lessons-Stay Active


businessYou can do it, and if you need help we are here to guide you every step of the way with extra care and personal attention. Get one of our special packages and business help today…you deserve it!





~Courtney & Betina

Need Business Benefits?

For your own company starting, one of your biggest business benefits comes from a blogging plan, but this takes time.


own company


Would you like to reach your own company business blogging plan goals, but can’t make enough time?


Yes, of course. It’s OK. Join the club!


I am never going to be one of those people who tells you that starting something is easy or magic.  I just don’t have any experience in that.  What I know is that everything in business takes a hard working plan to see business benefits…


Reaching company business plan goals takes hard work.


Starting hard work takes time.


business But, using Mom Blogger PLR for your own company gives you time. (We’ll get to this part.)


When I first opened our Etsy Shop, all I read was that everyone in business needs a business blog plan to see benefits.


(OK, I’m starting a blog plan for our company business, then.)


It wasn’t until Betina and I really pursued our Mommy LaDy Club personal blog plan a year later, that I started to understand what blogging was, and what it can do for starting a path to your business benefits and solutions.
Now, years later as an SEO Content Specialist working with my own company clients, and being hired by web design and media businesses for my services for their own company clients, I can’t stress enough how important it is for starting a business right with a proper blogging plan. To make your proper path first, starting, is going to save you so much time and money later.
Trust me, I’ve been there spending, and wasting plenty of time in business.


In short, a blog plan is a business mechanism or tool…that if used properly, can bring you exposure to the entire Internet world.  You don’t even have to be a big fish.  Any blogsite for your own company with any status has the ability to generate traffic, bring an audience and grow.


Of course there are a lot more details involved here, and more tools like social media thrown into the mix, but if you understand that the words and content you make in your posting plan have the ability to perform for your own company, you are on your way to unleashing your business blog performance, reaping benefits and business exposure.


makeThe reason why an active blog plan out performs a static website, is because the content is always fresh and feeding Google.  Google wants words to present to all of the people searching for them.


You can make and provide those words to Google, which will then serve them up to the public.


Your own company can get found through your words. Yes, little ol’ you starting with your little blogsite or business plan.


This is just the beginning, but you have to grasp this concept starting, so that you can appreciate your blogging more as solutions and resources for your readers and customers, learn to harness your company business plan strengths, and understand that you are going to need hard work and make time to implement this content-concept/words and Google game in practice.


startingThe Internet is a word game, and even pictures and videos have words in their html code for the Google robots.


Words are everything…your choice of them and how often you publish them are vital for your own company time, benefits and solutions.


When I’m talking about word choice, I’m talking about keywords and keyword phrases.  These are the words most searched by the public for what you make or offer, that you can find through sources like Google’s Keyword Planner. Keep in mind, these words can’t be randomly selected for your company business plan. They have to be a structured system with a specific plan.


business And which now gets us to:


*Reaching business plan goals takes hard work.


*Starting hard work takes time.


*Mom Blogger Private Label Rights gives your own company time.





Business Plan Solutions & Benefits of Private Label Rights…


You probably have never heard of Private Label Rights. 


And doesn’t Private Label Rights sound like something in the music or fashion biz?


But instead of just being another common internet abbreviation, it’s one of the most valuable shortcut solutions to make time a business blogger will find.



You may get your plan starting, but you still have to finish it to the end, and that means lots of writing and publishing. 


One of the toughest parts of company business plan solutions  is the demand to keep generating useful, high-quality content for your newsletters, ezines, videos, audios, and blogsite.


startingThank goodness, there’s a tool to make this constant content generation time sucker easier for company business… 


Company Business Plan Benefits, Solutions, Resources…


 Business Plan Benefits of Rights


When you purchase Private Label Rights content, you get the legal right to use it in a variety of formats. When used well, it is a company dream come true for all company business solutions.



Starting out, let’s answer some common questions about these benefits, solutions and resources…


One of the first questions many people ask is, “Is this legal?” If the content is created and sold with the express intent of offering it as Private Label Rights, then you are legally permitted to adapt, use, and disseminate the information, according to the specific rights you’ve been granted.


What happens if many people make a purchase of the same articles and publish it via a blog or newsletter–won’t their customers notice, or get mad that they’re using someone else’s material?


Here’s the real secret about it for your company business plan. You need to see it as a starting point for your content. You need to put your own spin on it, to make it really work.


makeHere’s a brief list of perks from using it:


*Business Plan Perks for your Own Company pressed for time, and needing assistance in generating posts

*Business Plan Perks for Online business owners, who also still have a day job, and need a little starting boost for content creation

*Business Plan Perks for Bloggers or Information Marketers, who occasionally battle writer’s block

*Business Plan Perks for Business owners starting to offer content in different formats (audio, video, e-courses, autoresponder series, etc.) and want resources and solutions for starting

*Business Plan Perks for New business owners who are overwhelmed with the amount of tasks on their to-do lists, and want to outsource solutions quickly and easily

*Business Plan Perks for Business owners who want to expand into a new niche, and want to hit the ground running with built-in resources


*Business Plan Perks for those starting a company business, and need resources of information


own companyYou notice Private Label Rights seems to be targeted for business?


A business starting a plan knows it must blog and network and market all of the time to be successful. Private Label Rights is a dream product for company businesses, that can be manipulated to make work for a particular niche with all of those built in benefits, solutions and resources listed above.


But let’s not forget that Bloggers are in business, and need a plan too.


*Bloggers either consider their blogs a business, want their blogs to be a business as a plan, or actually have a product and blog because of it, or blog both personally, and for business together.


*They need to generate posts.  That’s all your readers see…what you put in front of them, and that’s all Google reads…what you publish.  


You’ll read from experts that they could care less about Google and SEO and that it’s all about traffic anyway, and who can keep track of Google touching and moving that algorithm dial.


It’s true you can’t let stats rule your day and zap all of the fun in blogging and starting your company business, but the words you choose, the way they get indexed by Google in a search, the way people find you and come to your blog, the way your readers connect with you in your passion, conversation and relevance are all combined together.


You can’t really master one and not the others, for anyone working online. And, you can’t ignore the entire existence and function of the online world…words.


Your blog plan is your product or brand.



Your blog plan is you.


