What’s Wrong with Your Startup Ideas

startup ideas


Are you just starting your business online, and need your best startup ideas?


We’ll cover some basics here that will get you started on the right foot in business, and give you a little cold, hard truth. These startup ideas are not your typical get-rich-quick presentation.


These Are “Real” Startup Ideas for “Real” Business Online!


There are so many out there telling you to jump on the bandwagon, and do the next big trend, and how you’ll make six figures, etc., right? I know. They are in my inbox too.


What’s Wrong with Your Startup Ideas:


The cold hard truth about all these “this is it” startup ideas you get many times over, is that they just aren’t the real deal. Many of those startup ideas are designed for those who are “playing” business online, not for the real business brand.


The Truth is Always Cold & Hard, But It’s Good for You.


So, to completely sum up from the start, and give you some real and good ideas for real business, here are the most simple ideas of what you should be doing for your real business, and the ideas are just 4 things. Then, we’ll get into more details of these 4 Good Ideas.


Good Idea #1: Sell Something.


Good Idea #2: Branding & Marketing


Good Idea #3: Build a List of Subscribers from the Get Go


Good Idea #4: Daily Action



ideasGood Idea #1)What Is Your Product?



You are not going anywhere without something to sell. It’s a funny thing, but so many think they are just going to throw up a website, and the money pours in. There is much more work than just having a good web design.


You, Your Startup Brand, Your Ideas & People in Your Market Really Matter.


Here’s more of the cold, hard truth. What you are selling needs to be a part of your brand, and it needs to be good. In fact, not only do you need more than one good product, you need to be constantly improving your good products.


Your good products need to solve problems, and meet your market’s demands. You might also need to beat the competition. Those demands change, and you have to stay on top of it. A state of constant creation mode is required.


Everything Good in Your Startup Stems from Your Product Ideas.


The other funny part of this, is that many fail to realize your products are your heart and soul, and everything you will be doing in the next 3 good ideas we’re covering, stem from your products.


Even for SEO, people think it’s about a game or trick to get to the top of a search, but SEO is about your product. You will be rewarded if you have the real stuff that is really good, and everybody wants to find.
This notion is why everyone thinks SEO is dead right now. SEO is dead for the players. They’ll still be there playing their tricks, and fooling the robots for a time, but the game playing will catch up to them, and it already has for many. This is why they all hate Google right now.


The Haters Don’t Have Good Products.


One of the top searches to this site right now  is “don’t waste your time with Google”.  Google is feeding them this post I’ve written: Build a Blog Structure: Don’t Waste Time.


The post is an introduction to what you need to be doing to start your business plan and content structure on your website, and it is your basic on page SEO start. But, it’s not about hating and tossing Google aside, it’s about embracing real SEO, and doing it right from the beginning, so you don’t waste time. No game playing and real work.


You’re going to hear many say to forget about SEO right now. This is either coming from a burned game player or coming from a very established brand, with a very big list of subscribers. When you have a big and “engaged” list, you have a huge advantage, and you may take your strong position for granted. You also have a big budget for ads.


Good Startup Ideas Come from the Trenches, Not the Ivory Tower.


When you are just a startup, you don’t have anything, and you have to build it somehow. Everything online is about words, searches and what the search engine feeds the searcher, so to discount your online reality is suicide.  To discount how people search for your products is also suicide. Trust me. I’m in the trenches of product creation and improvement with you every day.


Just remember, your good products are you, they are your source, and you need to get them in front of people with certain words they want, so they can sell, and make you money.



ideaGood Idea #2)Who Are You & Who is Your Market?


Even though this is #2, it’s really tied with #1, because knowing who you are, and who your market is, is the only way you are selling those good products.


You also have to communicate all the details of your products really well, and you can only do that by knowing yourself, and what you have to offer, and knowing your market backwards and forwards.
This is where the new SEO comes in, because it’s all about branding. Remember, nothing fake works. It’s about your real brand, your real products and the real people who need them.


There is an extensive exercise I do with my clients, and it involves answering a series of elaborate questions about your business and about your market. They are not so easy to answer, and that is the point. But the more you can answer, the more you will establish your brand, connect and relate to your market, and sell more.


