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Your Best Business Performance Comes from Natural Link Building…


As your best business ideas, now more than ever, natural link building should be your focus.  With Google targeting link schemes, you should avoid any kind of forced link that isn’t natural (don’t assume “nofollow” protects you), including ANY exchange for goods or services for a link. Just completely change your focus away from those tactics. Paid, fast links are not natural.


Backlinks As Business Ideas: How Do You Get Them?


So you just read that above, and now you’re thinking, but I have to have backlinks from people for my business SEO. How do I get them?


You can get them from our SEO client services, and you should know that what we provide is slow and natural social blacklinks from real people to that awesome on page SEO business content we structure for you properly, and create.


Everything starts with your on page SEO content plan. Without it, you don’t have anything to link to naturally, and without it being good, you don’t have real, and natural people reading it, liking it, sharing it, and staying on your site, because it’s what they wanted to find.


Best Business Ideas: Define Natural.


First, let’s break down natural, and being relevant is key. If you are targeting a random keyword, but that keyword doesn’t fit your brand, product and blog structure, and the searcher bounces back to the search, because you just tricked the robot to be at the top of the search page, this tactic will catch up with you big time!


People Just Want to Find What They Want to Find.


People behaving naturally, is all about the relevance of the content to the keyword, and when that gels together, they then are so happy, they share your content with other people, creating a natural backlink via social media.  This impacts your business SEO performance dramatically. New SEO involves a heavy component of social backlinks and social signals from people, and we can help you with those.




The best type of link coming into your site should be from a reputable, high ranking source, and it should be completely natural, meaning based on merit, and done voluntarily and naturally by that source.


How does this occur?  You create such fantastic, delicious content that you get bookmarked by a reputable, relevant, 3rd party source.  As you can see, there is no overnight, fast track on natural link building from real people. It just has to happen naturally, and if you force it, you could actually get punished by Google.


There are ways to create these high ranking, reputable and relevant 3rd party sources through SEO services, but they require means, skill, much time, and a significant amount of money. If you can afford this, good for you, but I know most of you in business are on a lower to mid-budget level, and you can still do a lot of beneficial SEO more affordably first.  It’s what we provide to our small business clients.


Best Bottom Line Business Ideas:


The bottom line is that fantastic, delicious content can be created by any business on any budget. The playing field is leveled in this capacity, and with the proper guidance, keyword research and content structure, along with natural and relevant backlinks and social signals from people, you can compete, and help your business immensely.


Big Money Doesn’t Always Mean the Best


Even with zero advertising or marketing budget, you  might have the best brand, business ideas and products out there. This is what counts the most…your best products and branding communicated by your content! With just a little guidance and proper steps, you can get those best business ideas on the map.


Communicate Your Best Business Product Ideas and Branding Through Your Content.


Buying advertising through Google or Facebook will certainly build your traffic, but ads are a cost, and when they stop, the traffic stops.  By all means, if you have the budget, buy advertising to help yourself, but if you don’t, you are going to have to focus on that show stopping content even more than before to build those links.


Best Business Ideas for Long Term Marketing:


Setting up your keywords and content structure properly should be a part of your marketing and advertising plan and budget, because the money you spend there is not short-lived.  Content moving up the ranks over time, building your brand, sales and leads is worth many times over every dollar you spend on it.


You plan to be there for the long haul in your business, so plan to have your work and efforts build and live with you.


That being said, even if you are just buying ads, when people arrive, they should like what they see and read from your content.


Business Ideas: Think, Would I Share This with People?


ideasYour content needs to be so good, that it gets shared, so when you are creating it, try to think of how people will absorb it.  Ask yourself, would I share this?  And of course, make it easy to share by providing all of the sharing buttons.


This is where really good photos, promotional photos, videos and infographics can help you reach more people.



Best Business Ideas: Target People & Emotions


You can impact people emotionally through entertainment alone, and they can be inclined to share your mouthwatering recipe on Pinterest, or funny or controversial quote on Facebook and Twitter, in turn building you potential links.


Your emotional and entertaining content about your brand and products should include more than just basics, but personal details about why you made them or love it. Also, try to think of everything which encompasses the reading experience, and bring that to your content, like this dining room color scheme and decor presentation as part of your mouthwatering recipe experience…





Best Business Ideas: What are some ways to elevate your content while building links naturally?