So, under the demands of having to do it all for anyone working online, you just might find you really can with Mom Blogger Private Label Rights, or at least do more than you’ve ever done before, especially if you want to go to the next level of built-in solutions and resources, like offering gifts, benefits and bonuses to your readers and customers.


Like I said before, there is nothing easy or magic, but Private Label Rights can almost seem too good to be true.  It’s ready made content for you, shaving off loads of writing and thinking time, but it still gives you the opportunity to massage it, manipulate it, edit it, and make it yours.  It’s not completely wiping out your work load, but is definitely making the time you spend shorter…


It saves you precious time to accomplish your company business plan goals!


startingMore Benefits, Resources, Solutions: What else does it do for your own company time?


Using it will make time to research those keyword choices, apply them through your edits, and create a better message.  


You’re in the game!


Don’t worry if all of this keyword talk is overwhelming still.  It will start to make sense, and if it is still unappealing to learn it, we actually have keyword and Google Friendly PLR available here. All of the difficult parts done for you, with guidance to publish for the most benefits. Or, get my SEO Business Plan Content Services.


Keyword and Google Friendly–A double business plan time saver!  Plus, you learn more by example.

Here’s More on Your Built-In Benefits, Solutions and Resources, and How to Make them Your Own Company Business Plan


Starting a Business Plan-Solutions to Originality


When things seem too easy, they bring skepticism or maybe even guilt, but if you think using Mom Blogger PLR is some form of cheating in blogging, you’re missing the key element of the product…to make it your own.


Some bloggers hire ghost writers to fill their blogs with content, and others use free reprint articles, but these strategies are costly, and don’t give you any freedom.  Ghost writers can be expensive and reprint articles must link to the author.


Starting a Business Plan-Solutions to Costs


Private Label Rights is inexpensive because others are purchasing the same articles, and you do not have to credit any author. But when you can make it yours, do you really have to worry about others purchasing it?  


businessAnd here is the ultimate luxury of Mom Blogger Private Label Rights for Business…


*You are completely free to edit it!


*You make it your own!


The Ultimate in Business Plan Presentation Solutions…


Think about the growing number of company businesses and bloggers out there.  We tend to write about the same things, and you could point to a couple blogs and say, “they’re just copying each other”.


We know they are not, because each has to present a post individually, with her own take and spin.  Even if they had the same recipe post, there is a different presentation.


Starting a Business Plan-Solutions to Marketing


This notion is the same with Private Label Rights.  You may have an outline, idea, paragraph, plan or topic pre-written in front of you, but you still need to present that for your voice and marketing.  You are absorbing the basic idea, and then bringing your story to the table.



planThink of it as your head start in starting your own company business


Here are some tips to make it your own company style…


1.  Make it 1st person.  Most articles are written in 3rd person.  As soon as you insert, “I” into an idea or topic, you’re already bringing your own version.  “I do______, I think ________, I learned ________, I know from my own experience that ________


 Starting a Business Plan-Solutions to Connecting


Any time you write personally, you are giving your readers and customers a stronger connection.


2.  Learn something new.  If you don’t know much about a topic, but would like to learn more,  Private Label Rights articles can give you that.


Starting a Business Plan-Solutions to Learning


Then, you take what you’ve leaned from them, try them out, take note of your experiences and what you think, and bring all of your lessons and experience to your new posts.


You might find that you have hidden expertise, and you just never thought of it before.


3.  Tell a story.  Do you have a personal or family story that relates to your topic?  Insert it!


Starting a Business Plan-Solutions to Authenticity


4.  Tweak it and mold it.  Do you have a better ingredient for a recipe?  Do you have a similar tip?  Do you have a life lesson or experience to replace the pre-written content?  Can you offer a change or suggestion?


Starting a Business Plan-Niche Specific Solutions


You don’t have to have that perfect Private Label Rights product for your particular niche or theme. You make it mold to your company business plan for the most benefits.


5.  Break it up in parts.  You have words just sitting in front of you from one resource, offering post after post, bonus after bonus.


Break up the paragraphs and sentences. Rearrange the presentation. Take one article and get 10 posts out of it.  It’s yours for the manipulation.


Starting a Business Plan-Keyword Solutions


6.  Keyword it. Or just buy it done for you here!




makeAnd this is the whole point for your own company business plan benefits, solutions and resources…creating more time for you, by giving you a head start to do the important things to get ahead.


You need Business Plan resources for all these things:



*You need to be posting to feed Google spiders.


*You need to be writing completely original articles for reputable sources, and marketing them for your benefits.


*You need to do keyword research.


*You need to be guest posting.


*You need to be marketing all of your posts on social media.


*You need to implement your monetization strategies.


*You need to run your business.


*You need to go to work.


*You need to be present and in person everywhere…all the time, including at home for your family.


You need a business plan solutions shortcut to get you there, and move you forward.


own companySo, don’t feel guilty at all. Embrace help available to you.


Take it from Boy George(had to do the 80’s), “Time could have been so much more, time is precious, I know”…


businessIf you’re using PLR right, you’re making it your own, your saving precious time, your making time so much more, your making your blog and business plan better, and seeing all the benefits.


And last but not least, you can get a steady supply of monthly PLR here, plus all of the business learning, marketing, traffic and making money strategies for growing and improving as a Member.  Go check it out, before all the spaces are full.  We stay small, so that you get more confident conviction and unwavering support.




Build a Blog Structure: Don’t Waste Time

how to start a businessYou Have to Build a Blog Structure to Start a Business!


If you don’t know your niche, and don’t know your keywords, you don’t have a business blog structure or plan. You also don’t have anyone finding you in a search, and all of your marketing plan is a waste of time.


Stop wasting time!  This stop motion clip will make you stop and think. Plus it’s really cool…



Every business blog will need a base and structure plan from which to start, and you have to target your business ideas and content for your plan, and then keywords to match those plan ideas. Think of each keyword as a tool working on a part to make a whole.


All of those parts and whole are used for your business plan, and the more effective they are, the more your plan will perform for you.  Content after all, is your source for all marketing online.  It’s why we create it here for you to use, because you can never have enough of it.



businessIf you need to know how to start a business with all of this content demand, a steady supply of PLR as a Mompreneur Member is your business plan answer. It can fill your website pages and posts with awesome content for your best SEO, give you freebies for more sign ups, and help you create more products to sell.