Knowing your brand and market well sets your marketing plan, and gives you the ability to create the content that speaks so effectively. So your branding is vital not only to your products, but to your entire business plan, and daily efforts. It also sets up all your keywords that you’ll need for all your marketing content.


Startup Ideas: Content and reaching your market, begins with a title, so here are some good title ideas you can implement today…


Your title of your blog post says it all, captures your audience, and is the tool you use for getting indexed and found online in a Google search.  You need your business to be discovered, and your titles and words can do it all for you.


ideasStartup Ideas: You have that single moment…bam!


You are catchy, you are entertaining, you are informative, you are interesting, you are helpful.


You are selling your blog title, and not your business on the surface, and both readers and Google take notice.


But there is more than just that single moment a blog post title gives you.  It can provide a template and style for your presentation.


And because your title appears first, and everywhere, it can also help you get shared more on social media. Think about what you would G+ or post to Facebook or Twitter, and write your titles for all of that social activity. Social backlinks and signals are all very important for your SEO.


Startup Ideas: Use Titles to Help You Write…


If you’ve enlisted my SEO services, you have your keywords, blog theme and topics all set. You may have ideas in your head from something you experienced that week, but you still sit there, wondering what you should write about next.  You have content floating around in your head, but it’s just not coming together. You ask yourself how should you phrase it to have the most impact?


If you only had a pre-set formula, where you could insert your bits and pieces of thoughts, and produce a single winner, as the impetus for the rest of your body content.


You can!


There are various formulas for a blog post title that can easily be applied to any blog theme, topic and writer, that give you that “bam” effect.  You just take your idea, and insert it into these tried and tested staple templates, and you’re off and running with the rest of your fabulous post and content.


startup ideasHere are a few examples…



*How To Get More_______________
*________________Is a Bad Idea
*So You Want To _________?  ____Things to Know First
*What’s Wrong with Your _____________?
*__________That Won’t Drive You Crazy


Branding and marketing begin with quality content at your core.  As soon as you’ve got that, you can put any combination of strategies to generate that community of loyal followers and drive dynamic traffic to your site.


You need to always keep in mind the 2 most important bookmarks to reach before seeing results from your startup ideas.



1.  You must develop high-value, original content with niche specific and relevant keywords, not random ones



2.  You must build a community of loyal followers or subscribers



Your community doesn’t have to be huge, just loyal, and you need to provide informative, helpful and entertaining content for your readers. You’ll find that developing your quality content, is what brings more of your loyal followers and grows your business.


Check out some good startup ideas in action! We can help you…



Good Idea #3)Build Your Business by Building a List


What is a List?


Startup Ideas: Every business owner should have a list!


A list is nothing more than the names and emails of people who opt in, and want to receive your notices and/or newsletters.  The vast majority of people use email these days, and this is the easiest way to stay in touch with readers and customers.


Why does list building work? It goes back to sales and customer service. If someone likes you and trusts you, they will more likely patron you, rather than a complete and total stranger.  Likewise, with readers to your blog.


It’s also about staying in some one’s memory, and being visible.  A quick hello, helpful tip or simple gift idea can go a long way to sustaining a relationship of trust and interest.



Additional Startup Ideas for List Building…



Did you know you can sell solo ad spots on your newsletter?  This is of course when you’ve built it large enough.  If you have a substantial group of subscribers, others will want to reach your readers, and will buy an ad from you.


Another idea to reach more readers and to grow your business, is to place a solo ad on another email.  Why choose a solo ad mailing? You want to expand your reach to a new readers or customers who have not heard of you before. You also want to introduce yourself to a new market, and entice them to sign up, or opt in for your own list.
You’re going to hear about this building a list stuff for awhile, and it won’t sink in at first.  It didn’t for me either. Then, I finally realized how important it is for growing your audience.



Why does this idea work?


It works because it’s not fleeting.  You get to build a relationship with your subscribers, unlike the casual visitor who is leaving a reciprocal comment.


That same fleeting visitor who signs up to hear from you, is not just here and gone and lost, but can be reached again.  If you’re providing your subscribers with value, they will stick with you, and you will become that friendly reminder of something special in their inbox, and not an annoying spammer.


goodThey also remember your business.


It requires people to sign up to hear from you, and they need to be enticed to do so somehow.  This is where Mom Blogger PLR can help you grow your subscribers…by helping you offer an ethical incentive or gift to sign up.


