Communication Ecourse PLR 10 Day

Communication is Vital...


During this course, we will be discussing the most effective strategies for business people and those in a leadership role.


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Subject: Common mistakes to avoid

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Hello, and welcome to this course. We're hoping you will get a lot out of it.

We will be covering a variety of situations in which communication is key. By learning how to become a more effective communicator, you should be able to run your business more smoothly, make the most of new business opportunities, and become a leader who deserves to be respected and admired.

In this first lesson, we want to look at some of the most common mistakes to avoid. The communication can be verbal or written.

Common Mistakes

1. Being too vague

You need to be clear about what is happening, or what needs to be done.

2. Being too long-winded

Everyone is so busy these days. It is important to get straight to the point, without being rude or careless of other people’s feelings if you have to deliver any bad news.


10 Day PLR Ecourse:  


  1. Common communication mistakes to avoid

  2. Why do you need to address people by name?

  3. The importance of body language in your communications

  4. Be assertive not aggressive in your communication style

  5. Tips on how to ask for a favor

  6. Tips for giving bad news such as redundancy

  7. Tips for getting the most out of meetings

  8. Tips for getting the most out of a conference

  9. Tips for getting the most out of an interviewee

  10. How to succeed in a job interview for a leadership role



Communication Ecourse PLR 10 Day...

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