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Dogs have a need to play, just like humans. There are many toys you can purchase for your furry friend, but they can be both expensive and boring. Have a little fun and tap into your creative side in order to make some new toys that won’t cost much, and that will give your dog a break from his (her) usual line-up of activities.


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Denim Toss Toy

Do you have an old pair of jeans that you no longer wear? You can create the perfect toy for your dog by cutting the jeans into an extremely long rectangle, then tying a knot through the middle. Cut the ends down to the length that you would like it to be, and it is already finished. This is a great throw toy that you and your dog can play fetch with, and the denim makes it quite durable.

Treat Puzzle

Does your animal friend like to munch on tasty treats? Create a find-the-treat puzzle by putting 12 tennis balls into the 12 cups in a regular-size muffin tin. Lift one and place a treat beneath it. Invite your furry friend to play a game of hide and seek that will amuse him, and surprise him when he finds the treat inside the winning muffin cup. This is a game you can play over and over again, and it doesn’t take much time to set up.

T-Shirt Toss

If your little friend enjoys fetching toys, create a simple toy out of a tennis ball and an old t-shirt. Place the ball on the inside of the t-shirt, and cut several lines that reach from the outside edges of the t-shirt, almost all the way to the ball. Cut enough lines so that there are either 6 or 9 flaps of t-shirt material, so that you can braid them in groups of 3.


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