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Travel Safety Tips When Staying Away from Home...

Staying safe during a hotel stay is extremely important. Surprisingly, however, many travelers overlook accommodation-related safety issues when they're on the road. Don't allow yourself to do the same thing. Take a few minutes to read the following information. Doing so puts you that much closer to a completely positive (and safe) hotel stay.


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Arrival and Check-In

Depending on how far you've traveled, there's a good chance you'll be tired when you arrive at your hotel destination. This is all the more reason to remain as alert as possible, at least until you climb into your (hopefully comfy) bed.

Experts recommend that you request a room located higher than the ground floor. These same experts go on to explain that somewhere between the third and sixth floors is ideal. Why? The rooms on these floors are high enough to avoid someone breaking in and low enough to be reached, by ladder, in the event of a fire.

Resist the temptation to walk into the hotel before your luggage. In fact, during check-in, it's best to stay as close your bags as possible. This prevents the likelihood of your belongings getting stolen if you become momentarily distracted.

Never inadvertently set your credit card on the counter. In today's digital world, it's extremely easy for someone to snap a quick photo of it and then use the card for fraudulent purposes. When the desk clerk hands it back to you, make sure it belongs to you and not someone else.

During Your Stay

When you get to your room, there are several things you can do to help to ensure your safety. First of all, block open the door with your body or a heavy suitcase and look around the room.


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Travel Safety PLR 10 Articles 10 Bonus Tweets...

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