Pet Tarantula PLR 10 Article Pack Special

Believe it or not, a pet tarantula can be a spider pet.


Some of you have already clicked away, but those of you interested in having a spider, and specifically a pet tarantula spider, this is your article pack!

This PLR Article Pack covers fact sheets, profiles of tarantulas, how to handle them, how to know if they're right for you, the right habitat, diet and care.  It even covers when having a pet tarantula isn't a good idea.


Get what you need to know, and then pass it on, because that's what you can do with PLR.  Here are some ideas to remind you...


  • Create and sell a training guide.
  • Create a coffee table book with PLR images.
  • Do a “how to” video on You Tube.
  • Record the text as an MBP 3 audio book, and sell the recording.
  • Rent a booth at a trade show, and sell the products you created from it.
  • Produce illustrations, graphics or comics based on the content.
  • Develop a “Dummies” type guide.
  • Create greeting cards with PLR graphics, quotes or affirmations
  • Create Power Point videos.


Your Pet Tarantula PLR 10 Article Pack Special Includes:


-Is a Tarantula the Right Pet for You?

-How to Properly Handle Your Tarantula

-Selecting Your Pet Tarantula

-Tarantula Diet

-Setting Up a Tarantula Habitat

-Tarantula Care

-Tarantula Fact Sheet

-Tarantula Profiles

-Tarantula Profiles 2

-When a Tarantula Doesn't Make a Good Pet


Pet Tarantula PLR 10 Article Pack Special...


Price: $8.00

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