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Diabetes Myths

There are a lot of myths associated with diabetes that can easily be cleared up. It's important for people to understand that the medical community is not trying to hide the cure for diabetes from you to keep you on diabetes medication. The truth is, before treatments were available many people simply progressed until they died of complications from diabetes. Today, with the right knowledge you can live a long and normal life with diabetes.

Eating Sugar Causes Diabetes

While eating sugar does not cause diabetes, those with diabetes (or people who want to live a healthy lifestyle) should avoid white sugar as much as possible. Instead of a high sugar dessert or drink, choose something else. Eating whole fruit for dessert, and fresh filtered water for hydration is just a much better choice. But, sugar doesn't cause diabetes. However, eating too much can lead to a higher risk for diabetes along with other illnesses.

All Overweight People Have Diabetes

Many people are overweight their entire lives and never develop diabetes. While it does seem to be true on the surface, and being overweight you should seriously do something about it to avoid diabetes, the truth is that all overweight people will not develop diabetes.


Diabetes Symptoms and More PLR Articles for Your Learning:


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-Complications from Diabetes

-Diabetes Myths 

-Gestational Diabetes

-How to Help a Diabetic Child Live a Normal Life

-Is Diabetes Preventable

-Managing Your Diabetes with Food and Fitness

-Stress and Diabetes

-Type 1 Diabetes

-Type II Diabetes


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