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Business Boost PLR 10 Article Pack

Need a Business Boost?


Don’t we all?  Of course we do, and this article pack can do it.  Get boosting ideas for your traffic, article marketing, viral reports, ranking keywords, advertising, CTR and PPC boosts, forums ads, Google Content Network, contests, and landing JV partners.

Just to name a few.  There is never enough information to help your business, so take advantage of the affordable help you can find online, and in particular the benefit of learning from PLR, where you can use it personally and beyond, to help your business even more.


Your Business Boost PLR 10 Article Pack can boost you in these ways…


-Boost Your Traffic with Article Marketing in Twenty Minutes a Day

-Create a Viral Report that Spreads Like Wildfire

-It’s Easy to Find Quick-to-Rank Keywords

-Find Small Yet Targeted Sites to Advertise On

-Five Instant CTR Boosters to Increase PPC Traffic

-Forum Ads for Instant Sales

-Google Content Network – A Fast Yet Overlooked Traffic Source

-Hosting a Contest that Gets People to Refer Friends

-How to Land a JV Partner in Seven Days or Less

-The Three Fastest Sources of Traffic for Traffic Boosts

business boost

Business Boost PLR 10 Article Pack…

Price: $8.95

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Business Credibility Strategies PLR 10 Article Pack

Do you want strategies for building your business credibility?


In order to be successful in business online, you have to be trusted, and you have to build that from your web design, to your blogging, to your email sign up.  This PLR pack will put you on track to being a credible business that people will trust, and then buy your products.

These business credibility strategies walk you through mistakes to avoid, getting your header design on your website right, emotionally connecting with your readers, using video testimonials and positioning your brand.

Then, learn to master your storytelling to reach more customers, increase your business credibility through studies and statistics, and get them to sign up to your email subscription the right way.


Your Business Credibility Strategies PLR 10 Article Pack includes this vital information…


-Five Trust-Hindering Mistakes to Avoid

-Header Design 101 – Make the Most Out of Your First 200 Pixels

-How to Emotionally Connect with Your Readers

-How to Get Video Testimonials

-How Should You Position Your Personal Brand?

-Master Storytelling for Maximum Credibility

-Play Up Your Business’s Strengths

-The Basics of Using Colors & Graphics to Create Warmth

-Three Things Visitors Need to Know before Giving You Their Email

-Use Studies and Statistics to Increase Credibility

business credibility

Business Credibility Strategies PLR 10 Article Pack…

Price: $8.95

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Infographics PLR 10 Articles with Bonus Tweets

Do You Know the Features of Effective Infographics?


This 10 Article PLR pack will show you, plus has everything you need to know on marketing with infographics to improve your business, website presentation and blogging.

Infographics are awesome ways to explain hard to understand concepts, or to condense down a lot of information into bite-sized, easily ingestible parts. But, before you can create an effective infographic, it’s important to know about the aspects of the project, your business, and your audience – not to mention something about graphic design.

1. Know the Purpose of the Infographic – What is the final concept that you want to convey with your infographic? If you don’t know why you want to create the infographic such as to get more sales, more clicks, more conversions, to explain a concept or something else entirely, it’s likely your effort will miss the mark.

2. Tell a Compelling Story – If you can find a way to stir up emotion in your readers, there is no better way than an infographic. You can demonstrate so much in a small space. Think of it like a comic strip. It can be serious, sad, or funny – but it needs to tell a story with a point.


Here are more tips in your article sample:


3. Plan Out the Infographic in Advance – Don’t try to make an infographic without planning it out in advance. You might want to use a story board, with some pre-chosen images that you can move around easily to help you create the infographic.

4. Research the Topic of Your Infographic – Have your facts and data ready to match with images, graphs and words that have been fact checked. You don’t want to spend a lot of time and effort and have the wrong data.

5. Understand Your Niche and Audience – Having a deep understanding and insight into your audience will help you know what you can and cannot get away with showing on an infographic. Some audiences are more serious than others, and some get offended more easily than others.


Your 10 PLR Infographics Articles: (Don’t forget about your Bonus Ready to Go Tweets for marketing!)


-Ten Ways to Use Infographics in Your Business

-Benefits of Using Infographics

-Can Infographics Help with SEO?

