Food Fixes and Tips Special

Bake Bread Better with Food Fixes and Tips Special.


And you can fix so much more than just your bread baking.

This PLR pack is stuffed full of how to make and prepare food, store it, what food terms mean, and how to buy them in the grocery store.  This is perfect for the chef or foodie blogger wanting to present helpful food fixes and ideas for readers, clients or students.  It's also perfect for any Mom Blogger wanting to educate readers, or learn a few handy tricks herself.


*Please note these are not recipes, but tips instead.  If you need recipes, please browse our Recipes Category.


Contents of Your Food Fixes and Tips Special...


-Food Tips Checklist

-Pantry Basics

-Cooking Terms

-Food Fixes

-10 Tips for Baking Breads

-How To Make Perfect Cookies, Pies & Cakes

-Tips for Buying Fresh Vegetables

-Tips for Buying Fresh Fruits

-Food Tips Soups & Salads

-Food Tips Vegetables and Side Dishes

-Food Tips Main Dishes

-Food Tips Breads & Rolls

-Food Tips Desserts

-Food Tips Cookies & Candy

-Kitchen Ware Tips

food fixes

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