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  1. Teaching your child to be money smart

  2. Why Teaching Your Child about Money Is So Important

  3. When Should You Talk to Your Child about Money?

  4. Five Tools to Teach Young Children about Money

  5. When Should You Talk to Your Child about Money?

  6. Teaching Your Child about Budgeting

  7. How to Leverage Your Child’s Money Mistakes as Teachable Moments

  8. Teenagers and Money – Tips

  9. Money Values to Consider – Saving, and Patience, Giving, Materialism

  10. Bank Accounts to Consider for Every Age


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Teaching Your Child to Be in a Money Smart Family
Children grow up to be adults. The lessons they learn as children will be carried with them as they become students, employees, husbands and wives, parents and grandparents. If they learn the lessons when they’re younger, the mistakes in adulthood are less frequent and less disastrous.

Some of those lessons learned in childhood relate to love, work, and values. You teach your child the things that are important to you and the lessons you want them to learn to be successful, happy, and productive.

Unfortunately, one lesson that’s often neglected is the lesson of money. Whether it’s because parents don’t feel confident talking about money or they don’t think it’s important, many children grow up without money skills.

This isn’t a lesson that you want to learn when you’re an adult. The consequences are too significant. They include financial stress, which can cause illness. Other consequences are debt, no savings, living paycheck to paycheck, and a life that’s more difficult than it needs to be. As parents there is a responsibility to teach your child to be money smart.



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10 Day PLR Ecourse:  Money Saving Family


  1. What do two pigs have to do with kids saving money?

  2. How to teach your young child to set savings goals

  3. Christmas club for kids

  4. When is the right time for a child to have a bank account?

  5. How to create a family savings goal

  6. Three tips to introduce your child to investing their money

  7. Three mobile apps to teach your child about saving money

  8. Do you have four jars? Then you have a valuable financial lesson in the making

  9. How giving your child a job can teach them about earning and saving

  10. Teaching your child about different savings goals


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Subject: How to teach your young child to set savings goals

Dear NAME,

It begins when they’re very young. You’re at the store and your child begins to ask for things. They ask for candy. They ask for toys. They ask for stuffed animals and bright balloons. These sometimes challenging situations are also opportunities. They’re opportunities to teach children that you can’t always get what you want. They also present an opportunity to help your child learn the benefit of saving.

Choose a toy; set a goal.

Let’s say that your young child is at the toy store with you and they decide they want a stuffed animal. They can’t live without it and must have it now. Instead of buying the item for them or saying no, why not turn it into a learning moment. Talk to your child. Take a look at the price tag together. Is it something that they can reasonably save for? If so, take a photo of the animal. Tell your child you’re going to teach them a new game.


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