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How to Spice Things Up in the Kitchen
Spices and herbs in cooking should be used to enhance the flavor of food. Therefore you'll want to pick flavors that complement each other. The key to spicing things up is that less is more. Avoid adding too much all at once. Instead, add a little at a time and add more to taste. Here’s a good way to start using some common spices, and when to add them to your cooking.


This is a popular Italian seasoning. Use in pesto, on white meat, or with fruits and vegetables – tomato and basil are a classic. The key is to add it at the end. Basil has a lot of flavor which is released quickly in cooking, so add it towards the end of your cooking to avoid cooking off all of the flavor.

Cayenne Pepper

This is no joke so really use this sparingly because it gives off a lot of heat. This is definitely a spice that you want to start out with a little and slowly add more to taste. Cayenne pepper works well with all types of meat, so don’t be afraid to experiment. Add it to vinegar-based sauces or combined with lemon in marinades.


This is an herb that goes very well with salmon. It also goes well in stews and even yogurt. Pair it up with vegetables like cucumber and carrots.


There is a slightly citrusy taste to cilantro. That means it goes well in salsas and guacamole. Put it with lemon and lime in different marinades.


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