Back to the Business Plan Blog Structure Start…


Here’s Your Business Plan Start Formula:


Build Your Business Blog Structure Plan=Target Your Niche+Target Keywords+Optimize Content=Business Start Right…


FIRST!  Before you start any business plan, you need to know the one word or source that describes your customer, market or audience. Yes, the one word.  If it has to be two words for your phrase, okay, but one is better.


Most of you already know your one source or niche for your business plan start, and from there, you either:


*Know your business blog content plan and writing themes already. 


*Maybe you’re writing for them every day, but they may not occur to you.


*You might not be targeting them through the right words and research yet. 


If you find reading this, that you still can’t target your words and content for your business blog plan, you probably need to get much more narrow in your focus. You do have a niche, but just don’t recognize it yet. Even if you just write what comes to you, all of this hodgepodge can be labeled and targeted in some way to fit your plan.


It is likely, that your hodgepodge actually does fall under one niche, and you just haven’t recognized it yet. You need to do this to be marketing your business plan start effectively, or you are just wasting time.


So, why do you need to target and label your business plan content?


Finding that appropriate topic label for your content, allows you to find that specific word or phrase to optimize your blog plan content as a tool for performance in a search.


It also allows you to start to speak to your audience in a conversation. That’s when your business plan marketing really takes off.


startAfter all, why do you blog, unless you want to be found or reach your buyers or subscribers?


Let’s Get You to Your Business Blog Structure Plan Start:


Once you have it, you can start by taking that single niche content idea or word, and plugging it into the Google Keyword Planner to see how it is searched by the public, and how it performs.


Let’s say you write about crafts.


If you plug that in, you’ll get other words like crafting and craft supplies.


If you write about giveaways, you’ll find other words like sweepstakes or competitions.


If you write about coupons and savings, you’ll find mommy saves big as an example.


Start to Build Your Business Blog Structure Plan Layers…


These are all just examples of your layers of keywords under your one source and blog structure plan start. Keep in mind that keyword research is an ongoing task. You need to be up to date on what the keywords and keyword trends are, and they can change often.


planYour keyword research, and editing your content plan will be at a constant. So will your business plan marketing.


Let’s break this down into 4 simple Business Plan Start steps you need to know:


Start by Building a Base Business Blog Plan 1) Know your niche in one-two words, which becomes your source for your entire business plan.


Start by Optimizing Content 2) Research your keywords that fall under this one niche, categories, sub categories, etc., which become your optimized blog material business plan.


Start by Targeting Your Content Plan 3) Incorporate and plan your keywords into your content.


Start by Using Your Awesome Business Plan Content for Marketing 4) You now have everything in place for both search engines and people when you implement your specific business plan marketing strategies.


Getting Your Business Plan Start Right for an Existing Blog


Pretty simple steps to start, except if  you have been blogging for awhile, you’ll need to go through your existing content, and really analyze it, based on your business plan niche and research.  It’s always a bit tougher and more complicated to edit on an existing blog.


The point is, you need to make sure you have words and layers of categories that match and work in your business plan start outline and to make everything relate.


If you are not appropriate or relevant as opposed to being very random in what you present, you will confuse your readers, and then even Google.


Why would Google let people find you in a search if you make no sense, and their robots can’t identify what you are about?


Once you know your business plan start niche and source, and layers of keywords for everything you are writing, you can then keyword optimize your old content, and run through posts to make them fit your business plan.



needNeed tips for the Easiest Business Plan Blog Structure Edits on an Existing Blog?



You can turn posts to draft, until you know what to do with them, and also just delete. Don’t be afraid to delete.



This is definitely worth your time, because  you need to have your old content working for you in an online search, rather than just sitting, and not doing anything for you.  If your content is there and published, it might as well be the most effective tool you can make it, right?


If this is confusing, and you need more help, we have it for you as a member, or you can always enlist Courtney’s Services! We create your custom proper business plan start SEO Content Action Plan for your niche, and guide you with the Google Friendly words you need to be using.  Here’s more to explain what Google Friendly is…



Remember your Business Plan Start formula you need:


how to start a businessBuild a Business Blog Structure Plan=Target Niche+Google Friendly Optimized Content Plan=Start Business Right & Don’t Waste Time.




Best Blogging Tips: Are You Making Classic Mistakes?

how to promote your blog

What is blogging all about anyway, and what are the best blogging tips for anyone to use?


Do you know where you are in blogging, and how to do better to promote your blog? Are you making classic mistakes?


We’re covering it!  Get your best content blog and great template ideas, and make them go viral. Increase earnings, write your best headlines, and get great SEO practices and tracking.  There’s something here for everyone at any level of blogging, and if you’re making mistakes, you can change them.


Don’t worry, we all make mistakes, but let’s answer first where you are in blogging. How do you fix mistakes if you don’t know where you are?



How do you know how to promote your blog, if you just don’t know?…



promotePromote Your Blog Tips: Which Lifecycle is Your Blog In?



Here are the five stages every profitable blog needs to go through to promote and reach success.


1. Birth: No Traffic, No Rankings


A lot of people underestimate how long this stage can last. Unfortunately, you can actually be getting just about no traffic for as many as twenty posts, sometimes more.


You’re probably still selecting your WordPress themes, have less than ten great posts, and are still experimenting with your tone and options.


In order to succeed, you just have to press through it, and keep going.


2. Baby: Just Bits of Traffic, Still No Rankings


At this stage, you start to have an audience, though a very, very small one.


You’ll start to get a trickle of people coming to your website from a variety of random sources. Perhaps you have a link in your signature in forums. Perhaps you’re commenting on blogs that interest you.


People may be finding your site through totally random searches that you’re not really optimizing for.


3. Toddler/Adolescent: Some Visitors, 1-5 Pages Ranked, Some Trust


At this stage you may want to consider beginning to promote and build a newsletter. If you’re still using a free theme or design, you may want to pay for a great custom design.


Though you’re not the top guy in the industry, you’re beginning to get a small following of people who listen to and trust your great advice.


You have a couple of pages that are ranked in the search engines. This isn’t great per se, as by this point you’ll probably have at least fifty posts, but it still feels great to see some of your pages getting decent rankings.


4.Teenager: Moderate Earnings, Strong Reputation


At this point you’re making enough money from your blog to just about support yourself. You may even get 1-2 direct advertising deals.


