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Beginner Walking Guide to Starting a Routine...

There are so many reasons walking is good for you, it’s virtually impossible to talk about all of them in one short report. So, think of this as a mini primer. Before we get into the “why” of things, here are some fun and interesting facts about walking:


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* Every step you take uses up to 200 muscles.

* The average person walks the equivalent distance of five equators in his or her lifetime.

* Believe it or not, it’s better to swing your arms when you walk. Why? When you don’t, it increases the effort of walking up to 12 percent.

* Under certain circumstances, when you walk, the pressure you put on your feet exceeds your total body weight. If you run, this pressure can be up to three or four times your weight.

* Want to burn more calories? Try walking sideways. It actually gets rid of 78 percent more of the little culprits.

* Walking uphill increases cardiovascular fitness and muscle tone.

* It takes approximately one hour 43 minutes to walk off 540 calories, which happens to be the caloric count of a Big Mac. If your meal included a super-size Coke and French fries, you need to walk seven hours to burn the calories.

* If you’re trying to improve your health, experts suggest walking 6,000 steps per day. If you’re trying to lose weight, walk a total of 10,000 steps to get the job done.


PLR 7 Article Report: Beginners Walking Guide...


  • The health benefits of walking

  • Walking while pregnant

  • Getting the right shoes

  • Necessary equipment

  • Walking safety

  • Tracking your progress

  • Mixing it up


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10 Day Beginner Walking Guide PLR Ecourse:  Walking Tips...


  1. Five great American hikes

  2. Benefits of walking with others

  3. Common issues faced when walking

  4. Getting the family involved

  5. Tips for walking on various surfaces

  6. Five mobile apps to take with you on your walk

  7. Walking for charity

  8. Walking holidays

  9. Walking safety tips

  10. Walking while you work


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Beginner Walking Guide PLR 7 Articles 10 Day Ecourse Package...

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