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Sending Your Child to Summer Camp...


Every year, millions of parents send their child off to summer camp in order to help make the most of the time they have out of school, and ensure that parents are not run ragged dealing with childcare issues 24/7 for ten to twelve weeks until the new fall semester starts.


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Summer camp has for many years been a popular and affordable option for childcare and fun for the kids, but a whole new generation of summer camps has been developing recently which offer more options than ever before. Every parent wants their child to have a great camping experience. Doing research and matching the right kind of camp to your child/ren can make all the difference between delight and disaster.

Let’s start with a look at the benefits of sending your child to summer camp.

There are many reasons to send your child to summer camp. The first is a practical one - unless you are a teacher yourself, you will not usually have as long a summer vacation as your children will. If you are not a stay-at-home parent and can’t work from home regularly, your child/ren will need to be supervised during what would normally be school hours until you can get home to care for them. You can take some vacation days to coincide with them being out of school so you can spend quality time with them, but otherwise they will need to be supervised, kept entertained, and fed. A summer camp can offer all of these benefits, and more.

Another key benefit of sending your child to camp is the social skills they will learn mixing with new people. You might send them to the same camp as their siblings and perhaps even friends and neighbors, in which case they will spend time with people they like, and meet more. If they are going on their own, they will learn a whole new set of social skills.


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PLr Report: Sending Your Child to Summer Camp:


  • Why send your child to summer camp?

  • The most common type of summer camps.

  • Specialized summer camp options.

  • How to choose the best camp for your child.

  • What you can expect at a sleepaway camp.

  • What your child should pack for camp.

  • How to handle separation anxiety or homesickness

  • How to manage the cost of summer camp


PLR 10 Day Ecourse:  The Wide Variety of Summer Camps


  1. The variety of summer camps

  2. Camps for the underprivileged

  3. Discover the fun of sports camp

  4. Explore the wonders of arts camps

  5. Have you considered an academic camp for your child?

  6. Could a pre-college camp be right for your child?

  7. Camps for the budding entrepreneur

  8. Learn more about enrichment camps

  9. Camps designed with a special focus

  10. Summer camps with a religious or spiritual dimension


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