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There’s a boom in interest regarding organic produce being better for your health, but organic foods don’t come cheaply. If you own a house with a garden, it might be time to consider whether you should start growing your own vegetables. Here are several suggestions for easy crops most people should be able to grow.


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Note: Have your soil tested at a local nursery for best results.


Beans can be grown on or off a pole. The pole will save space, since they grow upwards rather than outward. Try Blue Lake and Kentucky Wonder. Pick often to keep the crop growing. Runner beans can grow upwards against any fence. Scarlet runner beans are gorgeous as well as tasty. Try bush beans if you have a lot of space and don’t want to use poles or your fence.


Try Early Wonder or Golden varieties. The tender beet greens can be eaten in salads and the tender young beets can be eaten raw. Allow them to mature fully, and they can be roasted and peeled.


Carrots work well in most soils, and even in container gardens. The Thumbelina variety is sweet, tender and sturdy.


There are many edible greens worth exploring. Some of the most common, which you can grow easily and use in salads or cook, include:

* Collard greens
* Dandelion
* Mustard greens


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Eco Friendly Cooking 10 Articles 10 Bonus Tweets...

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