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In an emergency situation, you want to have a number of supplies that you can fall back on to ensure your survival, health, and safety. This requires collecting and maintaining a decent amount of those supplies even though you may never need them. Altogether, these supplies - including food and water stockpiles, first aid supplies, and even the most basic survival kits, can add up.

Do Your Research

If you are starting from scratch, do some research on emergency preparedness. Look to websites such as The American Red Cross and CDC Emergency Preparedness for lists and ideas of what you need to build a survival “kit” and items to stockpile for emergencies. You can also search your local area for survivor training and tips.

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Make a List

Before you go out and buy everything you need, make a detailed list of what items you need for your emergency preparedness or survival kit. Break the list up into sections based on their categories such as sustenance, shelter, first aid, and more.

Also have an idea of how much everything on that list costs as well. For home stockpiles, most experts recommend that you have a minimum of three days' worth of supplies, but at least two weeks' worth is preferred.

Build Up to It

Especially if you are starting from scratch, buying all of the items you need at once might not be very budget friendly. You might have to get one or two items at a time, and build up to the full amount of items needed.


Survival PLR Articles:


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Survival PLR 10 Article Pack Bonus Tweets...

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