1: Hire Courtney’s services: Only a handful of clients get a very special rate for proper-new SEO both on page and off, plus one-on-one attention for a year. Right now, there are just 3 spots left.


2: Use the help of PLR you can get as a special client or Member here.  Why, because you can really stylize, and cater to your readers with the content being completely editable to your proper SEO structure. You get the seeds of information, and you can envelop and simmer the details from them. You can make them exude such aroma and flavor to must be shared and linked to naturally.


Business Ideas On Your Own:


1: Get to know other business owners, because business friends share business friend’s content. It’s as simple as that. Simple, relevant and natural.


2: Weed out sites, business networks with unrelated links and low quality content. For example, the business blog might have a post on making cupcakes, but the link within the article goes to a sun tanning site. It’s best to avoid these types of sites with those unnatural link connections.


3: Reach out to sites and people which compliment your presentation, and try to make connections, such as visiting and commenting, and enticing reciprocation.  You don’t want direct competition, but want a site that focuses on health and fitness to link naturally to your healthful recipes, for example.




In order to stand out for people, you have to get creative with your best business blogging.


You need to be entertaining, full of personality, and strategic(Get our help!) with your word use with every blog post. Your creative business blogging is an effective tool you can use to help you stand out from the rest!


If you are doing everything exactly the same as everyone else in business and blogging online, why would you expect to get ahead? Why would Google choose you for the first search page, or why would people like your reading enough to stick around?  They can find it millions of times over everywhere else, right?


You can get the most credit and approval for your business blog when it is the user end. This means, someone found your blog through a search, and when they arrived, your were so creative, engaging and entertaining with your blogging that they stayed, and did not go back to the search engine again.


This user behavior by people tells Google a lot about your business blog.  A lot more than what those crawling robots find even.


Below, let’s cover some creative business blogging ideas using some of the PLR you can buy here. These ideas will show you that getting creative doesn’t mean you have to spend more time with the demands of production.


All you have to do is take ready to go PLR, and spin it to your own creative flair. Remember, creative business blogging is about the presentation to people, not necessarily just the writing on its own. The goal is to stand out and be different.


peopleCreative Business Blogging Example Ideas:


a)  Relay a creative personal story…Here’s your chance to be the person behind the scenes of the business or blog, and to relate to your readers.  Your readers will appreciate your openness, honesty and humor.


b)  Round up 2-5 best posts from your blog that fit the lesson, of your personal story.  Write brief summaries or insights about them, and link to them.  This strategy keeps reading on your blog longer, and hopefully finding your round up creative and interesting enough to visit a few pages on your site that you linked to, rather than bouncing right off the single post or homepage.


c)  Round up 2-5 best posts from other bloggers in your network.  Find some content that relates to your story, and present why you chose them with links to the original post.  Being creative in this way of business blogging, leads to stronger networking. Be sure to visit these bloggers, and let them know you’ve featured them.  This is a great time to build upon relationships you already have, or to find new connections.


d) Use best quotes in your best content for your social media posts.  You can draw agreement, or stir some controversy on Facebook or Twitter or Google+.  Ask your likers and followers questions, and get them thinking and remembering you for being creative.


e) Use any best content you have to relate with any current events in the news, trends on Twitter or Google.  This is a great way to be relevant with your content in a trending search or discussion online.  Most likely, you can apply some kind of lesson or personal story to any news story or current event…write up some creative and juicy content, get noticed, or have an impact of some kind.  Take it to your social media as well, and stand out as being in the know, or at least providing a unique perspective, and showing leadership in your niche.


Best Creative Business Blogging Helps with the Subtle Sell…


You don’t have to talk or blog about your business all day, but instead think of the ways people might be attracted to your site from other related aspects.  You, as the person behind the business, are the most interesting, and if you target personal topics within your proper keyword structure(Get our help!) on your business blog, you’ll build better relationships with your readers and potential customers.


You want people to remember you enough to return again, and a hard sell, can make them run away.  You want people to connect to you personally, and what better a way than to share your take, or for them to discover you have similar tastes.


Best Creative Business Blogging Helps You Link Internally…


Linking internally is one of the important steps in SEO. This step involves linking to another related page or post on your own site from your proper structure(Get our help!). Remember, being natural and relevant while linking internally is essential.


bestTake These Best Business Ideas Further!…


Now that you are grasping this concept of being creative, personal and entertaining while connecting your posts, and linking within your own site using proper keywords, you can apply this to many other topics that fit your business blogging niche.


