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Here are some factors that influence your self-esteem that you'll find in this PLR 10 Article Pack with 10 Bonus Tweets ready to go for your marketing needs...

Your childhood is one of the main contributing influences to your self-esteem. As you are growing up and your personality and everything else are developing, everyone around you has the potential to influence the person you become - including your self-esteem.


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The pressures of society are a main contributor of low self-esteem. There are so many demands to live a certain way, dress a certain way, have a certain kind of job and act accordingly. These pressures can weigh on you, and succumbing to the pressure can often lead to low self-esteem.


Our absolute obsession with the media, whether it is print ads, television, or social media, contributes to the dilemma of widespread self-esteem issues, especially in today's youth. The ready access of social media especially helps to influence young minds with the pressure to look, act, or otherwise be like celebrities, public figures, or even their peers. It can be hard not to compare yourself to others even as an adult, but young people struggle with this even more than adults.


Your 10 PLR articles cover these helpful topics and don't forget about the Bonus Tweets included!:


Self Esteem PLR 

-Dumped? How to Maintain Your Self-Esteem

-Factors That Influence Your Self-Esteem

-How to Help a Partner with Low Self-Esteem

-Is Low Self-Esteem a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy?

-Regaining Self-Esteem after a Setback

-Surprising Causes of Low Self-Esteem

-Ten Tips to Strengthen Your Self-Esteem

-The Balancing Act of Self-Esteem

-The Link between Low Self-Esteem and Depression

-Ways That Low Self-Esteem Hurts Your Relationships


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