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Boys and girls have many differences. Studies have shown that in many ways, boys and girls can be worlds apart in their habits, preferences and learning styles. As a parent of both boys and girls, it is important to ensure that they fully appreciate each other in spite of these differences. Here are some ideas on how to instill respect and appreciation between opposite gender children.


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Point Out Their Similarities

When you as a parent can point out how your children are alike, it will help them to realize the value in each other. Children have an easier time identifying with someone whom they have at least a few similarities with, and as a parent you can see these things more easily than most. Make a habit of noticing their similarities and mentioning them in casual conversation - whether it is how precise they both are when working with their hands, or how they both have a caring heart for animals.

Make an Effort to Find Things in Common

Just as finding similarities is about things they already do alike, finding things in common is going the extra mile to create a bond between them. This can be achieved through activities that everyone can enjoy together. When all of your children can see that both boys and girls can enjoy everything - from skateboarding, gymnastics and basketball to drawing, singing and playing instruments, they will see that the number of things they both enjoy are greater than the ways that they differ.

10 PLR Teaching Respect to Kids Articles:


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