A to G Low Fat Recipes PLR: 32 Low Fat Recipes

Your Low Fat Recipes are here, and they start from Apple Pie to  Greek Chicken!


Who says you can't have variety with low fat food? These PLR low fat recipes are a wonderful collection of cooking ideas to keep the pounds off, but not lose the tastiness. You can eat things like mac and cheese, burgers, layer cake and tostada, and still stay low fat and healthful.

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Your A to G Low Fat Recipes PLR has these 32 delicious ideas just waiting for you from A to G...


1-Apple Pie

2-Baked Chicken Breast with Fresh Basil

3-Baked Macaroni, Cheese & Spinach

4-Baked Potato with Spicy Chicken Topping

5-Beef Tenderloin with Cabernet Cherry Sauce

6-Black Bean Lasagna

7-Buffalo Chicken Strips

8-Bulgar Wheat and Fruit Stuffing

9-Cajun Style Pasta

10-Chicken Cordon Bleu

11-Chile−Cheese Chowder

12-Chili Dip

13-Chipotle Turkey Chili

14-Chocolate Candy Cheesecake

15-Chocolate Cherry Layer Cake

16-Chutney Chicken Salad

17-Cocoa Angel Food Cake

18-Colorful Chicken Stew

19-Corn Noodles

20-Crab Imperial

21-Crockpot Tostada

22-Cucumber Spicy−Avocado Soup

23-Curried Cauliflower

24-Dijon Mushroom Potatoes

25-Egg McMuffin

26-Finger Lakes Chicken


28-Garlic and Sage Biscuits

29-German Potato Salad

30-Glazed Roast Pork Tenderloin

31-Greek Burgers

32-Greek Chicken

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