-Features of Effective Infographics

-How to Create Compelling Infographics

-How to Create Share-Worthy Infographics

-How to Incorporate Infographics into Your Marketing Strategy

-How to Visually Engage Your Audience with Infographics

-Infographic Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

-What Are Infographics and Why Are They Popular?


Infographics PLR 10 Articles with Bonus Tweets…

Price: $9.00

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Local Marketing PLR 10 Article Pack Special

Local Marketing is Key!


It’s very easy to forget about your local marketing, because you get so wrapped up in the whole wide web and global market, right?

When you focus down and target marketing strategies that are in your own town or city, you can actually really boost your exposure much more than you ever thought possible.

This article pack gets you through a variety of ways to geo-target and pinpoint your customers, sales, rankings, traffic and more…all by going local. In particular, these are all easy and basic, so that you stay simple, and know that your getting a lot for your time and efforts.

You can boost your sales, build more relationships, use your website and blog to help you, as well as using audio and video and implementing and hosting events.

Remember to implement a local strategy in everything you do in your online business!


Your Local Marketing PLR 10 Article Special Includes:


-Boost Business Profits with Joint Ventures

-Local SEO – 4 Ways to Boost Ranking

-Tips for Hosting Local Events

-5 Ways to Boost Local Customers

-Local Marketing 101

-3 Ways to Generate Local Sales Online

-Customer Recognition – 3 Tips to Success

-Two Ways to Use Audio & Video

-Website marketing strategies

-4 Tips for Using Blogs to Get More Local Traffic

local marketing

Local Marketing PLR 10 Article Pack Special. Go Local & Grow…

Price: $7.95

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Mega Marketing PLR 20 Article Pack Special

This is not just marketing, this is mega marketing!


Marketing is vital to your success online, and you could probably spend a lifetime studying the best strategies and implementing the best tactics.  You first need to start with your niche.  Who are you, and what are you about? Then you can set up your mega marketing strategy based off of that.

Next, your marketing shifts to your content and articles, so we have you covered from establishing your niche for your website to the actual content and articles you need for it, as well as for article directories.


Get set with your Mega Marketing PLR 20 Article Pack Special today…


Mega Marketing-Niche Marketing Articles:


-Carving a Small Piece of a Large Niche

-Checklist for Evaluating a Potential Niche

-How to Find Profitable, Low Competition Niches

-Get to Know Your Niche: How to Research and Connect with Them

-Ten-Step Quick-Start Guide to Building a Profitable Niche Site

-Thinking Big in a Small Niche

-Three Proven Traffic Tactics that Work Well in Niche Marketing

-Why Branding Is Crucial in Niche Marketing

-Why Lingo Is Important and How to Learn Their Language

-Why Niche Marketing Is So Effective


Mega Marketing-Marketing Articles and Content:


-Competition versus Search Volume – Where’s the Sweet Spot?

-Five Tips to a Compelling Bio Box

-Guest Posting 101: How to Write for Other People’s Sites

-How Article Marketing Works

-How Many Articles Do You Need to Get Results

-How to Make the Most of Article Directories

-Learn to Write Quality Content Quickly

-Should You Post Articles on Your Own Site?

-Three Ways to Bust Out of Writer’s Block Instantly

-Writing Titles that Pull In Clicks

mega marketing

Mega Marketing PLR 20 Article Pack Special…



Price: $15.00

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Online Business Ideas PLR 10 Article Pack

Business online offers so much opportunity…here are some great online business ideas!


Does the Internet world of business have you spinning?  Are you not sure which direction you should go, and need more information to make informed decisions about your own online business?

There really is so much opportunity to create your business, and flourish, and you just need to figure out your niche and plan.  How do you do that?  You learn about all of the online business ideas, absorb them, and decide which one works for you, or you tweak it to make it better!

This PLR 10 article pack covers a nice variety of online business ideas from web apps, to drop shipping on eBay, to affiliate programs, to eCommerce, or blog sites and information product marketing.  Plus more!


