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For your own company starting, one of your biggest business benefits comes from a blogging plan, but this takes time.


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Would you like to reach your own company business blogging plan goals, but can’t make enough time?


Yes, of course. It’s OK. Join the club!


I am never going to be one of those people who tells you that starting something is easy or magic.  I just don’t have any experience in that.  What I know is that everything in business takes a hard working plan to see business benefits…


Reaching company business plan goals takes hard work.


Starting hard work takes time.


business But, using Mom Blogger PLR for your own company gives you time. (We’ll get to this part.)


When I first opened our Etsy Shop, all I read was that everyone in business needs a business blog plan to see benefits.


(OK, I’m starting a blog plan for our company business, then.)


It wasn’t until Betina and I really pursued our Mommy LaDy Club personal blog plan a year later, that I started to understand what blogging was, and what it can do for starting a path to your business benefits and solutions.
Now, years later as an SEO Content Specialist working with my own company clients, and being hired by web design and media businesses for my services for their own company clients, I can’t stress enough how important it is for starting a business right with a proper blogging plan. To make your proper path first, starting, is going to save you so much time and money later.
Trust me, I’ve been there spending, and wasting plenty of time in business.


In short, a blog plan is a business mechanism or tool…that if used properly, can bring you exposure to the entire Internet world.  You don’t even have to be a big fish.  Any blogsite for your own company with any status has the ability to generate traffic, bring an audience and grow.


Of course there are a lot more details involved here, and more tools like social media thrown into the mix, but if you understand that the words and content you make in your posting plan have the ability to perform for your own company, you are on your way to unleashing your business blog performance, reaping benefits and business exposure.


makeThe reason why an active blog plan out performs a static website, is because the content is always fresh and feeding Google.  Google wants words to present to all of the people searching for them.


You can make and provide those words to Google, which will then serve them up to the public.


Your own company can get found through your words. Yes, little ol’ you starting with your little blogsite or business plan.


This is just the beginning, but you have to grasp this concept starting, so that you can appreciate your blogging more as solutions and resources for your readers and customers, learn to harness your company business plan strengths, and understand that you are going to need hard work and make time to implement this content-concept/words and Google game in practice.


startingThe Internet is a word game, and even pictures and videos have words in their html code for the Google robots.


Words are everything…your choice of them and how often you publish them are vital for your own company time, benefits and solutions.


When I’m talking about word choice, I’m talking about keywords and keyword phrases.  These are the words most searched by the public for what you make or offer, that you can find through sources like Google’s Keyword Planner. Keep in mind, these words can’t be randomly selected for your company business plan. They have to be a structured system with a specific plan.


business And which now gets us to:


*Reaching business plan goals takes hard work.


*Starting hard work takes time.


*Mom Blogger Private Label Rights gives your own company time.





Business Plan Solutions & Benefits of Private Label Rights…


You probably have never heard of Private Label Rights. 


And doesn’t Private Label Rights sound like something in the music or fashion biz?


But instead of just being another common internet abbreviation, it’s one of the most valuable shortcut solutions to make time a business blogger will find.



You may get your plan starting, but you still have to finish it to the end, and that means lots of writing and publishing. 


One of the toughest parts of company business plan solutions  is the demand to keep generating useful, high-quality content for your newsletters, ezines, videos, audios, and blogsite.


startingThank goodness, there’s a tool to make this constant content generation time sucker easier for company business… 


Company Business Plan Benefits, Solutions, Resources…


 Business Plan Benefits of Rights


When you purchase Private Label Rights content, you get the legal right to use it in a variety of formats. When used well, it is a company dream come true for all company business solutions.



Starting out, let’s answer some common questions about these benefits, solutions and resources…


One of the first questions many people ask is, “Is this legal?” If the content is created and sold with the express intent of offering it as Private Label Rights, then you are legally permitted to adapt, use, and disseminate the information, according to the specific rights you’ve been granted.


What happens if many people make a purchase of the same articles and publish it via a blog or newsletter–won’t their customers notice, or get mad that they’re using someone else’s material?


