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Are you an artist looking to make extra money? Have you considered opening your home studio to others and teaching others how to do art? Running art classes right in your home means you don’t have to spend money on renting space. If you have the right space for doing something like this, then you can offer a more affordable art class for people. You’ll also be able to keep more of the profits for yourself rather than having to pay someone else to use their space.


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There are some things you’ll want to take into consideration about your classes, though, in order to set up the best space possible for teaching art. Here are some tips for how to set up and teach art classes from your home.

Studio Space

You don’t need to have a formal studio to teach art from your home. However, you do want to have an appropriate space that is appealing, creative, and devoid of mess and clutter, while also creatively displaying your own work. After all, you’re selling yourself to people as an expert capable of teaching others art. Showing people what you’re capable of will make future classes more appealing to them.

You need to put your best foot forward. That means your space should be neat with no visible “life” clutter. Think creative and fun, not cluttered and messy.

What’s Your Art Project

The best art project is one that can be done from start to finish in one session. Teaching techniques is great, but people are going to want something they can bring home and show off. You don’t need to teach people all techniques of art; you can teach them what they need to know to complete a project.

Have you seen those paint and wine classes that are popping up all over the place? They’re very popular because a bunch of people with varying degrees of ability in art can get together, paint something, and everyone goes home with their project. They spend a few hours together and leave with their own personal work of art. The key is to pick a project where you can easily give step-by-step or stroke-by-stroke instructions and everyone can replicate it in some way.


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