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To be mindful is to pay attention to something. The opposite is mindless. If you've ever sat down to watch a movie with an entire box or bag of popcorn and then wondered where it all went, you have a pretty good idea of what mindless eating is all about.


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Tips for Eating Mindfully

By contrast, mindful eating means paying attention to and savoring every mouthful. This is a great way to not only enjoy your food more, but also to actually slim down. Studies have shown that it takes around twenty minutes for your brain to receive a signal that your stomach is full. If you rush when you are eating, or eat while doing something else, it's easy to cram in far more calories than you wish to. Combined with a lack of exercise, this can lead to weight gain.

The joy of food is all around us, though it can be less than joyful for people who struggle with their weight. However, new thinking about "dieting" can help. If we call it an "eating lifestyle" instead, it seems less restrictive and more within our control.

The traffic light system can also help, because there is no such thing as forbidden foods. Green for go, yellow for caution when it comes to calories, and red for being alert. Eat the yellow and red light foods sparingly. This means you can enjoy whatever foods you like as long as you eat them in moderation.

For example, if you love chocolate, allow yourself one piece of high-quality chocolate each day and sit and savor it, letting it melt in your mouth slowly - enjoying the taste of it and the feel of it in your mouth instead of chewing through it and then wanting more.


4 Article Report: Food Joy...


  • Mindful vs Mindless Eating

  • The Benefits of Cooking at Home

  • Benefits of Eating Together as a Family

  • Growing Your Own Food


10 Day PLR Ecourse:  Food Joy...


  1. How to organize your recipes

  2. What to do when you stop enjoying food

  3. Small ways to change your everyday meals

  4. Food on social media

  5. Mobile apps for food lovers

  6. Tips on how to introduce a new meal to the family

  7. Feeding fussy children

  8. Feeding fussy adults

  9. Healthy and delicious one-pot meals

  10. Healthy and delicious desserts


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