Blogger Niche Keyword PLR Bundle 70 Articles

Is Blogger Your Niche Keyword?


If your site is for and about blogger and blogging, you can use this 70 article PLR bundle and keyword guide to create the right content with related keywords, not random ones.


Make sense for Google in the BLOGGER NICHE, and get found!


Did you know all of your content needs to relate to ONE keyword that is your niche? Then, your pages and posts need to have related keywords to your niche.


We do this highly searched, with low to medium competition keyword research and selection work for you, and spell out keyword choices related to BLOGGER that you can select as your pages and posts. Then, you just select your PLR content that you can manipulate, and edit to fit your selected, related keywords.


With 70 PLR articles to choose from in your niche, you can create that epic and awesome content your readers will love, and the search engine will love too.


Make your BLOGGER site rich and full with the RIGHT, RELATED KEYWORD content!


*Use any SEO WordPress Plugin of your choice for creating your content, and inserting your keyword effectively.


Here's a breakdown of your 70 Article Keyword PLR Bundle and its contents:


bloggerContent 10 Article Pack Includes: 


-Why Content Is Still King

-Design Tips for Content Websites

-Finding Your Voice as a Content Marketer

-How Newspapers and Magazines Find Great Content

-How to Answer "What's in It for Me" in Fifteen Seconds

-The Basics of Good Content Structure

-The Four Different Forms of Content

-Use Customer Feedback to Answer "What Should I Write About Next?"

-What Is "User Generated Content" and How Can It Help Your Business

-Why Your Content Should Pack an Emotional Punch


Adsense 10 PLR Articles Pack ...


-What Are the Best Placements for High CTRs?

-Buying AdSense Websites for Passive Income

-Should You Enable Image Ads?

-How to Ensure Public Service Ads Don't Show Up

-ListBuilding to Increase AdSense Profits

-Moving Beyond AdSense - Affiliate Products & Direct Ad Buys

-Terms of Service Mistakes to Avoid

-The Art of Split Testing: Channels, CTRs, Placements and More

-Three Cool Tools for AdSense Webmasters

-Three Potentially Lucrative Tactics to Experiment With


bloggerContent Creation PLR 10 Article Pack...


-How to Write When You’re Not a Writer

-Tips for Planning Your Content

-Creating a Productive Writing Environment

-Does Your Content Have a Purpose?

-Five Ways to Find Great Article and Blog Post Topics

-How to Get More Reader Interaction on Your Articles and Blog

-How to Get Over Writer’s Block

-Three Effective Writing Rituals

-Three Simple Rules for Great Website Content

-Tips and Ideas to Repurpose and Reuse Your Content


Blogging for Bloggers 10 Article Pack...


-From Start to Profit: The Typical Lifecycle of a Blog

-How to Increase AdSense Earnings from Blogging

-Writing Attention-Catching Headlines for Blog Posts

-Five Tips for Coming up with Blog Post Ideas

-Link Baiting Explained: How to Make Blog Posts Go Viral

-Services to Help Automatically Distribute Your Blog Content

-SEO Best Practices for WordPress

-Seven Blog Article Templates for When You Run Out of Writing Ideas

-When Should You Start Taking on Direct Advertisers?

-Tracking and Analytics for Bloggers


bloggerAffiliate Marketing PLR...


-How to Ask for a Review Copy of a Product

-How to Use PLR to Boost Your Affiliate Promotions

-How to Use Video to Promote Affiliate Products

-The Right Way to Promote Affiliate Products on Social Media Sites

-Tips for Choosing a Niche to Promote as an Affiliate

-Tips for Choosing Credible Affiliate Programs

-Ways to Sweeten the Deal with Affiliate Products

-What a Good Product Review Should Include

-What to Look for When Reviewing Products to Promote

-Where to Find Additional Information about a Product


Your Adwords PLR 10 Article Pack...


-Why and How to Use AdWords Editor

-Copywriting Tips for Higher Click-Throughs

-Finding and Selecting Profitable Keywords

-How to Fine-Tune a Campaign

-How to Use Mass Spreadsheet Upload

-The Impact of Quality Score on Ad Position & CPC

-Intelligent AdGroup Sorting Can Increase CTR and ROI

-Quality Score 101: What Does Google Look For?

-Start with Profits, Then with Volume

-Use Keyword Spy Tools to "Steal" Your Competitor's Keywords


bloggerOnline Traffic Articles...


-Cost Effective Ways of Increasing Traffic

-Facebook Marketing

-Good Online Business Practices

-How to Give an SEO Boost

-Implementing Successful Lead Generation Campaigns

-Strategies to Establish Online Branding

-Web Analytics Customer Behavior

-Web Analytics Tools

-Website Prominence

-Why Keyword Search Phrases Matter




With your Keyword Guide included, you will be able to produce your unique style and presentation of related keyword content from any combination of these 70 articles. Get it, and be set for the year in blogging!


Blogger Niche Keyword PLR Bundle 70 Articles & Keyword Guide just $37...




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