Your Online Business Ideas PLR 10 Article Pack gives you these good ones…


-Create a Web Application That Sells

-Create and Monetize an Internet Forum

-Drop Shipping on eBay Explained

-PPC Affiliate Marketing – Tips for Success

-Profiting from Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs

-Sell Products with an eCommerce Website

-Start a Targeted News or Blog Site

-Start a Profitable Local Portal Site

-Starting a Successful Subscription Website

-The Three Phases of Information Product Marketing

online business ideas

Online Business Ideas PLR 10 Article Pack…

Price: $8.95

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Online Profits PLR 10 Article Pack Special

Online profits can be yours!


Would you like to see more for your efforts online, and make more money? There are a number of ways to do it, and you just need to figure out what works best for you.  Some prefer forums, others prefer eBay and some like affiliate marketing, but how would you know what will work for you, unless you know all of your options?

This Online Profits PLR Article Pack can lay it out for you, giving you many options and ideas to get you going and thinking. Then, you can match the strategy with your own style.

This will also help you supplement any current profit strategy you have in place, so that you have a variety of revenue streams instead of just one.


Here’s what you get in this Special Article Pack…


-Start a Profitable Local Portal Site

-Create and Monetize an Internet Forum

-The Three Phases of Information Product Marketing

-Create a Web Application That Sells

-Drop Shipping on eBay Explained

-Online Profits from Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs

-Sell Products with an eCommerce Website

-Start a Targeted News or Blog Site

-Starting a Successful Subscription Website

-PPC Affiliate Marketing – Tips for Success


online profits


Online Profits PLR 10 Article Pack Special…

Price: $7.95

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Online Traffic PLR 10 Article Pack Special

Everyone needs Online Traffic!


Learn how to make your website prominent through tools like web analytics and SEO.  Use the right phrases to enhance your brand and draw customers, so that your marketing campaigns count, while being cost effective.

Many say that online traffic is more important than your GPR, and probably so. After all, you need many people to find you, so that of that many, you are reaching enough to convert to sales or whatever call to action you have employed.

Knowing how to bring in more traffic and knowing where to improve to bring in more traffic will be an exercise you will do daily.  If you don’t know about how to bring more traffic to your online business, this is your article pack!


Get our Mom Blogger PLR Online Traffic 10 Article Pack Special with these powerful guides: 


-Web Site Prominence – How to Stand Out from the Crowd

-Web Analytics Tools

-Web Analytics to Track Customer Behavior – Why Is It Important?

-Strategies to Establish a Strong Online Branding to Attract Customers

-Implementing Successful Lead Generation Campaigns

-How to Give Your Website an SEO Boost

-Good Online Business Practices = More Customers

-Essential Tips for a Successful Facebook Marketing Campaign

-Why Your Keywords and Search Phrases Matter

-Cost-Effective Ways of Increasing Traffic to Your Website


online traffic

Online Traffic PLR 10 Article Pack Special…

Price: $7.95

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Web Design PLR 10 Article Pack Special

Is your business Web Design, or do you need to know how to design your new blog?


Use these article guides to either instruct your prospects and clients through your web design business blog, or to teach yourself more on how to work with a web designer to get your blog just right.

People land on your site, and you have to make that first impression.  Your web design has to have that impact, and have your visitors stay. You have to get that part right, and then you need to get your website working for what you need.

If you don’t which software you should use, or if you should have a blog or not, this article pack will help you decide.


Get this Mom Blogger PLR Web Design 10 Article Pack Special, including all of this crucial information: 


-Which Website Design Software Is the Right One for Me?

-Why Content Is Crucial for Your Website

-Website versus Blog – Or Do I Need Both?

-Website Design Options

-The Psychology behind Choosing the Right Colors for Your Website

-RSS Feeds – How to Incorporate Them into Your Website

-Why Landing Pages Are Critical to Your Success

-How Many “Bells and Whistles” Does Your Website Really Need

-How Cool Is Your Website?

-Easy Strategies to Make Your Website Accessible


web design


Web Design PLR 10 Article Pack Special…

Price: $7.95

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Website Building PLR 10 Articles 10 Bonus Tweets


Website Building for Business is a Must!…


Your Business Needs a Website.
Are you a brick-and-mortar business? How do others find you aside from walking past your door? In order to grow, something needs to be added to your advertising scheme. How about a website? Below are three reasons why your business is already suffering without it.

