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There are simple and proven steps that you can take to overcome financial stress. It’s usually a planned approach of reducing expenses, shifting your mindset, and finding ways to earn a little more income. It’s about empowering yourself to learn more about where your money goes and how you can leverage it.

There’s no single secret solution but rather several steps to take to overcome money stress and feel better about your financial situation.

Let’s take a look at how to feel more in control over your money and how to start taking positive steps toward healing your financial situation.

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money stressReport:  Money Stress: How It Impacts Your Health


1.       Introduction – Health Problems Stress Can Cause

2.       Establish Your Financial Priorities

3.       Budgets Really Do Help

4.       Change Your Money Mindset

5.       Embrace a Minimalist Lifestyle

6.       Tips to Increase Your Income

7.       Create an Emergency Savings Plan

8.       Automate Your Finances

9.       Nine Tips to Help You Reduce Your Monthly Expenses

10.   Recognize Your Financial Success – Creating Financial Systems


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money stressEcourse:  Quick Cash


  1. How to earn cash quickly with a garage sale

  2. Can you really make quick cash on eBay and Craigslist?

  3. Earn quick cash as a freelancer

  4. How to leverage Amazon and make quick cash

  5. Leverage your time and earn quick cash

  6. Are you crafty? Earn cash from your creations

  7. Earn quick cash by recycling your old electronics

  8. How to make fast cash with what you know

  9. Want to earn online cash? Become an affiliate marketer

  10. Earn quick cash by becoming a reviewer


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Step #1 Establish Your Financial Priorities

One of the biggest causes of financial stress is when you have too many concepts demanding your attention. You need to save for retirement. You need to save for emergencies. You need to save for college.

Credit cards demand their payments, plus interest. You have rent or a mortgage. You might have student loans, a car payment - and let’s not forget the price of luxury utilities like cable television and a cell phone.

Expenses, commitments, shoulds and desires all battle for your attention and it’s enough to make you throw your hands in the air and go shopping. To gain control over your finances the first step is to identify and establish your priorities.

1. Make a list



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