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Do You Want Some Wild Winter Fun?

When the snow starts falling and school breaks are fast approaching, you know it's time to get ready for your winter vacation. This year, get ready to get adventurous and build some vacation memories that you will always talk about for years to come. This won't be just any winter getaway; this will be wild winter fun.


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Dog Sledding

Imagine yourself driving a team of sled dogs across a white blanketed terrain. Dog sledding tours are available in notable winter vacation spots such as Maine, and of course Alaska. There are options at just about any level, from day-long classes on being a “musher” to three-day solo treks where you drive, camp, and care for the dogs.


Heli-skiing is a method of skiing where a helicopter drops you off just above the ground at the top of a mountain. This is instead of needing a ski lift. Not only can a helicopter often take you higher and to locations that a ski lift might not reach, but many skiers feel like the ski terrain feels more natural. The extra momentum from jumping out of the helicopter is sure to give you a good head start down those slopes.

Kite Boarding...


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