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If you are a parent, you know that your own children are those who are most skilled at knowing and pushing all your buttons.


Since we are generally in contact with our children more than anyone else, they become very knowledgeable about who we are and what makes us tick. Here are your PLR articles to help you survive that button pushing...


Parenting Tips Articles


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  2. How to be Cool, Calm and Collected When Kids Push Your Buttons

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  5. Parent or Career… Why You Shouldn't Have to Choose Only One

  6. Parents Need Time Outs Too - Knowing When to Step Back

  7. Stop Managing Your Child's Life

  8. Teaching Your Teen to Be a Gentleman

  9. Teaching Your Teen to Be a Lady

  10. Tips for Easing the Transition When Mommy Returns to Work


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How to be Cool, Calm and Collected When Kids Push Your Buttons
They also know what to do when they are seeking a reaction from us. Here is what you can do to remain cool, calm and collected when your children push your buttons and are waiting for a reaction.

Count to Ten

This is not for the sake of your child, nor is it a countdown to consequences for him (or her). This is a countdown for you. Sometimes when our children are being immature, which is normal for their age and to be expected, we simply need time to refocus and put things into perspective. Stop, count to ten, and remember that your child is only acting this way because they are indeed a child.

Talk It Out

The best way to resolve a conflict between you and your child is not to explode in anger, but to talk it out with them. Sit down and discuss what is really going on. Talk to them calmly and aim to find out why they feel the need to push your buttons in this manner.


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Parenting Tips PLR 10 article Pack 10 Bonus Tweets...


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