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Questions to Ask to Measure Your Child’s Emotions and Emotional Intelligence...

When your child is going through any event that might be stressful, it is important to figure out how to evaluate your child’s emotional level and how well they are coping with the situation. The best questions you can ask are open-ended questions. Open-ended questions require full answers and not just “yes” or “no” answers. Then, be sure to listen to the answers and ask follow-up questions.


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Questions to Ask

When any situation happens, it’s good to ask your child plenty of questions to help them cope with a situation. Ask questions such as:

* How does that make you feel?
* Do you think mommy and daddy ever feel frightened?
* How do you think that makes your friend (or other person) feel?
* Why do you think they felt that way?
* How do you describe fear?
* How do you describe happiness?
* How do you describe sadness?
* What do you do when you are scared?
* What do you do when you are happy?

* Can you describe them?
* If you could do that again, how would you change it?
* If could do anything you wanted to help someone else, what would it be? Money is no object.
* Do you remember how you felt when you were younger?
* How do you think you’ll feel when you are older?

Emotional Intelligence PLR Articles:


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-Questions to Ask to Measure Your Child’s Emotions

-Raising Emotionally Intelligent Children

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-Teaching Children to Cope with Emotions

-The Importance of Communication and Emotional Intelligence

-Ways to Raise Your Child’s Emotional Intelligence

-What Is Emotional Intelligence?


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Child Emotional Intelligence PLR 10 Article Pack Bonus Tweets...

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