Remember when all people asked for was business cards and brochures? If you attended a networking event empty handed, that was exactly how you were going to leave – with nothing. Advertising is still the rage and people do take business cards, but there is one difference – the content on the card has changed. Traditional addresses have been replaced by website addresses.


Read on to learn more, and from your Website Building PLR content sample:


My Business Needs a Website Now

Still on the fence about a website? It’s time to hop off, and here’s why.

1. You are out of the loop – Just like no one would gave you a second thought if you didn’t have a card or brochure, when they find out you don’t have a website for your business, you become “persona non grata.”

2. An excellent advertising tool – While you have all those brochures, flyers, business cards and ads already, make them perform double duty by adding your website address to them. People can share your information with potential customers who are not local so they can see what you are offering as well.

3. Your business is never closed – Just like those diners what are “Open All Night,” you are as well, but without the need to actually be awake for it. Potential customers can find helpful information any time of the day or night. If you have an e-commerce store set up, they can also make a purchase while you sleep.


10 Website Building PLR Articles…


  1. Building a Website in Six Steps

  2. Eight Reasons Your Business Needs a Website

  3. Seven Common Web Design Mistakes

  4. Seven Software Tools for Building a Website

  5. Six Ways to Keep Your Website Fresh

  6. Test Your Website

  7. The Importance of Making Your Website Responsive

  8. The Key to Your Website Is in the Detail

  9. The Pros and Cons of Building Your Website from Scratch

  10. Using WordPress to Build a Website


*Comes with 10 Bonus Tweets ready to go!


website building


Website Building PLR 10 Articles 10 Bonus Tweets…

Price: $9.00

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Websites That Sell PLR 10 Article Pack Special

Do you know if you have one of those Websites That Sell?


You want visitors to stay, and you want visitors to return, but how do you do that?  There are keys to keeping readers happy, and strategies you can implement to create that kind of intrigue, as well as stand out from your competition, and build your credibility and reputation.

If you have a new website, or even have been blogging for awhile, you can get caught up in that pressure to keep posting and publishing. But, before you publish, you should go through the key points in each of these articles to make sure that content you just posted is actually doing something for you.


Get Our Mom Blogger PLR Websites That Sell 10 Pack Special to guide you to success.  Here are your articles for only $7.95:


-Two Keys to Happy Website Visitors

-Effective Strategies to Guarantee Targeted Website Traffic

-Five Questions to Ask about Your Competition

-Four SEO Tools and How to Use Them to Build Your Business

-Make It Easy for Your Visitors to Complete Your Website Goals

-Optimize Your Website – Test Early, Test Often, Test Variety

-Seven Key Elements for a Successful Landing Page

-Seven Keyword Development Questions to Ask and Answer

-Ten Ways to Improve Your Website Credibility and Why It Matters

-Three Ideas and Strategies to Give Your Visitors a Reason to Return


Websites That Sell PLR 10 Article Pack Special…

Price: $7.95

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Work at Home Jobs Ideas PLR 10 Article Pack

Are there work at home jobs for you?


Of course there are, and you can trade in that office desk job right now, if you just decided to do it!

You’re not alone.  Most of us would like good work at home jobs to choose from, if we knew more about them to take that leap. Now you can learn about which work at home jobs might work for you, and stop procrastinating about your future.

Don’t forget you can take your PLR further than just increasing your own knowledge.  Turn it into blog posts or gifts for your subscribers. Use it in your coaching service, or share it on social media.  Purchasing PLR is just the beginning.


Your Work at Home Jobs Ideas PLR 10 Pack has these awesome articles… 


-Building Websites – Easier to Learn Than You Think

-Copywriting: A Highly Lucrative Work-at-Home Profession

-Earn a Generous Living by Transcribing from Home

-A Few Examples of Work at Home Jobs

-Finding Clients Using Message Boards

-Finding Clients by Networking in Person

-Earn $20 to $50 an Hour as an Online Writer

-How to Learn a Marketable Skill in 30 Days

-Finding Telecommute Jobs on Craigslist and Monster

-Work-at-Home Scams: “Jobs” That Aren’t Real Jobs

work at home jobs

Work at Home Jobs Ideas PLR 10 Article Pack …

Price: $8.95

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