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Here's a breakdown of your 125+ Article Keyword PLR Bundle and its contents:


Green Living Alternative Energy PLR Articles...


-Alternative Forms of Energy in Use in the US

-How does a Geothermal Heat Pump Work?

-How does a Solar Panel Create Electricity?

-Hydroelectric Energy Facts What you Might not Know

-Is Geothermal Energy Cost Effective?

-Is Nuclear Power a Good Choice for Alternative Energy?

-The Advantages of Using Biofuel

-The Benefits of Solar Power at Home

-The Disadvantages of Wind Energy

-Wind Energy: The Anatomy of a Wind Turbine


Cars and Environment PLR 10 Article Pack is loaded with this info...


-Honda Civic Hybrid V.S. Toyota Prius - Which Should You Get?

-5 Reasons to Get a Hybrid Car

-How to Choose the Perfect Hybrid Vehicle

-Do Hybrid Cars Save Money in the Long Run?

-Carpooling Tips for Saving Time and Money

-Diesel-Powered Cars: An Overview

-Hybrid SUVs Compared - Cars for the Environmentally Conscious Family

-Go Green With Bicycles and Public Transportation

-Saving Gas: Should You Get a Hybrid or a Motorbike?

-Reduce Your Car's Smog and Polution


green livingGreen Living Clean Air PLR Six Pack...


-Common Air Pollutants and How to Reduce Them

-Fun Tools That Make a Difference – Calculate Your Carbon Footprint

-How to Become an Everyday Environmentalist

-How to Choose an Air Purifier for Your Home

-How to Have a Green Wedding

-Simple Things You Can Do to Help Clean the Earth’s Air


DIY Green Living PLR 10 Article Pack is your ticket to easy and affordable green...


-Simple Improvements for a Greener Home

-Energy-Efficient Roofs - Things to Consider

-Passive Solar Windows for Different Climates

-Choosing and Installing Energy Efficient Doors

-The Benefits of Energy-efficient LEDs

-DIY Solar Panels - Overview of the Buying & Construction Process

-Tips for Buying Used or Discount Solar Panel

-Making Green Energy Affordable: Steps Towards the Future

-Different Types of Green Energy

-Reducing Household Waste and Help the Environment


*Includes 10 PLR Bonus Tweets!


Eco-Friendly Green Furnishings PLR Articles...


-Eco-Friendly Accessories That Add Pop to Your Home

-Eco-Friendly Storage Solutions

-Eco-Friendly Window Treatments

-Green Furnishings on a Budget

-Ideas for Recycling Wooden Pallets

-New Uses for Old Furniture

-Recycled Lighting Ideas

-Solar Lighting for Indoor Use

-Tree-Based Furniture

-Where to Buy Eco-Friendly Furniture


Green Kitchens PLR 10 Article Pack will get your green on...


  1. Eco-Friendly Cabinet Material

  2. Eco-Friendly Cookware for Your New Eco-Friendly Kitchen

  3. Eco-Friendly Lighting: Natural Light and “Green” Bulbs

  4. Eco-friendly Kitchen Wall Coverings

  5. Energy-Efficient Appliances: Should You Upgrade

  6. Environmentally Friendly Countertop Options

  7. Green Cleaning Tips

  8. Popular Eco-Friendly Flooring Options

  9. Tips for Creating and Using a Compost Bin

  10. What Does It Mean to Have a 'Green' Kitchen


green livingLiving Low Impact Lifestyle PLR Articles Include...


-10 Tips for Eco-Friendly Laundry

-25 Ways to Recycle Your Trash Creatively

-How Eco Friendly Are You? Eco-Friendly Checklist

-How Much Can You Save by Unplugging

-How to Reduce Food Waste

-How to Safely Dispose of Batteries - Household and Automotive

-How to Safely Dispose of Unused Medication

-How to Shop Smart for Eco-Friendly Products

-Low Impact Living - What Is It?

-Understanding Your Carbon Footprint


Bonus: 10 Tweets on Living Low Impact Lifestyle Ready to Go!


7 PLR Articles in your Simple Living Ideas Pack...


-25 Ways to Conserve Water

-Creative Ways for Using Old Books and Magazines

-Eco-Friendly Chic Decorating Tips

-Five Myths about Going Green

-Healthy Cookware Options

-How to Grow and Make Your Own Loofah Sponge

-How to Make Your Own Green Cleaning Products

*Soft Scrubbing Cream

*All Purpose Spray Cleaner

*Oven Cleaner

*Window Cleaner


Green Living Sustainability PLR 10 Articles...


  1. Homemade Prosperity: Taking Care of Livestock in Your Backyard

  2. How to Choose a Greenhouse That Will Meet Your Current and Future Needs

  3. How to Produce and Conserve Energy in the Home

  4. How to Reduce Indoor Toxins

  5. Natural Pest Control

  6. Small Choices That Make a Big Impact

  7. Tips for Sustainable Clothing

  8. Ways to Conserve Water

  9. Ways to Reduce Food Waste

  10. Where to Find Organic Seeds


green livingSustainable Living 10 Article Report...


  • Are You Ready to Take Sustainability to the Next Level?

  • Composting 101

  • Raising Chickens

  • Embracing Alternative Energy

  • Harvesting Rainwater

  • Fun Ways to Give Back, Live Sustainably, and Enjoy a Simpler Lifestyle

  • Reducing Your Food Waste

  • The Lowdown on LED

  • How to Save More Water

  • How to Make a Smooth Transition into Your New More Sustainable Lifestyle


10 Day Ecourse:  Homesteading-Sustainable Living...


1-Getting Started On the Path to Self-Reliance – Homesteading 101

2-3 Elements of Homesteading; which one is Right for You?

3-The Many Financial Benefits of Homesteading

4-Reasons Why Homesteading Is Better for the Environment

5-Making Money from Homesteading

6-Why So Many People Find Homesteading To Be Rewarding and Fulfilling

7-What to Know Before You Get Started Homesteading

8-Can You Homestead In The City? Urban Homesteading

9-Fun Ways to Improve Your Homesteading Skills

10-3 Steps Every Homesteader Must Take Before they Get Started


Ultra Eco-Friendly Green Living PLR 12 Article Pack Special Contains...


-Cost-Effective Eco-Friendly Tips

-Does Recycling Matter?

-Eating Green - Foods That Sustain You

-Going Green with Energy and Fuel

-Going Green with Your Pets

-Green and Healthy from Makeup to Pesticides

-Natural Home Improvements

-Sustainable Business Practices

-Sustainable Travel Tips

-What You Need to Know about Organic Farming

-Green Energy-The Way of the Future

-Organic Gardening-Easy Ways to Get Started


green livingAnd More Green Living Articles:


-16 Things You May Not Know are Compostable

-Do You Know the Golden Rules of Eco-Driving?


-Eco-Friendly Chic Decorating Ideas

-How to Drive Less & Why it Matters

-Sustainable Eating

-10 Going Green Articles


green living


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