Melanoma 10 Day Ecourse PLR What is Melanoma Report Package

Do you need to know, teach or sell information on Melanoma or skin damage?


This PLR package combines a ready to go 10 Day Skin Damage Ecourse that you can send out to your list of subscribers. You then get a What is Melanoma PLR Report in both Word doc and Text format.

Also included in this special package is a Custom PLR Image to use in your branding, blog post, social media, freebie, etc.

This PLR package is complete to help you either learn for yourself, use it for your own marketing, as well as teach others, and build your list of subscribers through an ecourse opportunity.


Here's what you get in your Special Melanoma Skin Damage PLR package:


10 Day Ecourse Includes:

1. Subject: Three ways the sun damages your skin

2. Subject: Three more ways the sun damages your skin

3. Subject: How to know if you have sun damage

4. Subject: Three ways to reverse sun damage

5. Subject: Sunscreen 101 - How to choose the best sunscreen for your skin’s needs

6. Subject: Can what you eat protect you from sun damage?

7. Subject: Three sun damage myths

8. Subject: Are you at risk for skin cancer?

9. Subject: Five symptoms of skin cancer

10. Subject: Five ways to prevent skin cancer and sun damage


*If you want just Ecourses PLR, you can buy them separately here:

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What is Melanoma Report for Your Branding Includes:

-What it is?

-What Does it Look Like?

-Four Types 

-The Mystery and Danger of Hidden Melanomas

-Who’s At Risk?

-Signs and Symptoms 

-Characteristics of Unusual Moles

-Other Suspicious Skin Areas or Changes to Look For

-How Do They Know If I Have it?

-What Is a Skin Cancer Screening?

-What If They Find an Unusual Mole?

-The Stages 

-How Is it Treated?

-Six Melanoma Statistics and Survival Rates

-Three Tips for Preventing 


*Bonus Text file of Your What is Melanoma Report

*Bonus PLR Image




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