Men Marketing PLR 10 Day Ecourse


PLR 10 Day Ecourse:  Men Marketing...


  1. Tips for marketing to young men

  2. Marketing single men

  3. Marketing middle-aged men

  4. Marketing men with children

  5. Tips for marketing retired men

  6. Marketing affluent men

  7. Tips for marketing "girly" products to men

  8. Emotional triggers that men respond to

  9. Four mistakes to avoid when marketing men

  10. Tips for marketing to men globally


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Email 1

Subject: Tips for marketing to young men

Dear [Name],

Welcome to this ecourse on Marketing to Men, and thanks for joining us. We hope you will learn a lot in the course of these emails.

Marketing to men in the modern age is similar in some ways to marketing to women, and significantly different in others. Both genders shop, but women tend to influence up to 95% of all purchases. Yet more men buy on their mobile devices, and purchase far more event tickets and digital content than women.

Knowing these kinds of trends can make it a great deal easier to sell your products and services to men, for greater profits.

In this first email, we’re going to start by looking at how to market to young men.

Marketing to Young Men

Marketing to “Millennials” is one of the hottest new areas of marketing attention that could turn huge profits if your message is on point. Millennials are not as clearly defined compared with Baby Boomers, but as a general rule they were born in the 1980s to early 2000s, and they tend to have a significantly different outlook than previous generations.


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Men Marketing PLR 10 Day Ecourse...

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