Simple Living Ideas At Home PLR 7 Article Pack

A green, simple lifestyle is easier than you think, and simple living ideas can be done right at home.


Everything starts at home, and this simple living ideas PLR pack gives you great eco-friendly decorating ideas, how to grow and make your own green products, gives you a list of 25 ways to conserve water, use more healthy cookware, and even get creative with your old books and magazines.

It also spells out 5 myths about going green to share with your readers, customers or clients. If a green, eco-friendly lifestyle is your niche, this is a perfect article pack to use in many ways.

You can blog with it, turn it into an email ecourse series for your subscribers, create handouts for your coaching clients, or add some insights to your book idea.  Purchasing PLR is just the beginning.


Here are the 7 PLR Articles in your Simple Living Ideas Pack...


-25 Ways to Conserve Water

-Creative Ways for Using Old Books and Magazines

-Eco-Friendly Chic Decorating Tips

-Five Myths about Going Green

-Healthy Cookware Options

-How to Grow and Make Your Own Loofah Sponge

-How to Make Your Own Green Cleaning Products

*Soft Scrubbing Cream

*All Purpose Spray Cleaner

*Oven Cleaner

*Window Cleaner

simple living ideas

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