Grandma’s Recipes from the Good Ol’ Days

The Good Ol' Days with Grandma's Recipes...


Remember how grandma used to tell you how to make a dish?  There was no such thing as listing the ingredients and providing directions, she would just sit down, and tell you the story of how to make something.

This is a huge collection of more than 450 PLR Recipes to use for your blog posts, freebies, personal use and more.  If you want charming, simple, tried and true recipes from the good ol' days, this is your PLR Recipes Package.


Here's a sampling of Recipes your Grandma would tell you...



Take good soup stock and strain it.  When it boils add cracker balls,made thus:  To one pint of cracker crumbs add a pinch of salt and pepper, one teaspoonful parsley, cut fine, one teaspoonful baking powder, mixed with the crumbs, one small dessert spoon of butter, one egg; stir all together; make into balls size of a marble; place on platter to dry for about two hours; when ready to serve your soup put them into the stock; boil five minutes.


Fricassee your chicken, taking care to brown the skin nicely; season to taste.  When done set by to cool; then remove all the bones; put back into the liquor in which it was cooked; chop fine, leaving in all the oil of the fowl. If not enough of the oil, add a piece of butter; then pack closely in a dish as you wish it to go to the table.


To one quart of tomato, add one pint of apple; put both through sieve; one quart of sugar, some ground cinnamon; cook until it begins to look like a preserve.


One quart of water, one handful of hops; boil these together,and strain; put in this fluid a cup of sugar, and boil to a syrup; cut a lemon into it, and bottle for use.

This PLR Package of Grandma's Recipes from the Good O'l Days includes:


16 Soups

23 Fish & Oyster

21 Fowl, Game & Stuffing

32 Meats

22 Vegetables

7 Eggs

19 Salads & Salad Dressings

33 Puddings

31 Pies

7 Cheese

42 Cakes

42 Layer Cakes

56 Gingerbread, Small Cakes & Cookies

30 Delicacies like Custards for Supper

8 Confections

27 Pickles

20 Canned Fruit & Jellies

5 Beverages

48 Breads

2 Medical Lore


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