Here’s the real secret about it for your company business plan. You need to see it as a starting point for your content. You need to put your own spin on it, to make it really work.


makeHere’s a brief list of perks from using it:


*Business Plan Perks for your Own Company pressed for time, and needing assistance in generating posts

*Business Plan Perks for Online business owners, who also still have a day job, and need a little starting boost for content creation

*Business Plan Perks for Bloggers or Information Marketers, who occasionally battle writer’s block

*Business Plan Perks for Business owners starting to offer content in different formats (audio, video, e-courses, autoresponder series, etc.) and want resources and solutions for starting

*Business Plan Perks for New business owners who are overwhelmed with the amount of tasks on their to-do lists, and want to outsource solutions quickly and easily

*Business Plan Perks for Business owners who want to expand into a new niche, and want to hit the ground running with built-in resources


*Business Plan Perks for those starting a company business, and need resources of information


own companyYou notice Private Label Rights seems to be targeted for business?


A business starting a plan knows it must blog and network and market all of the time to be successful. Private Label Rights is a dream product for company businesses, that can be manipulated to make work for a particular niche with all of those built in benefits, solutions and resources listed above.


But let’s not forget that Bloggers are in business, and need a plan too.


*Bloggers either consider their blogs a business, want their blogs to be a business as a plan, or actually have a product and blog because of it, or blog both personally, and for business together.


*They need to generate posts.  That’s all your readers see…what you put in front of them, and that’s all Google reads…what you publish.  


You’ll read from experts that they could care less about Google and SEO and that it’s all about traffic anyway, and who can keep track of Google touching and moving that algorithm dial.


It’s true you can’t let stats rule your day and zap all of the fun in blogging and starting your company business, but the words you choose, the way they get indexed by Google in a search, the way people find you and come to your blog, the way your readers connect with you in your passion, conversation and relevance are all combined together.


You can’t really master one and not the others, for anyone working online. And, you can’t ignore the entire existence and function of the online world…words.


Your blog plan is your product or brand.



Your blog plan is you.


So, under the demands of having to do it all for anyone working online, you just might find you really can with Mom Blogger Private Label Rights, or at least do more than you’ve ever done before, especially if you want to go to the next level of built-in solutions and resources, like offering gifts, benefits and bonuses to your readers and customers.


Like I said before, there is nothing easy or magic, but Private Label Rights can almost seem too good to be true.  It’s ready made content for you, shaving off loads of writing and thinking time, but it still gives you the opportunity to massage it, manipulate it, edit it, and make it yours.  It’s not completely wiping out your work load, but is definitely making the time you spend shorter…


It saves you precious time to accomplish your company business plan goals!


startingMore Benefits, Resources, Solutions: What else does it do for your own company time?


Using it will make time to research those keyword choices, apply them through your edits, and create a better message.  


You’re in the game!


Don’t worry if all of this keyword talk is overwhelming still.  It will start to make sense, and if it is still unappealing to learn it, we actually have keyword and Google Friendly PLR available here. All of the difficult parts done for you, with guidance to publish for the most benefits. Or, get my SEO Business Plan Content Services.


Keyword and Google Friendly–A double business plan time saver!  Plus, you learn more by example.

Here’s More on Your Built-In Benefits, Solutions and Resources, and How to Make them Your Own Company Business Plan


Starting a Business Plan-Solutions to Originality


When things seem too easy, they bring skepticism or maybe even guilt, but if you think using Mom Blogger PLR is some form of cheating in blogging, you’re missing the key element of the product…to make it your own.


Some bloggers hire ghost writers to fill their blogs with content, and others use free reprint articles, but these strategies are costly, and don’t give you any freedom.  Ghost writers can be expensive and reprint articles must link to the author.


Starting a Business Plan-Solutions to Costs


Private Label Rights is inexpensive because others are purchasing the same articles, and you do not have to credit any author. But when you can make it yours, do you really have to worry about others purchasing it?  


businessAnd here is the ultimate luxury of Mom Blogger Private Label Rights for Business…


*You are completely free to edit it!


