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The Single Parenting Role...


It’s more than a full-time job; it’s the equivalent of several full-time jobs. You may feel like you have to be a super parent. You’ll master this new role by taking care of yourself, getting support, and by establishing priorities - because the truth is that you can’t be and do everything yourself.

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Report:  How to Transition to Single Parenting


  1. The Challenge of Being a Single Parent

  2. Five Emotions You May Experience When You’re a New Single Parent and How to Manage Them

  3. How to Find the Support You Need (And Why Support Is Critical)

  4. The Power of Planning – Creating Systems and Strategies to Make Your New Life Easier

  5. How to Support Your Child during This Transition

  6. Two Things You Probably Need to Learn as a Single Parent

  7. How to Establish New “Good Times” for Your Children and Have Fun

  8. Five Mistakes New Single Parents Make

  9. How Long Will It Take and Other Common Questions New Single Parents Ask

  10. Tips to Staying Positive


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Your 10 Day Ecourse that you can market to your subscribers covers:


Ecourse:  Divorce


  1. The most important thing you can do for your child after divorce

  2. What to tell your child after divorce

  3. Four tips to help your child deal with the grief of divorce

  4. The key to adapting to a life after divorce

  5. Why your child needs to hear the truth about your divorce and how to tell them

  6. Red flags that your child is not managing the divorce well

  7. Three “life after divorce” mistakes to avoid

  8. Three tips to take care of yourself as you transition to your new single life

  9. Three things your child wants from you

  10. Looking forward to your new life – staying positive


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Both you and your child or children have suffered a loss. Whether you’re divorced or your spouse or partner has passed away, it’s a loss that you’ll deal with for quite some time. Everyone grieves in a different way. It’s important to accept and allow grief for yourself and your child.

The Role of “Super Parent”

You now have to be all things to your child. You have to be the mother, the father, the friend and counselor. You’ve taken on the role of disciplinarian and playmate. You have to provide for your family and make sure that you stay on top of your child’s development and happiness.


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