The best thing to do is embrace topics related to your proper keyword structure(Get our help!) on your business blog that can relate to you personally, and embrace the creative and entertaining part first.  If people come for entertainment, they will connect that user experience and enjoyment to you, and therefore eventually what you’re selling.


Once you have a topic(s) you know people love reading, you’re on your way to utilizing the keywords effectively within that topic, and bringing more and more people to your blog through your creative flair.


If you’re new to blogging, just starting online, or want to start your first online business, you’ll need to educate yourself first on some best basics, before you can really grasp your creative style and flair to stand out from the crowd.


businessBefore You Get Creative, You Need Best Basics:


Knowledge is power as they always say, and having information at your finger tips with reports on how to blog for your business, find people as customers, make money, use success strategies, or even ideas for what your online business should be, are more helpful tools you can find here.

Learn About Blogging for Business Ideas…


You don’t have to spend a bunch of money on expensive courses. In order to get ahead, and stand out from the crowd, you need to learn how to use business blogging as a tool for your business, and to get to the important information faster, plus keep it all affordable.



Here is your solution to blogging for business to get you started, keep you on track, give you ideas, and implement strategies, so that you can get to all of that best creative blogging ahead.




Blog Business 101 EBook:


*With a Bonus Chapter on Internet Business Ideas including Affiliate Marketing, List Building, E-Books, Home Based Service, & Photography…


In this Bonus Chapter, You’ll Learn These Ideas:


  • Top Internet Business Ideas
  • How To Become a Super Affiliate
  • Build Your List and Make Money
  • E-Books: A High Profit, Low Maintenance Business
  • Tips for Starting Your Home Based Service Business
  • 8 Ways to Earn Money with Digital Photography
  • How to Sell Your Digital Photography at Stock Photo Sites


Learn Blog Business 101 on How To Achieve Business Success Using Mind Success Strategies and Selling Headlines…


In This Chapter, You’ll Learn Ideas On:


-5 Powerful Mind Success Strategies
-Tips for Creating Powerful Headlines that Sell


Your other Ebook chapters help you with Blogging for a Business from starting a blog for profit to traffic and monetization strategies and checklists to even finding people as customers.


ideasYour Blog Business 101 EBook covers Blogging for Business including; About Blogging, Starting a Blog, Learning Traffic Ideas and Marketing and Promoting…


Ideas to Learn Best Blogging:


  • How To Start a Blog for Profit
  • Top 10 Traffic Ideas for Your Blog
  • 5 Quick Tips to Get Website Traffic Fast, Including Using Tags and Links
  • 5 Keys to Creating Blogs and Websites that Sell


Blog Business 101 offers how to do Blogging for Business, Increase Blog Traffic, Make Money Blogging, Profit from Freebies Checklists…


Checklists help you stay organized, and on top of your creative business tasks!


Learn to improve your business blog with step by step checklists, opening your eyes to the possibilities of business growth in an easy bullet point format, letting you check off your tasks, and get your strategies in place to grow your businesses!


You’ll Learn from Checklist Ideas On:


  • Business Blogging Checklist
  • Blog Profitability Checklist
  • How To Increase Blog Traffic Fast Checklist
  • Monetization Website Traffic Checklist
  • How To Profit from Freebies Checklist
  • Guest Blogging Your Way to Backlinks, Credibility and Exposure Checklist


Chapter on How To Find People as Customers Where You Didn’t Think Of : 4 Unusual Places…


You’ll Learn:


  • Finding People Where You Didn’t Think Of #1: Online Forums & Mailing Lists
  • Finding People Where You Didn’t Think Of #2: Social Media
  • Finding People Where You Didn’t Think Of #3: In-Person Events
  • Finding People Where You Didn’t Think Of #4: Blogs


Learn for yourself or even better, immerse yourself, and take yourself to that next best level as a Mom Blogger PLR Member. Check it out!…



bestOverall, your best presentation ideas via content are the heart of everything, and all the efforts you make for link building come back to that core. Get your seeds of content, and make them simmer…Get Creative, Get Affordable SEO Services, and Stand Out!

~Courtney & Betina


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