You’re getting backlinks without having to ask, and a higher percentage of your great post pages are getting ranked.


When you recommend a product, people begin to take it seriously. Sales come easier, because people are starting to trust your reputation.


The Teenager phase can last awhile, and at various degrees. This is where you need to pay attention more to ideas and better blogging post tips. Implement strategies to promote your blog, and elevate your performance. As in the birth level, keep pressing through if you want to move on to the next stage.


5. Adult/Expert: Strong Earnings, Known Brand in the Industry


At this point your blog is one of the top 3-5 in the industry. If someone mentioned your name at a conference, more often than not people would recognize the great name.


Most blogs never reach this stage. However, if you do make it to this great point, you’ll get to enjoy many perks.


One perk is that in addition to high levels of traffic, often direct traffic, you also get paid more for that traffic. Your rates from direct advertisers are many times higher than AdSense or the CPMs of other sites. You’ll also generally be selling your own great products at a decent conversion rate.



postPromote Your Blog Tips: Are You Coming up with Great Blog Post Content Ideas?



Even top bloggers struggle with this one, but here are a couple you may have forgotten.


1. Read Your Competitor’s Blog


Your competitors can be a great source of inspiration. What are they doing right to promote? What are they doing wrong? How are their customers and readers responding to them?


Read both the content of the posts and the comments. See which of their posts are popular and see if you can address similar post topics in your own great style.


If there are any “holes” in their coverage, be the first to address those holes as well.


2. Just Start Ranting


Another great strategy to get great post writing is to just write. Get it all out on paper or a Word doc, and throw it all down. Write about any old thing. Write about random tips, or write about great off-the-wall ideas you’ve had.


After that, you edit…throw out bad, and keep the good, and find something useful to promote. You might not, but most likely there will be something there. What’s important is that you’ve gone from stuck and stopped to writing and going.



greatPromote Your Blog Tips: Are You Making Your Great Content & Blog Post Go Viral?



Try Quizzes


Basically, you create a great quiz that appeals to your specific audience.


Once people answer the quiz, they have the opportunity to share it and promote it with their friends on Facebook, Twitter, their own sites, etc. The trick is to have the code to embed the quiz on their own sites include a backlink to your own site with relevant anchor text.


Using this technique, you can generate hundreds or even thousands of great one-way backlinks to your site with your keyword anchor text.


The key blog post tips and great ideas here are:


1) Create great content that catches attention, or that would be bookmarked.
2) Create fun experiences for people that they’d want to share and promote.
3) Create some sort of easy-to-use mechanism for people to link back to your site.  (Blog buttons used to do this a lot, but they can cause clutter, and less people place them on their sites these days.  You’ll need to get creative about your mechanism.)


Use Infographics


Infographics are incredible sources of great backlinks too.


The key components are the same as the above: unique, attention-catching content that’s both fun and easy to link to.


A great infographic needs to contain shocking information about a specific topic. Include surprising statistics and facts, and present in a humorous way.


Be sure to include a thumbnail version of the infographic with easy-to-copy HTML code to put the thumbnail that is linking to the infographic on someone else’s website. Also include Facebook like and Twitter re-tweet codes to promote, etc.



postHow to Promote Your Blog Tips: Are You Using Great Article Templates for Good Blog Post Content?



These are 7 great template examples used by bloggers from many different markets. When written well, readers love them.


Promote Your Blog Tips Template 1 – How to Do ________

A how-to article on something your audience really wants to know how to do.


Promote Your Blog Tips Template 2– X Signs of Y

Share any number of signs that Y is true.


Example: 5 Signs That Your Blog Needs a Makeover
Example: 10 Signs That Your Date Doesn’t Like You
Example: 20 Signs That You’re Spending Too Much Time on Social Media


Promote Your Blog Tips Template 3– Common Questions and Answers

Give the most common questions and answers you get asked. This article can be repeated again and again with different questions and themes of questions.


Promote Your Blog Template 4 – An In-Depth Analysis of a Technique or Theory

Take a popular theory or technique and dissect it. Take apart its strengths and weakness, point out things others hadn’t noticed before and give extra tips for people who want to use the technique.


Example: The strengths and weaknesses of forum marketing as a traffic-generation method, plus little-known tips on how to get the most out of forum marketing.


Promote Your Blog Tips Template 5 – State a Prediction about the Future

State a strong case for what you believe is going to happen in the future, with an emphasis on how it’ll affect your reader.


Promote Your Blog Tips Template 6 – Share a Personal Story with a Moral or Lesson

Give your readers a personal story that ends in an educational lesson or moral.


Promote Your Blog Tips Template 7 – Why X Popular Sentiment Is Wrong

Take a popular stance in your industry, and take the opposite sentiment. It helps to actually believe the opposite stance, so pick something that works for you.



blogHow to Promote Your Blog Tips: Are You Writing Attention-Grabbing Headlines for a Great Blog Post?



Make no mistake: People reading your blog are always just a click away from reading something else. Blog posts need great headlines.


In order to win new readership and keep old readership interested, you need to write headlines that draw people in. Here’s how…




greatPromote Your Blog Tips: Be Extra Unique



In most industries, topics have been written about again and again, and people are just tired of the same stuff. If you can make it unique, you have a winner to promote.


Even if you’re writing about a topic that others have written about in the past, make sure you imply that you have a unique spin. In fact, if you can present your blog title as controversial or even counter-intuitive, you’re sure to get more readers.


Don’t write what people already know, or what they think they know. Your title needs to imply that whatever you’re writing about, it’s nothing they’ve EVER heard before.



promoteHow to Promote Your Blog Tips: Always Make It about Your Readers



This is THE cardinal rule, yet one of the most commonly violated by bloggers.


Posts like, “What I did today” or “Updates from my _________” are classic mistakes, and from bloggers who think they have an interested audience.


If your titles are about you, you’ve lost your audience right off the bat. Your titles should always be about your reader, what reading the post article could do for them, and about the powerful benefit they might receive by reading the full, great article.


Are you guilty? Change it!



blogPromote Your Blog Tips: Serve Up The Inner Conversation of Your Niche Audience



Your average audience tends to have a very similar internal conversation. For example:


Beginner Bloggers: “I want to earn money with my blogsite, but I don’t really know how to start.”


