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Eight Parenting Mistakes You Only Make Once...


As parents, we make a lot of mistakes. Some are worse than others. These mistakes in particular have such unpleasant results that you will never make them again after learning the hard way.


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1. Skipping the Bib When Feeding a Baby

“It will be alright to skip a bib this time,” you tell yourself. That’s right, if you don’t mind having to throw their entire outfit in the garbage when they are done. Skipping a bib is never a good idea when feeding a baby, unless you are also skipping their clothing. A bare chest is always easier to wipe than scrubbing stain remover into fabric later on.

2. Wearing White around a Toddler

Ever notice that parents do not often wear white? There’s a reason for this. We have all made the mistake of wearing white around a toddler and never being able to wear that piece of clothing in public again because of the massive stains it has accumulated.

3. Taking Frozen Berries or Cheese Puffs in the Car

It makes no difference if the food is healthy or not, no bright food should ever find its way into your car. Maybe you took the chance on blueberries, cheese puffs or a brightly colored drink. Make this mistake once, and your car upholstery will forever be a smelly, tie-dye mess.


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