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Are You Ready to Take Sustainability to the Next Level?

Sustainability is a lifestyle. As you take steps to live a greener life, you’ll make changes to your lifestyle. Are you ready for some changes? Let’s take a look at a few questions. The answers in your package will guide you to your next steps.


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How Organized Are You?

Do you find that you often create systems to organize your life, your space, and your routine? For example, do you occasionally re-organize the pantry or create chore charts for yourself or your children? If you’re often creating systems, that means you’re fully capable of tackling a more sustainable life. You might even have what it takes to take on a larger project or lifestyle change.

Are You Ready for a Change?

Sustainable Living 10 Article Report:


  • Are You Ready to Take Sustainability to the Next Level?

  • Composting 101

  • Raising Chickens

  • Embracing Alternative Energy

  • Harvesting Rainwater

  • Fun Ways to Give Back, Live Sustainably, and Enjoy a Simpler Lifestyle

  • Reducing Your Food Waste

  • The Lowdown on LED

  • How to Save More Water

  • How to Make a Smooth Transition into Your New More Sustainable Lifestyle


10 Day Ecourse:  Homesteading-Sustainable Living...


1-Getting Started On the Path to Self-Reliance – Homesteading 101

2-3 Elements of Homesteading; which one is Right for You?

3-The Many Financial Benefits of Homesteading

4-Reasons Why Homesteading Is Better for the Environment

5-Making Money from Homesteading

6-Why So Many People Find Homesteading To Be Rewarding and Fulfilling

7-What to Know Before You Get Started Homesteading

8-Can You Homestead In The City? Urban Homesteading

9-Fun Ways to Improve Your Homesteading Skills

10-3 Steps Every Homesteader Must Take Before they Get Started


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