Novice golfers: “I know there’s something wrong with my game, I just don’t know what it is.”


Intermediate crafters: “My crafting skills are pretty decent, but I just don’t think I’ll be able to earn money with them.”


How to Promote Your Great Blog Tips: Any niche has this.



An extremely powerful principle in headline writing is to simply echo or address your reader’s internal dialogue. If you know your niche audience, you can focus down even more here.  Just show them that you understand what their frustrations are, and that you can help.  You will win their trust.




How to Promote Your Blog Tips: Are You Increasing AdSense Earnings?



Try These Ad Format Tips



One option that most publishers forget to change is the ad font. By selecting larger-sized fonts, you can often draw more attention to your AdSense blocks. Play around with different fonts and font sizes, track them with channels and see what kind of great results you get.


The large and medium rectangles tend to perform best for bloggers. The text link ads on navigation bars can also sometimes work quite well. Skyscraper ads tend to perform poorly.


In general, aim to have your ads either blend in or stand out.


Generally “stand out” ads work best when your advertisements are things people genuinely want to see.


Use Your Advertiser Controls


Google has given publishers quite a bit more control. You can specify to Google what kind of ads you want to promote to your visitors to see.


Google does a great job of finding relevant contextual ads, but you can also experiment with targeting users in peripheral markets.


For example, if you run a recipe blog, you might experiment with ads targeted at kids, as many recipes are motivated by what kids eat.


Put AdSense in Your RSS Feed


A lot of bloggers neglect this source of revenue. Many blog followers use RSS readers. Let Google AdSense take care of this issue with AdSense for feeds. Once you turn on AdSense for feeds, you can earn money from both visitors to your blogsite, and people who follow your blogsite via RSS feeds.



postPromote Your Blog Tips: Are You Making Money with Direct Advertisers?



Bloggers who make their money from direct advertisers rather than through AdSense can earn as much as 3-4 times more. The direct ads market is a significant step up from other monetization methods, but when should you take this step?


When Should You Take on Direct Advertisers?


Generally you’ll want to be getting at least half a million pageviews per month before seeking out direct advertisers. Your brand needs to be well recognized in your space, and your home domain’s Page Rank should be at least 3 or 4.


Keep in mind there are many budgets out there, and you can help promote advertisers who are on budgets, if you don’t quite have the great ranking and numbers yet.


You’ll find people start approaching you to advertise on your site, because they are seeing your site as reputable. They think you have great traffic, and are starting to believe in your brand.


Once you’ve made your first sale or two from people approaching you, you can start taking a more active role in soliciting future advertisers to promote.


What Are Direct Advertisers Looking For


They’re looking for great traffic. If your site doesn’t get enough traffic, they’re not even going to bother with negotiations.


They’re brand conscious, and want their ads to be displayed on websites that complement their brand.


Words of Caution Dealing with Direct Advertisers


It’s best to set up your own ad serving software, if you’re taking on direct advertisers, and be ready to go.


Be aware of, and be sure to have your policy around text link buys, and know the rules from Google link schemes and FTC disclosure requirements. You’ll almost certainly be approached regarding buying text links. Though they can be a good source of revenue, selling links can damage your rankings.



promotePromote Your Blog Tips: Are You Using SEO Great Practices for WordPress?



WordPress is one of the most powerful blogging platforms for getting ranked in search engines . Unfortunately, out of the box WordPress is actually quite poorly configured.


Here are some of the SEO great practices to implement for your WordPress blog.


Promote with Internal Linking and Categories


It’s best to link related post articles to one another within posts on similar topics. This will pass relevant link juice between your own pages, as well as show real people other pages they might be interested in.


Categories can help a lot with internal linking. Make sure you have well-named categories and place each post content into the specific category they belong in.


Search engines will tell what each category is about, and see that you have a lot of relevant content in that category.


Promote by Changing the Title Structure


By default, WordPress places your blog title first, then the blog post.


For example, if your blog’s name is “John’s Blog” and your title is “How to Learn Woodcarving,” WordPress displays:


John’s Blog | How to Learn Woodcarving

In reality, you want it reversed:

How to Learn Woodcarving | John’s Blog

That will give you the most powerful rankings for your individual post content.


Promote Keyword-Rich Permalinks


By default, WordPress uses a numeric system for creating permalinks. Instead, it’s better for both your rankings and the human eye to actually have something that’s readable, and has your keyword in it. For example,


Promote & Tag Your Images


Images that are actually part of your posts should always be tagged in your alt text.


Promote by Adding Caching to Increase Speed


Search engines place quite a high importance on load times. If your site loads fast, it gets quite a few great points for that. To decrease your load times, install a caching plugin like W3 Total Cache or Super Cache.


Promote & Use a Sitemap Plug-In


A sitemap makes it easy for search engines to find all the pages on your site.


By decreasing the computing power it takes for a spider to crawl your site, you’ll win a few extra points in the search engine’s eyes.


The easiest way to set up and maintain a sitemap for WordPress is to simply install a plugin that will automatically do it for you.


More on SEO to Promote Your Blog


The All In One SEO plugin is a free, and used by many in the WordPress community. It makes it easy to change your title structures, permalink structures and more.


Preventing comment spam is also an important part of ranking. The best way to do that is to use the Akismet plugin.



greatPromote Your Blog Tips: Do you Have Great Services for Distribution?



Here are a few services you should know about. These services make the content distribution process much easier.


Promote with ISnare


ISnare is an article distribution service, and one of many on the internet. ISnare has built up a reputation as being trustworthy and consistent.


They have thousands of article directories, and for $20 a post or article can easily be syndicated out to thousands of sites, and get you thousands of backlinks.


You don’t want to duplicate, and syndicate out a main article on your site, but you can use iSnare to syndicate out articles written primarily for posting to article directories for backlinks.


Keep the duplicating factor in mind for any article submissions,  You want to re-write and submit.


Promote with saves all your social media logins, and allows you to post to all of them in one fell swoop, with one login.


You do need to sign up for these social networks first, and once you have an account, makes it very easy to post to all of them at once.


That means that any time you publish a new post, you can post a quick blurb on all your networks, and in five minutes have twenty backlinks pointing back to your new content.


Promote with Triberr is another great source of distribution for your blog posts.