*You make it your own!


The Ultimate in Business Plan Presentation Solutions…


Think about the growing number of company businesses and bloggers out there.  We tend to write about the same things, and you could point to a couple blogs and say, “they’re just copying each other”.


We know they are not, because each has to present a post individually, with her own take and spin.  Even if they had the same recipe post, there is a different presentation.


Starting a Business Plan-Solutions to Marketing


This notion is the same with Private Label Rights.  You may have an outline, idea, paragraph, plan or topic pre-written in front of you, but you still need to present that for your voice and marketing.  You are absorbing the basic idea, and then bringing your story to the table.



planThink of it as your head start in starting your own company business


Here are some tips to make it your own company style…


1.  Make it 1st person.  Most articles are written in 3rd person.  As soon as you insert, “I” into an idea or topic, you’re already bringing your own version.  “I do______, I think ________, I learned ________, I know from my own experience that ________


 Starting a Business Plan-Solutions to Connecting


Any time you write personally, you are giving your readers and customers a stronger connection.


2.  Learn something new.  If you don’t know much about a topic, but would like to learn more,  Private Label Rights articles can give you that.


Starting a Business Plan-Solutions to Learning


Then, you take what you’ve leaned from them, try them out, take note of your experiences and what you think, and bring all of your lessons and experience to your new posts.


You might find that you have hidden expertise, and you just never thought of it before.


3.  Tell a story.  Do you have a personal or family story that relates to your topic?  Insert it!


Starting a Business Plan-Solutions to Authenticity


4.  Tweak it and mold it.  Do you have a better ingredient for a recipe?  Do you have a similar tip?  Do you have a life lesson or experience to replace the pre-written content?  Can you offer a change or suggestion?


Starting a Business Plan-Niche Specific Solutions


You don’t have to have that perfect Private Label Rights product for your particular niche or theme. You make it mold to your company business plan for the most benefits.


5.  Break it up in parts.  You have words just sitting in front of you from one resource, offering post after post, bonus after bonus.


Break up the paragraphs and sentences. Rearrange the presentation. Take one article and get 10 posts out of it.  It’s yours for the manipulation.


Starting a Business Plan-Keyword Solutions


6.  Keyword it. Or just buy it done for you here!




makeAnd this is the whole point for your own company business plan benefits, solutions and resources…creating more time for you, by giving you a head start to do the important things to get ahead.


You need Business Plan resources for all these things:



*You need to be posting to feed Google spiders.


*You need to be writing completely original articles for reputable sources, and marketing them for your benefits.


*You need to do keyword research.


*You need to be guest posting.


*You need to be marketing all of your posts on social media.


*You need to implement your monetization strategies.


*You need to run your business.


*You need to go to work.


*You need to be present and in person everywhere…all the time, including at home for your family.


You need a business plan solutions shortcut to get you there, and move you forward.


own companySo, don’t feel guilty at all. Embrace help available to you.


Take it from Boy George(had to do the 80’s), “Time could have been so much more, time is precious, I know”…


businessIf you’re using PLR right, you’re making it your own, your saving precious time, your making time so much more, your making your blog and business plan better, and seeing all the benefits.


And last but not least, you can get a steady supply of monthly PLR here, plus all of the business learning, marketing, traffic and making money strategies for growing and improving as a Member.  Go check it out, before all the spaces are full.  We stay small, so that you get more confident conviction and unwavering support.





  1. Stephanie says:

    Sounds like a great plan! When I started my blog, I had no direction. I was writing for fun! After all these years, I am still having a blast!

  2. Cindy Ingalls says:

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  3. Elizabeth O. says:

    Starting a blog is definitely like starting a business especially if you’re planning to earn from it. It’s not going to be easy but a plan always keeps you on the right path. It’s important to plan everything from posting to marketing your blog to readers and this is definitely helpful!

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    This is great for those who aren’t quite sure what they need to do, especially if they are more business focused rather than blog focused.

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