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Divorce is the death of a family. It may sound dramatic, but that’s how it feels to your child (or children). Everything they’ve ever known has now changed. Children crave structure and order and a family - no matter how dysfunctional - does provide that. Your child knew what to expect. Now that the family has changed, your child will look to you for guidance.

Yet you’re struggling too.

Divorce isn’t just hard on your child; your life has changed as well. Even if you’re going through an amicable divorce, the stress can be overwhelming. In order to be there for your child and to provide them with the kind of guidance they deserve and need, there’s one important thing you need to do…


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Many parents make the mistake of being deceptive or dishonest with their children during and after a divorce. It’s done with the best of intentions. You want to protect your child. Yet even the youngest children are keenly aware that their life has changed. The best communication tactic is to speak openly and honestly with your child – within boundaries.

Two Things Your Child Wants, and Deserves, to Know

Your child’s main concerns and questions will center on:

1. Why you’re getting divorced

2. And what’s going to happen to them?

When you’re speaking to your child and answering these questions, while it’s vital to be honest with your child, you want to make sure not to blame or disrespect the other parent or tell your child too much. Short and simple answers like, “Your dad has decided that he wants to live by himself and not be married anymore,” is enough.




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1. Subject: The most important thing you can do for your child after divorce

2. Subject: What to tell your child after divorce

3. Subject: Four tips to help your child deal with the grief of divorce

4. Subject: The key to adapting to a life after divorce

5. Subject: Why your child needs to hear the truth about your divorce and how to tell them

6. Subject: Red flags that your child is not managing the divorce well

7. Subject: Three “life after divorce” mistakes to avoid

8. Subject: Three tips to take care of yourself as you transition to your new single life

9. Subject: Three things your child wants from you

10. Subject: Looking forward to your new life – staying positive




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