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Ecourse:  Marketing Local:


  1. How to educate and connect to build local business

  2. Leveraging the power of local networking

  3. Build your audience by doing something good

  4. Build your business by attending local networking events

  5. Using publication to reach your local audience

  6. Team up with local business owners and grow

  7. Leverage Facebook to spread the word

  8. Three ways to get the attention of local media

  9. Community fairs and festivals can be a boon for business

  10. Should you participate in group coupon programs?


Here's a sample content snippet of your PLR 10 Day Ecourse, plus a great idea for marketing local to learn...


Subject: Using publication to reach your local audience

Dear NAME,

If you’re a business owner then there’s a very good chance that you’ve done a lot of writing. You’ve likely written marketing emails, blog posts, and articles to publish on your site. You may even have created information products, marketing materials, advertisements, press releases and more.

Content is the foundation for any business marketing, and most entrepreneurs do some of their own marketing. That means you’re fully equipped for this local marketing tactic - that is, to write and publish an article in your local paper.

Now before you shake your head and think, “I’m not that kind of writer,” remember that you don’t have to be. You can outsource any type of writing and have your article ghostwritten. If you don’t want to write the article yourself then don’t worry about it.

Your job, and it’s the most important one, is to learn what your local paper likes to publish and to pitch them an idea that they buy into. You have to convince the paper to publish your content.

What Publication Achieves

Assuming that you pitch your idea and the newspaper editor agrees to print your piece, then it’s a good idea to know what you have to gain. An article published in your local paper is a huge opportunity.


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Marketing Local Ecourse PLR 10 Day Ecourse...


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