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Marketing Men: The Secrets of Success in Marketing to Men...


Over the past 50 years, men have taken on a decreasing role in shopping decisions if they have a domestic partner. Once the head of the family and the main breadwinner, the past ten and even twenty years have seen a radical shift in both earning and spending patterns relate to both genders.

Women now serve as the head of household more than men, and they have also made the shift to being the higher wage earner, or only wage earner, in the household.


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Even if the man is the highest or sole wage earner, studies show that the woman makes the final decision with regard to purchases around 95% of the time. Even typically "male" purchases like cars are heavily influenced by input from women, especially if the couple has children.

Younger single men with moms and girlfriends might also be influenced by women’s thinking when it comes to their purchases. Women tend to love to shop, and will go on "fact-finding" missions online. Women are usually seen as the main grocery, toiletry and fashion buyers, but studies now show that women are responsible for up to 85% of all purchases made in the US. Is it really worth it to chase after 15% of the market by trying to market to men? Yes.

In addition, not every man has a female influencer in his life.

In this guide, we will be looking ways to market to men effectively, making sure your marketing message hits the right target in the right way. So, why target your marketing message to men? Let’s look at a few reasons.


Marketing Men PLR Report: The Secrets of Success in Marketing to Men...


  • Why target your marketing message to men?

  • Targeting men online

  • Creating a marketing persona for your ideal man

  • What men really want


Ecourse:  Marketing Men


  1. Tips for marketing to young men

  2. Marketing to single men

  3. Marketing to middle-aged men

  4. Marketing to men with children

  5. Tips for marketing to retired men

  6. Marketing to affluent men

  7. Tips for marketing "girly" products to men

  8. Emotional triggers that men respond to

  9. Four mistakes to avoid when marketing to men

  10. Tips for marketing to men globally


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Marketing Men Secrets PLR 4 Articles 10 Day Ecourse Package...

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