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Are you itching for a remodel, and need remodel tips?


From lighting upgrades to kitchens, baths, office and more, you can get going on your remodel plans now, or share all of these ideas with your blog readers.

Take your remodel tips on converting your basement into a livable space as an example. Not only does finishing your basement add to the value of your home, but the extra space will be extremely useful.  You can get your remodel tips to do this in your PLR article Pack listed below!


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Tips for Choosing the Right Paint Colors

When painting a new home, or simply updating the décor of your current home, a little paint can go a long way. Choosing the right colors can seem like a daunting task, but it really all comes down to what you like.

Rule #1: Go with What You Love

No matter what, the most important part of choosing the right paint colors is to choose what you like the best. After all, you’re the one that has to live with it. If you like bold colors, don’t be afraid to show it. Bold colors can be quite attractive in any home, old or new. Play off the colors of your furnishings and any architectural pieces (such as molding) and go wild.


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-Affordable Lighting Upgrades You Can Do Yourself

-Attic Renovations That Give You a Big Return on Investment

-Countertop Trends: Eco-Friendly Options for Your Home

-Do It Yourself Bathroom Remodels

-Do It Yourself Kitchen Remodels

-Do It Yourself Office Renovation

-Flooring Trends

-deas for Converting Your Basement into a Livable Space

-Things You Need to Know about Window Replacement

-Tips for Choosing the Right Paint Colors


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Remodel Tips PLR 10 Article Pack with Bonus Tweets...

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