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It’s no secret that governments all over the world are starting to crack down on sugar. They are passing taxes on sugary drinks and snacks, banning them from schools, and more treatment programs are becoming open to people who believe they are addicted to sugar. But what is the truth? Is sugar the new enemy?


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Coca leaves were used for centuries in their natural state to chew on or to make tea. This was normal and there were no issues. But, then they were highly processed and turned into a dangerous and addictive drug known as cocaine.

The innocent poppy flower suffered the same fate. Formerly a safe and effective tea, often used for relaxation and pain, it got super-processed and became a powerful, dangerous and addictive opiate.

Sugar first starts out as sugar cane - a healthy stalking plant. Used in its natural form you can’t consume enough to make you sick. But super-concentrated and processed it becomes like a drug. In fact, with lab rats, sugar outperformed cocaine as the drug of choice.

It’s important to know that there are various types of sugar, some natural and some very processed - to the point that even if they started natural, they are no longer natural.

* Fructose – Don’t get confused by the word. While fructose is derived from fruit, it’s gone through processing that makes it a highly concentrated form of sugar. This type of fructose should really be called “industrial fructose”. Eating fructose from natural fruit is not unsafe and should not be avoided. Once processed, though, it becomes something else entirely and causes a lot of health problems.

* Glucose – This is sugar that’s in your blood. You get it from natural plant foods such as carbohydrates, fruits, and vegetables, especially starchy ones. It’s one of the most important medications and very readily available in nature. It supplies almost all the energy to the brain. It’s important for metabolic health, respiration and more. If you want to be able to think clearly, you must have the right amount of glucose. Glucose is created industrially by using starchy plants like corn, rice, wheat, and other ingredients.

Sugar Addiction PLR Report:  Is Sugar the New Enemy?


  • The Different Types of Sugar

  • 13 Reasons Sugar Is Bad for You

  • The Surprising Places Sugar Hides

  • How Much Sugar Is Too Much?

  • Are You Addicted to Sugar?

  • Tips for Breaking Your Sugar Habit

  • How to Fight Sugar Addiction Withdrawal Symptoms

  • Recipe Ideas to Keep Your Sugar Cravings at Bay


Sugar Addiction PLR 10 Day Ecourse:  Food Do’s and Don’ts


  1. Foods do's and don'ts when you're pregnant

  2. Food do's and don'ts when you're breastfeeding

  3. Foods do's and don'ts for babies and toddlers 

  4. Foods do's and don'ts for primary school-aged kids

  5. Food do's and don'ts for tweens and teens

  6. Food do's and don'ts when you've got a cold

  7. Food do's and don'ts when you've had a stomach bug

  8. Food do's and don'ts when you're feeling low

  9. Food do's and don'ts when you're feeling stressed

  10. Food do's and don'ts when you're on holiday


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Sugar Addiction PLR 8 Articles 10 Day Ecourse Package...

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