Build a Blog Structure: Don’t Waste Time

how to start a businessYou Have to Build a Blog Structure to Start a Business!


If you don’t know your niche, and don’t know your keywords, you don’t have a business blog structure or plan. You also don’t have anyone finding you in a search, and all of your marketing plan is a waste of time.


Stop wasting time!  This stop motion clip will make you stop and think. Plus it’s really cool…



Every business blog will need a base and structure plan from which to start, and you have to target your business ideas and content for your plan, and then keywords to match those plan ideas. Think of each keyword as a tool working on a part to make a whole.


All of those parts and whole are used for your business plan, and the more effective they are, the more your plan will perform for you.  Content after all, is your source for all marketing online.  It’s why we create it here for you to use, because you can never have enough of it.



businessIf you need to know how to start a business with all of this content demand, a steady supply of PLR as a Mompreneur Member is your business plan answer. It can fill your website pages and posts with awesome content for your best SEO, give you freebies for more sign ups, and help you create more products to sell.


Back to the Business Plan Blog Structure Start…


Here’s Your Business Plan Start Formula:


Build Your Business Blog Structure Plan=Target Your Niche+Target Keywords+Optimize Content=Business Start Right…


FIRST!  Before you start any business plan, you need to know the one word or source that describes your customer, market or audience. Yes, the one word.  If it has to be two words for your phrase, okay, but one is better.


Most of you already know your one source or niche for your business plan start, and from there, you either:


*Know your business blog content plan and writing themes already. 


*Maybe you’re writing for them every day, but they may not occur to you.


*You might not be targeting them through the right words and research yet. 


If you find reading this, that you still can’t target your words and content for your business blog plan, you probably need to get much more narrow in your focus. You do have a niche, but just don’t recognize it yet. Even if you just write what comes to you, all of this hodgepodge can be labeled and targeted in some way to fit your plan.


It is likely, that your hodgepodge actually does fall under one niche, and you just haven’t recognized it yet. You need to do this to be marketing your business plan start effectively, or you are just wasting time.


So, why do you need to target and label your business plan content?


Finding that appropriate topic label for your content, allows you to find that specific word or phrase to optimize your blog plan content as a tool for performance in a search.


It also allows you to start to speak to your audience in a conversation. That’s when your business plan marketing really takes off.


startAfter all, why do you blog, unless you want to be found or reach your buyers or subscribers?


Let’s Get You to Your Business Blog Structure Plan Start:


Once you have it, you can start by taking that single niche content idea or word, and plugging it into the Google Keyword Planner to see how it is searched by the public, and how it performs.


Let’s say you write about crafts.


If you plug that in, you’ll get other words like crafting and craft supplies.


If you write about giveaways, you’ll find other words like sweepstakes or competitions.


If you write about coupons and savings, you’ll find mommy saves big as an example.


Start to Build Your Business Blog Structure Plan Layers…


These are all just examples of your layers of keywords under your one source and blog structure plan start. Keep in mind that keyword research is an ongoing task. You need to be up to date on what the keywords and keyword trends are, and they can change often.


planYour keyword research, and editing your content plan will be at a constant. So will your business plan marketing.


Let’s break this down into 4 simple Business Plan Start steps you need to know:


Start by Building a Base Business Blog Plan 1) Know your niche in one-two words, which becomes your source for your entire business plan.


Start by Optimizing Content 2) Research your keywords that fall under this one niche, categories, sub categories, etc., which become your optimized blog material business plan.


Start by Targeting Your Content Plan 3) Incorporate and plan your keywords into your content.


Start by Using Your Awesome Business Plan Content for Marketing 4) You now have everything in place for both search engines and people when you implement your specific business plan marketing strategies.


Getting Your Business Plan Start Right for an Existing Blog


Pretty simple steps to start, except if  you have been blogging for awhile, you’ll need to go through your existing content, and really analyze it, based on your business plan niche and research.  It’s always a bit tougher and more complicated to edit on an existing blog.


The point is, you need to make sure you have words and layers of categories that match and work in your business plan start outline and to make everything relate.


If you are not appropriate or relevant as opposed to being very random in what you present, you will confuse your readers, and then even Google.


Why would Google let people find you in a search if you make no sense, and their robots can’t identify what you are about?


Once you know your business plan start niche and source, and layers of keywords for everything you are writing, you can then keyword optimize your old content, and run through posts to make them fit your business plan.



needNeed tips for the Easiest Business Plan Blog Structure Edits on an Existing Blog?



You can turn posts to draft, until you know what to do with them, and also just delete. Don’t be afraid to delete.



This is definitely worth your time, because  you need to have your old content working for you in an online search, rather than just sitting, and not doing anything for you.  If your content is there and published, it might as well be the most effective tool you can make it, right?


If this is confusing, and you need more help, we have it for you as a member, or you can always enlist Courtney’s Services! We create your custom proper business plan start SEO Content Action Plan for your niche, and guide you with the Google Friendly words you need to be using.  Here’s more to explain what Google Friendly is…



Remember your Business Plan Start formula you need:


how to start a businessBuild a Business Blog Structure Plan=Target Niche+Google Friendly Optimized Content Plan=Start Business Right & Don’t Waste Time.





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