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Sustainable living, green living, eco friendly, eco-living... these are all ideas that most people realize are important but few even try to live at all. The reason is that for many people it’s very difficult to cut down on their carbon footprint due to various barriers. And for others, they’re simply not interested and see no real reason to cut down on consumption. Mainly there is a huge disconnect with the science and the realities that people are living.


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Global Warming versus Climate Change

Scientists aren’t well-versed in PR or marketing. They failed to see that calling the climate changes we are experiencing “global warming” was a huge mistake. People are not going to understand why things can get colder, or more unpredictable weather can come from “warming”. They started off on the wrong foot from the beginning letting the public in on the problem with climate change.

People Do Affect Weather Patterns and Climate

One of the biggest problems is convincing people that people do contribute to weather patterns and climate change. While we can’t prevent changes from happening within our environment, we can slow them down or speed them up. A great example is The Dust Bowl. We did not cause the drought, but poor farming and land management practices made it much worse.

If we could get across to more people the importance of using sustainable practices, and learning from mistakes as we make them, we’ll get a lot closer to the public accepting and understanding how much control we really have over our environment.



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