Create a free account, and search and follow tribes related to you.  If you log in regularly, and show that you are sharing the posts to your Twitter and other social media accounts of those tribe members, the chief of the tribe can add you to the tribe.


Then, your blog posts will go out to all of the Twitter followers, etc. of all of the tribe members.  You can really increase your distribution reach through Triberr.


Promote with RSS Directories, Blog and Ping


Blog and Ping has been around awhile. Though the power of pinging has decreased significantly from all the ping traffic around, it can still be a good source of one-way backlinks.


Be sure you update your blog and ping list. WordPress comes with a small list to start, and it’s not comprehensive.


You can also submit your blog to a few of the main RSS directories, and seriously consider paying for an RSS distribution service to get your RSS feed more coverage on the net.


If your content would be well suited for a podcast, that can be an extremely powerful way to automatically get your content syndicated out to Apple’s entire network of podcast listeners.


These are just some of the services available to bloggers to help get content and distribution.



postPromote Your Blog Tips: Are You Tracking and Using Analytics?



Here’s how to use analytics to figure out what you’re doing right or wrong and how to get more traffic in the future.


Setting Up Great Tracking and Analytics


Google Analytics is easy to set up. All you need to do is set up an account in Blogger, and flip the switch. In WordPress, all you need to do is install a plug-in to get your tracking off the ground.


Track Your Top Posts


One of the things you always need to be looking at is which posts are popular on your blog.


Which posts get the most traffic? Which posts do people spend the most time on? Which posts get the most backlinks? Which content gets the most search engine traffic?


You can find this data under the “Content” tab of Google Analytics.


Once you know what your readers love, you can put out more content along those lines.


Track Your Referring Traffic


Who’s sending you traffic? Where are your backlinks coming from?


Find out who likes your great content enough to link to you. Then reach out and see if there’s more you two could potentially do together.


Track Your Keywords


The actual keywords people are typing in to get to your site could be totally different than the keywords you first set out to target. By tracking what keywords you’re ranking for and what people are typing in, you can have a better idea of what you might want to target in future posts.


Track Your RSS


Track how many people are reading your RSS feed, and which pages are most downloaded via RSS. You RSS stats can give you a very good idea of how strong your headlines are.



how to promote your blogGreat & Best Blogging Tips to Promote Your Blog: Are You Making Classic Mistakes? Don’t anymore!


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~Courtney & Betina

Be Successful: Take Action!

Would you like to hear the cold hard truth to be women with successful businesses and not fail?


It is so simple, yet so hard for so many women with businesses…TAKE ACTION.

women businesses

In fact, there is an entire industry of business people betting on women businesses not taking action, and that is how they sell their products to you. That’s how widespread the inaction epidemic against success is.

So many women with businesses will say they’re going to write a book, or starting a blog, or starting a new business idea, or creating a product, and guess what?  The vast majority of women starting businesses never do, but those business industry sellers know that women businesses will buy every course under the sun about it, so that you’re sooo ready when you finally get to what you were starting to do.

But, they know you most likely won’t, and they send you an email about the next course to buy for your next women in business success.

womenHere’s a prime example…

I, as one of you women in business, buy courses when needed for my specific projects, and I’ll subscribe to people who put out quality information.  The course or product gets put to immediate use to build my success for my own business.

So, I bought a course specifically needed on SEO for success on a particular business project, and of course the pitch to us women with businesses is that it will make your sales sky-rocket, right?

Then, the next day an email comes from the same business with the next course offer that was, “You’re going to need this one, because your sales are going to be terrible.”

A bit conflicting for us women with businesses wouldn’t you say?

It probably would have been best to segment me to a different group on the email list, so that I didn’t get the following buzz kill business offer from what I already bought.

That’s OK though.  I understand that I’m one of the few women in business who takes action when I buy something I need, and the business sellers are just doing a great job of delivering to their market of women with businesses wishers, but non-doers. They know what they’re doing.

The other side of this are the women with businesses who do absolutely nothing…not even buy that exact information they were looking for, which takes the inaction epidemic against success to a stage 4 cancerous level.

These are also the women with businesses who read blog after blog, and comment about how fantastic the information is, and how they need to do that, (and you know what I’m going to write next)…they never do.

So how do you break out of this rut as women?  How to you make yourself take action for your business success?

women businessesYou have to force it!

It’s like going cold turkey on an addiction.  You have to give yourself an intervention.

You must stop the inaction and just do something!

Here are some perks to help women with businesses think about how to be successful today, and how much taking action does for your success.

TAKING ACTION is your key to everything successful.

When women in business act they learn. When women starting businesses act they do. When women starting businesses act they progress. When women with businesses act, they give themselves a chance. When women in business act, they don’t waste time. When women starting businesses act, they like themselves. When women in business act, they end up acting more. When women with businesses act, they make helpful and valuable mistakes. When women starting businesses act, they join the small club of doers and achievers. When women starting businesses act, they are special.

Hey women with businesses, you CAN act.  You can force yourselves, and you can teach yourselves business success…no excuses anymore!

womenBe successful!

So, stop being such a sucker all of the time, and decide that you will act, and you will be successful in business!

Here’s an interesting collection of successful business people and their secrets. What do they have in common?…


P.S. Get going on starting your success with one of our Services for your business!;)


Outsourcing It with PLR

small business ideasFor your Small Business Ideas PLR is the easiest way to go for outsourcing…


There comes a time in every small business, and for every mompreneur when you just can’t handle all the daily work, and you need to start to outsource for better management.


But, outsourcing can feel scary to start to hand over very important management work to other people. You need to know them, and trust them, and it’s not so easy to find these people. When your business is your baby, and you care for it, and work to nurture it just so, you want someone else to feel and work the same way about it. Naturally, they won’t have that same attachment.


The Easiest Outsourcing You Can Find for Your Best Small Business Ideas


Not quite ready, or can’t find the right people to take this work for you? For your best small business ideas to handle the work of content demands, Private Label Rights is ultimately the best and easiest outsourcing management service you can do altogether.






PLR performs for your business work and management in so many ways, and is something you can completely control and trust.


Outsourcing You Can Trust to Start


In essence, it is an extension of you, working for your business. Therefore you can trust it to perform in your absence, over the unknown performance of people you hired.


If you are reaching that stage of overwhelm in your business, your first start for outsourcing should be Private Label Rights.




