Business Opportunities: Networking and Partnering

business opportunitiesIt’s simple. Small Business opportunities lie in networking and partnering.


Networking is important for any small business owner. When done right, it can really launch your customer list and partnering opportunities like a rocket.


Many small business owners ignore the power of networking, and instead try to do everything themselves. However, you are leaving money on the table if you don’t find joint venture opportunity partners.



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Now back to your networking and partnering business opportunities details…

So how do you locate networks as a small business?


opportunitiesThere are a number of networking opportunities that work. Here are four of the best small business network opportunities:


Business Opportunity #1) Find opportunity by attending offline seminars


It is way too easy, and can be very tempting for online small business owners to ignore offline media when building their business and networks. However, often the best locations for finding partners are away from the web.


Some people attribute offline seminars as the single most important catalyst to their success in networking and partnering. This is because of the incredible opportunities that are available there. Next time, think offline, not online.


Business Opportunity #2) Use the search engines


One of the best ways to find JV partners and networks is through the search engines. Just look for who’s ranking in the top 10 of Google for the primary keywords in your niche.


Small Business Opportunity Tips


Also, focus on sites that have email opt-in forms. Since they are in the top 10, you know they are getting a lot of traffic. So if they have an opt-in form to build a list, chances are they will have a big list that you could possibly utilize for your benefit.


Business Opportunities #3) Bring business cards.


It’s surprising how many in business know this, but don’t follow through. Bring business cards wherever you go, not just seminars. Give them out to potential business associates, customers or anyone you think may find your services or products helpful.


Small Business Opportunity Tips


You’ll run into potential contacts when you least expect it, so be ready always.


Networking for Small Business Opportunity #4) Stick with Forums


Some business forums for example, have a separate section just devoted to finding JV partners. Going there can be a great strategy and opportunity.


opportunitySmall Business Opportunity Tips: How do you make a good impression?


It’s just a fact…how you present yourself will determine your success in finding JV partners. If you are a beginner, you might have a harder time getting quality partners. However, it’s not impossible.


Since you don’t have a large list yourself to which to sell their product, you have to find some other reason they should partner with you. You could offer them a higher percentage of the profits possibly.


However, be sure to test your site and make sure it converts before finding JV partner networks. Most quality JV partners will want to know your conversion stats before they recommend your site to their list. This just ensures it’s worth their time.


Small Business Opportunity Tips: Don’t worry about rejection.


You will get plenty of partners turning you down. Just keep asking, because the more opportunities you give yourself, the better your chance of success.


The bottom line is, finding networks of JV partners isn’t as hard as most think. It’s just a matter of being in the right place at the right time.


Hopefully, these four tips will help you find profitable partners.


businessLet’s move on to Social Media, and what to look for in these venues for your best small business opportunity and fit.


Find Business Opportunities by Knowing Your Best Social Media Venues


How do you know what the best social media venue is for your small business? A lot of biz owners just migrate towards Twitter, and Facebook because they are the most popular.


Small Business Network Smarter, Not Necessarily Bigger


However, these might not be the best for you. Just because a particular site has the most users doesn’t make it the best.


Especially Twitter with its recent revelations in the news on the high number of abandoned accounts and fake followers.  I recently wrote an “Is Twitter Fake” article on my personal blog about it.  Here’s a little from that…


The quality of Twitter’s userbase is the one issue that the company seems unable to solve. Business Insider reported earlier this month that 651 million people have opened accounts on Twitter and then abandoned them; a number far greater than the 232 million “monthly active users” the company reports in its SEC disclosures. The company publicly discloses that about 5% of its user base is fake.

All of this recent coverage in the news came at a time of doing my own research for my Twitter accounts, and how to make them perform better for my business.

Twitter has always been an under-performer in traffic results for quite some time, and when you’re getting more established online year after year in business, this shouldn’t be the case.


Is Your Small Business Network Opportunity Really Working, or Is it Just Popular to Be There?


This new information will turn my Twitter strategy upside down, and I’ll never view it the same way.  I have a new small business strategy for Google+ in the works.  This is just an example of getting sucked into the popular networking place, but now you really have to know if the right “real people” are there for your particular small business and opportunity strategy.


smallSo what should you look for? Here are five important opportunities any business should seek:


Small Business Opportunities #1) Be Niche Targeted


Some social network websites specialize in specific markets. While they have significantly less users than the big social media sites, 100% of the people there are likely to be interested in your topic.


What kinds of niches can you find for opportunity?


Basically anything. There are social network venues for just about every niche, and don’t forget about the blogs too.


How do you find these venues for opportunity?


One of the best ways is to just do an online search like “best social websites for ___________” filling in whatever topic you are looking for. You are likely to get a solid list. Also, type in “forum+” or “blog+” and add your niche network at the end. Both searches will bring up networks that are related to your target network.


Small Business Opportunities #2) Check the Security Status


There can be security issues with a lot of the smaller venues, so be certain you check on this before getting started.  Some of them require personal information, and it’s just smart to know the reputation of the network first.


Here’s a free security scanner tool to use: Securi Scanner


business opportunitiesSmall Business Opportunities #3) Simple & Transparent Interface


Some networks have clear features, and some don’t. A simple rule is to avoid the ones that are too complicated.


Small Business Opportunities #4) Photo and Video Upload Ability


Try to find venues that offer the ability to upload videos and photos. because it helps you incorporate more personality into your efforts. Uploading video and photos shows you are using the venue for more than just a link back to you, and you are serious about engaging and entrenching yourself in the community.


Small Business Opportunities #5) Active & Engaged Community


Look for venues that have a lot of conversation happening. Forums in particular can be really great for this, because they allow you to get in a conversation with your target niche and market. This will help you answer questions and establish yourself as a go-to expert.


opportunityThe bottom line is, no matter what social network venue you use, the most important part is that you get involved genuinely. Don’t just use the network for a one way link. This is how to get the most benefit, and brand yourself as an expert.


You’ll see more results from your social marketing campaigns for small business success in this capacity, so don’t spread yourself too thinly. Choose your networks you can handle, and make them count!


business opportunitiesNeed more small business opportunity help, or any biz, blogging or social media help? Get our Ebooks, Guides & Kits for business opportunities and beyond!


~Courtney & Betina


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    You have such a wonderful tips here! Thanks so much for sharing.

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    This is a great post. I am planning to build a partnership business with my fellow freelancers. This comes in handy.

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    I learned the hard way that you should always have business cards on hand. It’s especially important for blogger events and brand ambassador travel events. Loved reading these tips!

  5. These are great tips. Starting your network can be hard, but once you get it going, you get a rhythm to it!

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    Networking and building relationships with people when you’re running a business is important. It definitely makes way for better opportunities especially since you’re planning to grow your business!

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    Networking is so, so, SO very important. This is one thing that I have learned through my years of blogging. In the beginning, I tried to go it alone but after networking, things became easier, more pleasant, and more successful!

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    I always try to bring business cards with me wherever I go. I want my brand to grow, and I try to get it out there, but I always seem to run short on cards. I would love just once to have enough business cards to hit everyone that I want to work with when I am out of town.

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