You are simply thanking your subscribers, like they are guests in your home, receiving a drink or appetizer.


The world wide web is different from your home, so the thank you offerings fit our environment, like coupons and discounts on products, information and tutorials or even recipe ideas.  By creating a free, but highly valuable download of some kind, you can increase the chances of people getting on your list.


Once you have them, you need to keep them, so your gifts should continue in some fashion, and you should be thinking every day of ways to serve them, and make them feel at home.  When you send, it needs to count.


Even though you hear to do more and more email marketing, what do you do when a marketer sends too many emails? You unsubscribe, right?
Gauge your subscribers in a custom fashion to determine how often they like to hear from you, and really have something good for them when you do send.


*If you need newsletter content, blog content, helpful tips or simple gifts, you can find them here at our Mom Blogger PLR Boutique.


ideasMore Startup Ideas: How To Promote Your Subscription…


Once you decide you’re going to help yourself the most by creating a subscription, you’ll then need to know how to promote it, and gain subscribers.


Startup Ideas: Here are 3 simple ways to promote yourself…


Good Idea #1: Include a link to your sign up form in your email signature.


Good Idea #2: Include a reminder in your blog post footer, middle and header.


Good Idea #3: Try Facebook Ads. 


You want every single communication you have as an opportunity to reach a new subscriber.  No one will assume they can subscribe. You have to let them know. You have to always get it out in front of people.


This is why being set up with your opt-in box or subscription landing page in many places on your site is a good idea.  Once you let everyone know to sign up, they need to be directed to your sign up easily.  The more places for sign up on your site, the more chances of sign up.


startupGood Idea #4) Daily Action



The more you can simplify your daily action, but be consistent, the more you will accomplish over time. The ones who do not make a daily checklist of 3-5 very important, money making tasks just won’t get there. Even if you just get to 2, and put the third for the next day, you are still progressing, and will still reach your goals.



You can get more tips on this here: Entrepreneur Moms Top Four Time Management Tips.


Making it in real business online with new and real SEO, real products and real people to reach means work. There’s just no way around it. You’ll have to work every day, and you’ll have to work every day for a number of years.


If something’s not working, you’ll need to assess, and fix it. There will be changes, updates, new tools, better ideas and things to do constantly.


Startup Ideas: Make Your Daily Action Happen by Being Realistic and Simple.


Here’s an example of being real and simple for a daily action checklist…


Good Idea #1) Check your product, improve your product, create your product.


Choose a product, take a look at your presentation, and determine if you can improve it. Likely, you can. Can you write better content or a product description? How’s the product image? Is it better than the competition? Does it need an upgrade or overhaul? How does the market respond to it?


If you’re creating a product, set aside a time slot for it. Get into your book draft to write and edit. Think about what’s missing or needed on the market. Think about sub-products of your products, and create them.


ideasGood Idea #2) Market your content.


You probably have a bunch of content sitting on your site. Did you market it? Have you re-marketed it? Yep, go way back, and market that old post again.


First, check it to see how it’s performing. Are people sharing it? Should you re-write it, change the title, or add more, like 2000 words for it to be considered by Google?


Second, don’t create it, unless it’s going to be really good. Spend less time on pointless content, and ignore the pressure to post something. It has to be really good, so that you CAN market it successfully.


Third, don’t create it for your site unless it is relevant, and fits your SEO brand on-page content structure. It’s just a waste of time.  Go read that post linked way up at the top, if you don’t get what I’m talking about, or enlist my services, and get it right.


Good Idea #3) Get more subscribers.


This comes from selling more products, packaging products or PLR as sign up incentives, and from marketing your better content better.


You can also run ads to market your content that captures your subscribers.


As you can see, your 3 daily action ideas all work together, but they essentially get you a sale or get you a subscriber.


What’s Wrong with Your Startup Ideas Might Be in the Mirror.


So, you might be saying, “yah, yah, I know these 4 things already.” You probably do, but it’s your daily application that makes the difference, and if you think you are doing these things already, and still not seeing results, are you really doing these 4 things? Can you do these 4 things better? Look in the mirror, be honest…


And get working!


~Courtney & Betina


startup ideas4 Real Startup Ideas for Any Real Business Niche Idea


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