Outsourcing Work with Private Label Rights gives you many ways to start to save yourself time and money.  Here are 3 that can free you for outsourcing, and still keep you in control with peace of mind for your business…



1:  PLR Eases Your Business Workload



First and foremost, it can perform for you much like additional people on your business work team.  If you have hit that stage of not getting to your blogging for business, because you are too busy, it keeps it going for you.


Which leads us to a very special and limited offer to become a Member for your 50% Off supply, giving you the start to outsourcing and work management you need to move your business forward…



Blogging is essential in small business, because it is that necessary feed to search engines to keep you in front of people and prospects.  If you are using your content to help sell your products, or to relate to your customer or client base, business blogging can be extremely effective and very affordable advertising for you. Outsourcing it to Private Label Rights can be some of the easiest time and work management you can start to buy.



people2:  It Saves You Money in Business Work



PLR blog content is not just affordable advertising, but it is the cheapest writer you can hire. Ghostwriters can be expensive, but Private Label Rights, and even the good stuff is so affordable.


Great Small Business Ideas: Outsourcing Simply


If you consider that you can have 10 informative articles on a topic that you can start to re-write for only $9-$10, you just bought yourself a lot of function and time management for your business work for a small price.


Even Better Small Business Ideas: Outsourcing Plus Advertising


If you are blogging once/week for your business blog, that’s 10 weeks of posts. That’s also 10 weeks of content advertising for $10.


Ultimate Small Business Ideas: Outsourcing & Beyond


Then, you can take that same PLR, and turn it into your newsletter content or an email course.  You can use it for social media posts too.


startCan you see now how $10 of outsourcing can start to carry you far with all of your business work?


Even if you were outsourcing by hiring people to re-write this Private Label Rights content, that cost would be considerably lower than a ghostwriter, since you are providing the work material.


*Keep in mind that outsourcing it by hiring people to re-write your PLR, would be an ideal next step to start to save you time and money in business work management.


3:  It Expands Your Business Knowledge & Product Lines


Since PLR is really that gift that keeps on giving, you can start to take it further, beyond blog content and marketing to create products to sell for your business.


Really Good Small Business Ideas: Outsourcing for Product Creation


Re-packaging it, and selling or sharing it with people, customers and clients is the fastest way to build an inventory.  You can also build your business expertise.


Fantastic Small Business Ideas: Outsourcing for Building Business Expertise


workIf you need to learn about a topic, buy some PLR on it.  Let’s just run through the functions of doing this for yourself and business…


*You didn’t know about something, and the material informed you. You now can start to share that information with other people to build your business reputation and leadership.


*You can blog about it.

*You can use it for your email marketing.

*You can use it for social media.

*You can turn it into a teleseminar or webinar.

*You can turn it into your own unique product to sell.


And this list goes on and on.  Check out our very extensive list of the Private Label Rights function and use for your business management. Just scroll down past our Special Offer.


Wonderful Small Business Ideas: Outsourcing to Yourself


So, hopefully you can see now how these 3 very important parts such as: Work, Load, Marketing, Inventory & Management can be outsourced to a very reliable people you can trust…yourself.  You just increased your capacity to do all that work to help start your business right.


If you know you’ve hit that stage of needing to outsource in your business work load, but can’t release control, start with PLR first, and get the best of both worlds.


Outsourcing for your smartest Small Business Ideas might make you feel as free as free running…


Courtney & Betina


small business ideasP.S.  Grab new PLR Packs on business, direct sales, online profits, blogging, content creation, marketing, traffic and web design. Check in on our Mom Blogger PLR Specials or Business & Finance PLR to catch them.



Start Outsourcing with PLR for Your Best Small Business Ideas in Business Work & Management…It’s easy!

Google Keyword Consultation & Analysis for Your Blog Content



Google Keyword Consultation for Entrepreneurs


Keywords are just that… “key” “words”.  As an entrepreneur or business owner, you need to know which words or group of words, or combination of words are used commonly in searches online to find you.

Those words are used in a Google search for example by the public, and if you are using them in your edit posts and pages, and have established enough status to be placed at the top of the search results for that particular word or phrase, more people will find you.

Using a keyword in your writing is just part of the equation to growing your entrepreneur audience.  You must be a real person in business, building a community and network and list, with a hands on-in person approach, but the keywords help entrepreneurs target and reach people outside of your immediate network, and can work for you more passively, while you are doing everything else you need to do throughout your day.

businessThe bigger part of the equation is what happens when that searcher arrives on your entrepreneur business site, which is called the user’s end.  That’s the part we want you to get right.

Sure, you can be on the first page of a search, and even number one on a search, but if the people who come to your entrepreneur business site don’t stay, and don’t like what they find, you’re going nowhere!

We say here for our Entrepreneur Services, that…

Google robots crawling a keyword are part of opening a door, but the people coming through that door to your home or site count the most!

A Keyword helps to create that opened door, but you must be ready in all aspects of your business for all your new guests arriving to stay and enjoy.

Researching and creating your keyword edit template and edit strategy can be time consuming, and requires some connecting of the dots so-to-speak with your writing material.  Your business niche, topics and content need to connect and layer with the appropriate keywords, as well as other significant words, and it is a bit like building a puzzle. Plus, you must build this slowly and authentically, like a real entrepreneur growing a business.

Certain types of writing designed with a specific structure and schedule will edit, connect and layer like puzzle pieces fitting together that can eventually make up the whole picture, and if they are not connecting so well, the words and writing can be changed to make everything fit better, and be liked by Google.

It’s like, one puzzle piece needs an extra little arm to fit to the other puzzle piece, and that certain piece needs to be found and identified among all of the other pieces, and you need to find a few of these pieces identified and manipulated for edit.


Google Keyword for Entrepreneurs: It’s kind of like a Rubik’s Cube…This kid is pretty amazing…



Plus, for your entrepreneur business SEO you need to know how to keep using keywords in your future material, as well as edit, organize and present your writing in an appealing way. Let’s not forget about the readers, whom you want to read all this content.  And, you need to accomplish all  this with an effective blogging for business schedule, designed to help you with your busy days as entrepreneurs.


businessEntrepreneur Google Keyword Consultation


Our goal here with our Google Keyword Consultation Services for Entrepreneurs, is to either go into your site to edit, fix your keyword use for Google rankings, prepare custom reports from your consultation, giving you content type and structure with better keyword use to implement throughout your website yourself, or prepare custom keyword content packages ready to go for your implementation.

