DIY Green PLR 10 Article Pack

You can go green and you can DIY green!


Is a greener home and environment your goal?  There are very simple and small things you can do to achieve that.  Learn from this PLR article pack going green tips, like energy efficient roofs, solar windows for different climates, installing energy efficient doors, and the benefits of LEDs.

You'll also get an overview of the buying and construction process of DIY green solar panels, buying used or discount solar panel tips, how to make DIY green more affordable, types of green energy, and how to reduce household waste to help the environment.

If you blog about going green, this article pack is perfect for you. You'll have great content for your readers, or add it as a bonus for signing up to your newsletter.  Get creative with you PLR, and let it keep working for you!


Your DIY Green PLR 10 Article Pack is your ticket to easy and affordable green...


-Simple Improvements for a Greener Home

-Energy-Efficient Roofs - Things to Consider

-Passive Solar Windows for Different Climates

-Choosing and Installing Energy Efficient Doors

-The Benefits of Energy-efficient LEDs

-DIY Solar Panels - Overview of the Buying & Construction Process

-Tips for Buying Used or Discount Solar Panel

-Making Green Energy Affordable: Steps Towards the Future

-Different Types of Green Energy

-Reducing Household Waste and Help the Environment

DIY green

DIY Green PLR 10 Article Pack...

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