We can help you just starting from scratch with your entrepreneur website design and content consultation, or go into an existing site to edit and analyze your structure, writing and word significance, and give you a guide and road map for maintaining your writing and presentation effectively, as well as understanding how to edit and create writing that performs not only for search engines, but for readers.


We offer a la carte SEO Business Entrepreneur Package Services including:


  • Initial Keyword Research for entrepreneurs to edit, and set up your Website and Blog Structure, based on a custom “About Your Business” Entrepreneur Questionnaire to target your niche, and create your appropriate keyword layered system to be implemented throughout your site and in your blog content.
  • Researching keywords and implementing them for your entrepreneur blog pages, by finding words or phrase changes, or manipulating your blog topics to edit and present a better keyword or keywords.
  • Researching better keywords and implementing them for your existing posts, by finding words or phrases throughout your posts that could be changed to more significant words for Google SEO, and that make sense for your readers.
  • Creating a content type and blogging schedule from keyword research to help you post consistently, and with a specific purpose to help with time management.
  • Creating your entrepreneur blog theme and topic ideas that set you up for keyword implementation, and for organizing and presenting your website and writing to readers.
  • Content Overhaul for Entrepreneurs–Going in to your website to delete and re-purpose content, to define your niche for your business, and have your content support it.
  • All of these services above can be packaged together as our recommendation to starting your new optimized  plan for your entrepreneur website and active business blog, that will help you get indexed, increase your traffic, plus engage your customers and clients for more conversions.


editConsultation Ideas for Entrepreneurs


The consultation services are listed out to give you ideas of how to let us help you improve your business. You can request an initial consult, if you’re not sure about the best way to improve, and purchase services.


Benefits & Packages for Entrepreneurs


You can also get more a la carte SEO Entrepreneur Business Research Content Implementation & Services…

  • Entrepreneur On Page Search Engine Optimizing pages and posts on a page by page a la carte basis. See more on being Google Friendly below.
  • Entrepreneur On Page SEO Custom Google Friendly Blog Content Package–Writing custom created for your niche, designed to improve rankings, call to action, and engage and entertain readers and potential customers.
  • Entrepreneur Off Page SEO Services for your genuine and authentic social backlinking and social signals all respecting Google’s standards.
  • To get the greatest benefit from your On Page & Off Page SEO Packages, the initial analysis of your business, website, existing content and keyword research must be done first for your best results.

Contact us to set up your entrepreneur customized service, Google Friendly business package.


entrepreneursEntrepreneur Consultation Special Offers


We have an extensive resource of business information, blogging, blog tips traffic strategies, social media, email and content marketing just waiting for you here and at Courtney’s Business Etsy Shop called, BLOGmoda My Blog.

Enlisting our business services for entrepreneurs and joining as a member (New Membership Coming Soon!) give you a substantial discount in a yearly package membership rate, and we discount our SEO services as well for you. All of this SEO and content implementation done slowly and over time will ensure that you are a real person and entrepreneur in the eyes of Google. *Very Important!

What’s nice about enlisting our services for your business is that you can really dig in, and learn over time that you can’t get from a one time consult, and you are able to consult with us freely through the member’s Private Facebook Group or private email.

There are so many built in benefits that will help your entrepreneur business, and you owe it to yourself to take a look at a special opportunity, and then get in touch with us if you’re interested. Other entrepreneur clients have chosen this option, but our spaces are limited.  Because we like to give all of our members our personal attention, we keep membership small.  Just another reason to take a look!


Research & Implementation Services for Entrepreneurs 


We can create a Custom Entrepreneur Business Package or Individual Service for you based on your custom needs for your business.

Contact us to set up your customized service.


entrepreneursEtsy Shop Services for Entrepreneurs


We are Etsy Seller Veterans with a Best Selling How to Etsy Book Series you can purchase individually or packaged together with How to Keyword Your Etsy Shop, Facebook and Pinterest for Business Guides as well as a Blogging Tutorials Book included for a complete Entrepreneur Etsy Business Start Up Package.

Your Etsy Business Start Up Package includes a coupon for any content purchases here at Mom Blogger PLR to keep your Etsy Business Blog active, as well as a coupon for any of our Etsy Shop Consultation, Keyword, SEO or Business Services.

We can personally guide entrepreneurs through setting up your Etsy Shop, go into your shop to edit, and create custom reports for improvement, and even provide example templates and outlines of your product descriptions and keyword placement.

Just contact us for any custom Etsy Entrepreneurs Business Service.


DIY SEO for Entrepreneurs


We know that custom SEO doesn’t always match the business budget, so a Brand Magic SEO DIY Package for Entrepreneurs will be your DIY affordable SEO to implement effective and niche specific optimized content on your site today. Here’s what you can get:


*Entrepreneur Business Consult-A comprehensive exercise and one-on-one consult designed to focus your business plan as entrepreneurs, fine tune your business goals, uncover strengths and weaknesses, and address implementation of your best business presentation for your new website combined with SEO.


*Keyword Research for Entrepreneurs-Complete, niche specific keyword research to determine your On-Page SEO website set-up, and to ensure your proper keyword structure to implement your Google Friendly content optimization plan.


*Entrepreneur On-Page SEO Content Action Plan Outline-Defining your website content structure for 3 key pages and publishing action plan for 9 blog posts based on your business niche specific keyword research and proper On-Page SEO set-up.


business*Includes a Complete Step By Step On-Page SEO Content Outline for Entrepreneurs– Your 3 Pages and 9 Blog Posts are spelled out for you to publish as a DIY Guide to setting up your basic On-Page SEO properly at an affordable price. You’ll follow the steps, and know that your Entrepreneur On-Page SEO is in place.


Here’s a video to explain Google Friendly SEO Brand Magic better for entrepreneurs…



SEO for Entrepreneurs


If you’re on a budget, we also have a DIY Keyword Google Research Special Report for Business & Business Bloggers!


entrepreneurDon’t forget that we have everything packaged for you at a low yearly price when you join as a Member. Your entrepreneur membership gives you the most for your money.

Courtney & Betina

Google Keyword Consultation & Analysis for Entrepreneurs